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Tick yard control

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Hello all,

I am fortunate to live on a nice sized property with lots of deer and hence lots of ticks. Besides keeping the brush height & leaf debris piles to a minimum, any other ideas? My garden is closest to my neighbors brushy backyard and plan to be back there all summer with my twin toddlers. I'm loaded up w spray for our bodies. Just don't know what to do for the yard?! Thanks!
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Hello and welcome to Mothering! smile.gif

I'm wondering if you might like to also ask about this in our The Mindful Home forum. There's lots of discussion about this kind of thing there. http://www.mothering.com/community/f/311/the-mindful-home

Good luck on finding a solution. I've noticed how bad ticks are this year too.
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There's a book my children's former doctor recommended years ago.  I bought the updated version after we moved to a house that had a tick problem in it.  We got rid of the problem, largely, by getting rid of the ground ivy that was covering the majority of the back yard.  I can try to figure out the name of the book, looked on amazon & couldn't find it.  Very tired right now so maybe it'll come to me after I sleep (or not ;-)).


We also had permythrin put down a few times.  I am not one for chemicals, but I decided that the risk of the chemical was one I was willing to deal w/ over the risk of Lyme.  Diligent tick checks are really the only way, IMO, to be sure you aren't going to pay later.  All the other stuff is just to make sure you're less likely to find a tick when you do the tick check.


You said you're planting way out in the back.  Perhaps consider doing square foot gardening closer to your house.  If you aren't familiar, google it.


Best wishes,


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Are chickens an option for you?  I've heard good things about chickens and tick control.  I guess it only works if they are free-range and have access to most of your yard.  But maybe a pen by the garden?

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Ah, yes, but my understanding was it had to be guinea hens.  AFAIK, ticks have very few predators.  That's part of the reason why they persist, IMO.


Best wishes,


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Shrug...maybe it was guineas but I really thought the mama that told me about her success said chickens...either way, if I had the space and zoning ok, I'd guinea/chicken for ticks in a heartbeat.

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Thanks everyone. Unless we want to do a very expensive tree removal, moving the garden and growing our favorite sun loving veggies isn't an option. And the chickens also not an option since we have a fox den and an unwilling husband. I would love the name of that book though! smile.gif
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I finally figured out the book!  Had to search on the internet to try to figure out the name of the author, but I got it (yes, I'm mighty proud of myself right now! orngbiggrin.gif).




Best wishes,


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Thank you so much! I'm going to check this out smile.gif

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Hi all! Wanted to follow up for future searches. I purchased the book but have yet to read it. Also, I scoured my area for tick control services and found Tick Tackler in NJ. Homegrown business and she didnt want to kill every bug on my lawn like most others! wink1.gif
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My husband found a liquid garlic spray that he used all over our backyard to scare off the ticks and it worked great! He smelled bad that day though wink1.gif
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