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Seasonal allergies in 3 yo

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My son has always had mild-ish seasonal allergies, but this season is pretty horrible. Coughing that wakes him every night (and then he's up for at least 3 hours, so it's pretty disruptive to his whole day), and extremely itchy eyes, so much so that his rubbing broke the skin.


Last spring/summer/fall our ped wanted him on Claritin - I didn't like its effect on his personality - hard to pinpoint, but seemed to make him more on edge, less himself? So she suggested Zyrtec, which seemed slightly better. But I really don't love having him on any of that stuff. We've been using Hyland's Complete Allergy 4 Kids (homeopathic), which seemed to help a lot, but in the last week or so hasn't been enough. So I've tried the Zyrtec again, but that's not enough either.


I'm open to all suggestions, homeopathic, OTC, anything, that will ease the discomfort and not alter his personality. If it makes a difference, major allergens here right now are oak, maple, and poplar, according to pollen.com.


Thank you!


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THis is the worst allergy season on record here. I actually use hylands cold tablets with my son and they work really well and help him get through the night.

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Oh my goodness. I can totally relate :( allergies run throughout our fam too! Seasonal ones are the worst - especially this year!!! greensad.gif

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My daughter tests positive for beech, birch, maple, oak, and sycamore allergies and she's been absolutely MISERABLE this year.  Her asthma has been really really out of control and I haven't seen her without a runny nose since probably February.  We didn't see any results on claritin this year but with extreme diligence in shutting windows, showering/rinsing off nightly, and no line drying outside, and a daily dose of zyrtec, she's manageable.  We tried local honey for two years without any strong results.  We tried claritin last year and she did just OKAY but this year it's not done a thing for her.  We are doing a trial of singulair for the asthma along with allergies and hoping that helps.  The allergist is hopeful....me....not so much.

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Sorry to hear of others struggling too. Where we are now is Zyrtec and Singulair, plus Hyland's if he starts coughing. Plus Zaditor drops for his eyes. Windows closed (this won't last long, as it's going to get hot soon and we have no central AC). Hardly any playing outside, which is very sad. And he's still waking up for 3-4 hours most nights.


Justmama, I will say the Singulair really seems to help with the coughing, so I'm hoping the same for you. He's had asthma-type issues too, though no wheezing this time around, thankfully. (Never dx'd with asthma - just bronchial spasms with colds in the past.)


He's doing a lot better in terms of coughing and itchy eyes, but I really want him off these meds as soon as possible. But I'm not sure how I'll know when to take him off. Is he doing better because of the meds, or because whatever is his particular trigger has gone away?

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Subbing from the land of itchy, sneezy and scratchy!

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My son (who is also 3) has the itchy eyes, ears and throat too, along with the horrid cough and it wakes him up at night so he's such a bear the next day - poor little fella doesn't sleep well enough to feel rested.  I talked to his pediatrician and she suggested a nasal spray once-twice daily along with children's Claritan daily (just until the pollen decreases) then Benadryl sinus (until the symptoms are less harsh) but continue with the nasal (saline) spray.  I use the non-alcohol pure saline baby formula.  He LOVES it and it has really helped. She also said that if necessary she would put him on a prescription nasal spray for a few days just to get it all moving and then we could stop that one and continue on with the saline spray.  Unfortunately those nasty little pollen particles are floating all over in our neck of the woods so it's going to be a long season I fear, but between the Benadryl sinus (which is non-drowsy) and the nasal spray he has really perked up.  I hope this helps your little one. 

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I'm coming late to the thread, but have been through severe pollen allergies with my youngest since she was a baby.

Last year at 3 was the worst, with skin blistering from the pollen and bad asthma. We were doing twice daily Flovent, daily Claritin, started on Singulair mid-way through allergy season, and many days/weeks used Benadryl and Ventolin around the clock.

Other lifestyle things that helped: HEPA filter running in her bedroom and keeping house windows closed, strict attention to avoiding her food allergens, wearing long pants/sleeves (UV shirt) plus hat and gloves when outside, showering/bathing after playing outside (probably the MOST helpful thing we do!) and limiting outside time on high pollen count days or playing in non-trees areas.

We started seeing a traditional Chinese medicine doctor over the winter and have dropped all of the asthma an allergy meds. We used ventolin once and Benadryl twice this Spring. We still keep all of the lifestyle modifications, though she's added some allergens back into her diet successfully through the TCM. She has needed herbal medicines throughout allergy season, but has had much fewer side effects than we did with Benadryl and better control of the allergies. We also do daily acupressure and cupping. There have been major behavioral changes, for the better. When she's not feeling so miserable she sleeps much better and is happier, too.
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MelW, you have no idea how encouraging it is to hear about your success with Chinese medicine. We're waiting to see a doctor who will do that and I'm so happy to hear how well it's working for you. Wow, her SKIN was blistering? How awful for you both.


Answersplease, we've done nasal saline drops (just homemade, warm water and salt) and it hasn't seemed to make much difference. Maybe I should give it another try.


Thanks so much!

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You can find silk allergy masks designed with kids in mind at several allergy retailers.  My girls don't have debilitating seasonal allergies so far, but I do, and I find using the silk mask helps cut down on the number of days I'm tempted to take a pill.  They take some getting used to, but I highly recommend them.

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Quercetin and Nettle tea/infusions are great for spring allergies! for best results, start a few weeks before the season starts. Nettle infusions are great not just for allergies, but as a source of vitamins too.

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