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Official bead sign up thread. :) - Page 2

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I am in! I have a US addy, so no worries there. smile.gif
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I definitely would like to be included but I'm also in Canada. Does anyone have any suggestions re: postage?

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I would think that if it works for the organizer, it's easiest for us in Canada and abroad Paypal the money to her? She can find out how much the postage will be to each of us then we can send her the exact amount. I work at a bank so I can get US cash and send it with my beads, but even here it can be hard to get anything smaller than a $20 US bill let alone exact change.

It may cost us a little extra with the Paypal fees but I would think that's the easiest way...

Alternately if we can find out the exact amount of postage before we send our beads in, we could get US dollar money orders for the exact amount and send that with the beads.

Whatever is easiest for our organizer!!
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Hi ladies. I think the money order for us exact postage will work best for me. I don't have a PayPal account. Excited to see all the pretty beads! Thank you.
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Do we have a head count yet?
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Everyone has till the 18th. I will count it up and post how many bears to buy on Sunday. smile.gif
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Beads not bears! LOL
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Yay, awesome. =D

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Yes I'm in! Hope I'm not too late??
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Lol! I wonder what it would cost to ship bears?! hehehee...

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I'm excited to pick out my beads to mail!
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I'm in! I can't wait to go buy some beads! 

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I'm in too! :)

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Hi ladies! Sorry for the delay. It was a busy weekend full of birthday parties. smile.gif Looks like we have 18 beads to pick out!! So excited to pick out my beads!

My address is 8407 Race st Orfordville, WI 53576.
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Yay!!! I think I may get one style bead for everyone. Now that will be hard for me to decide which style to get!
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Awesome!  So we send the beads to you with a self-addressed, stamped envelope?  Cool! biggrinbounce.gif

Is there a 'due date' for sending you the beads?

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Swissmiss2584 that's what I'm going to do too! smile.gif

Kalihekate. You got it. I'm thinking by mid June. smile.gif
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Mid June is perfect because I leave town tomorrow for 2 weeks! I'll buy and mail out my beads when I get back. :-)
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Yay, I'm excited to see the bracelet/necklace everyone will make with the beads they receive! I am also choosing the same 18 beads for everyone. Joanns has a nice bead selection. =D

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Yes.  mid June is great.  I'm going to make beads this week and since my parents are coming to visit the first week of June they will be able to take them back to the US to mail them.

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