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freckledmama, i cant believe the stress and suspense of this for you. i am so glad to hear you're not a CF carrier at least.


mamamash, im sorry about your LO. that sounds so awful ! 


vc - you sure have a lot on your plate. i hope your fiance helps you process and cope all the stuff you have to think through. two heads are better than one. our local thrift shops have maternity sections. i didn't find anything the last time i was there, but the inventory changes often so it's worth checking back because you can save some money if you can find stuff you like. 


afm - it was sunny here today! in the gloomy pacific northwest, that is cause for celebration. we had an all-day staff retreat and i did some hiking up a steep hill, which nearly killed me, and some archery, which was really great. i am feeling pretty pregnant, but still delighting in the honeymoon of the second trimester. i have an OB appt tomorrow and i have to take the three-hour GD test on wednesday. i am not looking forward to EITHER ONE AT ALL. we have a consultation with a different OB next week and I am really hopeful that she will like us and we will like her and she will agree to take us on because she seems so much cooler and more in-line with our wishes than our current OB practice, which I have grown to hate. The icing on the cake is that this week I asked them for a recommendation for a "pregnancy-safe" expectorant/cough syrup. my allergies have been out of control since i went off the steroid nasal spray for pregnancy purposes. their response was that it is safe for me to go back on the steroid nasal spray. this made me DW upset because that drug have been shown to cause birth defects in animals and she couldn't believe they were recommending that i go back on it. 


OK! I am going to go help clean the house. For real this time! 
(I am not pulling my weight in household chores. I make up for it with exceptional gestating, I guess) 

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My partner's mother passed away this morning. He was working somewhere with no cell phone service so they couldn't get ahold of him to tell him till the afternoon.  He called me while I was at work to say he was already home, way earlier than usual.  I asked him what had happened and he said nothing over the phone but I knew something was up and went straight home, where he told me the sad news.  I just got home from the wake.  He will be staying at the chapel all night and honestly I wanted to be there with him all night or at least as late as I could, but there were some older women there who wouldn't let up about how I shouldn't be staying up all night while pregnant.  And when I started getting a little tired my partner started chiming in with them and I finally just caved in and one of his friends brought me home.  Though it's not like I'm going to be able to sleep all alone in the house and with so much on my mind.  I know my partner is surrounded by his closest friends who will keep him company through the night, but I still just can't shake this feeling that I should be there supporting him as he would do for me.

My mother-in-law originally went to the hospital two weeks ago for chest pains, dizziness, and trouble breathing. They said it looked like she had a benign liquid-filled mass that was pressuring her heart and lung, but when they operated to remove it they found a large, solid tumor that they couldn't remove because it was so intertwined with her lung. It turned out to be a sarcoma.  It has been so hard, cause she was in ICU recovering and little by little looking better every day.  After we had the ultrasound and found out the sex of the baby, I took the ultrasound printouts to show her.  The last day I saw her she was looking so much better and the nurses were allowing her to spend part of the day sitting up in a chair.  But then they began chemo to treat the sarcoma and everything started going downhill.  I didn't get to see her again because she was transferred to a public hospital with very limited visiting hours only for immediate family members.  This morning she had a heart attack and died, likely because her body just couldn't handle the chemo.

It is just so hard.  While we both know she is finally resting and at peace after nearly six months of being sick and then the surgery and ups and downs at the hospital, it is just so hard.  The grief of having lost someone, the pain of seeing my partner suffer, the sadness that she will never know her grandson (it was going to be her first), it all just seems so hard and heavy right now.

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So, so sorry about your partner's mom, lilmamita. How incredibly sad. I hope you both have wonderful memories of her that lessen the pain somewhat.
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lilmamita, so sorry to hear about your partner's mom. I hope you can find solace in each other at this difficult time.

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lilmamita - I am so so sorry about your partner's mom.

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Lilmamita- sorry about your partners mum x
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Lilmamita- so sorry to hear about your partners mom. You're in my thoughts during this very difficult time
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lilmamita - I'm sorry to hear that. My best to you and your partner.

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lilmamita: I am so sorry about your MIL (partner's mom) sending big hugs and love to you both.


Sorry too to hear about your friend chispita.

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Thank you to everyone for your kind words.  I suppose I needed to unload a lot of feelings last night.  The burial was today and it was very hard.  It's difficult to see my partner suffer so much.  We are hanging in there.


chispita, I am so sorry about your friend.

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lilmamita, so sorry about your partner's mom. 


chispita - so sorry about your friend. 


sending hugs to both of you. ((( )))

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On a lighter note: we were just at Target and I was looking at the girl's dresses since the XL kid size tends to fit me and DH said: "I don't think that's going to fit. Do you want to go get some large shirts?" NO! irked.gif

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Lilmamita-  also so sorry!


freckledmama--  that is such great news!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by CDsMom1031 View Post

Tired. So. Tired.


GOSH me too. And then on top of that... work is INSANE and I can't sleep. Oh wait then on top of that DH didn't get the job we were PRAYING for a sitting around waiting for, for weeks. I'm so upset. We can't be unemployed this entire pregnancy!!!

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DH was able to feel the little one kicking last night. orngbiggrin.gif
He says it feels the same as when I laugh.
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Cmu; that's really cool, he must have been really happy to feel that.


I might be being a bit too organised today. We've spent the afternoon going through all of our daughter's baby clothes, putting them in order of size, and washing them. We have loads of baby 0-3 month clothes that are suitable for boys, and quite a few for the first year in general. But unfortunately as the years go on they get more girly, so there's nothing by age 2!

We are also going to finally get DD into her own bed tonight, which she is not happy about. I think we're going to start off by putting her in her own room until 11pm, then waking her to go into our bed for the rest of the night. After a few nights of this we'll stop waking her up and leave her there through the night. It'll be weird not having her next to me as she's 4 years old now, so it's been a long time!

And in other news, I got my sex drive back smile.gif

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Originally Posted by nettlesoup View Post
After a few nights of this we'll stop waking her up and leave her there through the night. It'll be weird not having her next to me as she's 4 years old now, so it's been a long time!

And in other news, I got my sex drive back smile.gif

I imagine getting the kid out of your bed helps you feel more in the mood? Have fun!

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Actually, it'll make me more paranoid of interruption! At least when she's there we get warning if she wakes up, which she never has done so far!

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I could not ever imagine having my child sleeping in bed with me, let alone having sex with them there too! Maybe I'm a prude lol
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OMG, nettlesoup, I don't know if I could get over the mental block to have sex while my kid's asleep next to me. Years ago I had a one night stand with a guy who let his little terrier up on the bed while DTD and that was weird enough.


serena, as a child I got to sleep with my mom every once in a while and it was such a treat. I have very fond memories of that. I don't expect DH will be up for co-sleeping, we have a queen size bed and he's 6'3". But I do have this romantic idea of spending a couple of hours together in the mornings on the weekends, a big family pile snuggling under the comforter...

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