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G Dipers Anyone :)

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I thought I'd share this good deal too.  I really liked using Gdiapers on B (I didn't use them full time, alternated with regular cloth.

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Bump. I have some of these covers so I am interested in trying with prefolds or maybe trying out the inserts. Are the covers wipeable from a trifolded prefold or better to snappi? How do u use them? Part time because not as absorbable? I think I have 3-4, and maybe a snap in liner part I have to look into, I heard of it being used or left off, but not so sure. Are these true covers or is it only with all the parts vs prefold? I just figured youd have tried this out a bit, i need to get it clear. I have some so i might as well try. Do you find any issues with the inserts? Breathability vs cloth-what do you rotate using the g's with? I would love if they could be my "disposable " for a little while.
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I used these but the old style. I just trifolded a prefold into the liner. They worked okay but they were more of my "end of stash on laundry day" resort. I only used the flushable liner a few times.
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