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Weekly Chat ~ Apr 22 - Apr 28

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New thread ladies, hope you all have a great week!

I'm going to be in the hospital until something gets worse and they take the babies or 37 weeks (May 1st) when they are comfortable taking them to not put my health at more risk. I'll keep you all posted, probably more than you want as I am going to be getting more bored smile.gif The enforced alone time isn't all bad, especially for my introvert self, I just hope DD & DH do ok. My Mom went home last night, but will probably be back next weekend or whenever we call on her. I do have the laptop with Skype, some books, some dvds, access to netflix/hbo on the laptop, etc. so I'm about as set up as I can be smile.gif Thanks again all for your kind words and support so far, it is really helping.
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Katie, you handle it so well! I would be so stir crazy!  


I hope everyone had a terrific weekend.


After our eventful Friday here in Boston...and we did live in Brighton, one of the locked-down cities, until our most recent move last month.  So so so glad we don't live there anymore, in many many ways!  But my Non-stress test still got rescheduled.  I am in the middle of switching OB's because I don't believe for a second that my old OB wouldn't push me into an unwanted c-section.  The new OB is great, but I do not go in for the official first appointment, and hence officially a patient, until Tuesday.  Which technically means I am still under my old OB's care...until tomorrow.


That darned chiro adjustment did more then a pubic symphysis/hip adjustment!


Friday night, after all this excitement and trying to get around Boston getting food for Saturday night, I started having contractions.  Very regular, 4-5 mins apart, lasting 45-55 seconds long.  Called the doula, she advised waiting for a bit.  I told her I really didn't think it was time, but that I didn't know where these contractions were coming from.  We waited 3 hours.  The pain started radiating down into my thighs and lower back so we went to the hospital to get checked.  I was in tears because I didn't feel ready for this yet, although DD came at 36 w 4 days, and I was 36 w 2 days, I really felt this was the wrong time!  It's too early, he is still so small (ultrasound says 6 lbs 3 oz, but I think he is more like 5 lbs and some oz).  I was having regular contractions, but thankfully they were not productive.  So it turns out that either my running around Friday did it, and/OR I have a silent UTI (very possible).  But turns out that now he is now BREECH!  AHHHHH!!!  All this work!  After that big adjustment at the chiro appointment Thursday there was a lot of moving and it was quite uncomfortable and I realize now that is when he flipped.  The doctor seems to think this may have started the contractions, but I'm not so sure.  Not only did he flip from literally head on my cervix and ready to go, but he came back up and is now pushing on my lungs again!  He was dropped and now he's not?!?  There was a huge space between his bum and my cervix on the ultrasound Friday night.  The doctor and doula were like "What in the world is he doing??"  So tonight I go back to the chiro and hopefully we can get him to flip again.  He's been trying since Saturday night, but just can't seem to get turned.  I will have an NST, first midwife appointment and another ultrasound tomorrow to see if he's flipped.  Then we will start talking about an aversion.  Sigh.  Crossing fingers...again.


I got a LOT (too much?) done in the past few days which is where I have been.  The dinner party was a huge success with 2 different types of Roast Beef and a rosemary roast chicken plus appetizers, salads, sides and dessert was dark chocolate covered strawberries and bananas.  Very popular dessert and if leftovers are an indication of success then we were quite a success because there are few leftovers.  I got the baby's dresser built, finished sorting my closet and the overwhelming bathroom/linen closet, sorted DDs closet, organized the pantry, finished the baby's laundry, re-arranged our bedroom to fit the furniture (DH did the moving), finished the living room, sorted out DD's winter clothes and summer clothes and packed them away, finished all our laundry and got DH to put some of the stuff away into storage to get it out of our way along with cooking the 5 course meal for 13 people on Saturday.  Sunday was so beautiful so we went on a 1-1/2 mile hike in the state park 20 mins away and I worked on the tale ends of some smaller projects.  I am still feeling pretty energetic today but only because DH offered to clean up the kitchen from Saturday night!  He didn't get all of it done yesterday but says he will finish today.  

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jaq - wow! Just reading all you did made me tired! Hope the boy flips for you, how frustrating! 


Katie - you are handling it well, I think I would go nuts being stuck in the hospital. But of course its what you do as a mama, whatever it takes to take care of those babies, so keep it up! I hope your dd & dh do well too!


I'm back at work after a busy weekend, and it is freaking snowing again! So much so that my shower for tomorrow has been moved to Wednesday because we may have a foot here by tomorrow this time. Just crazy.

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Katie- Sorry that they're keeping you in the hospital! At least they're letting you eat!

Jac- What an ordeal! So were the contractions before baby flipped breech, and flipping stopped them? How are you feeling now? Does breech mean an automatic section?

AFM- baby hasn't dropped, no contractions or BH yet. I'll probably be here awhile (due date is May 9).

I want to get my Mom and my MIL a Mother's Day gift from the baby, as they will both be new grandmothers. Any suggestions? I gave them picture frames for Christmas, so that's out, and I can't think of anything else.
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jacquelinej, wow sounds like you were very busy. Glad to hear the contractions weren't doing anything and sending you baby turn vibes!

adventuregirl, wow, so much snow for some of us! Hopefully it goes away soon.

twilightjoy, would they like a photo magnet or some other photo gift from shutterfly or the like? Those are always big hits with my Mom & MIL.

Thanks for all your thoughts and kind words ladies. I guess I mainly try to follow the philosophy of not getting too worked up about things I can't change and focus on the things I can do. I would much rather not be in the hospital of course, but I feel like I do need to be here. All I have to say is thank goodness for modern tech, it makes this a lot easier! Today has been good so far, going to skype with DH & DD after I eat and then my sister later tonight, so that will be nice smile.gif
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Katie, sounds like you are doing well!  I'm with the others, I think I'd go a bit crazy.  But you are right, we do what is best for our babes!  At least you should be very well rested!!


Jac, just reading your post made me want to lay down for a nap!!!  Your party sounds like it was a hit, the menu sounds amazing and I am not sure I could even have gotten the meal done let alone the rest of your productive activities!!  I hope that baby boy does flip for you.  If he's moved up, at least it isn't like he's got his little bum jammed in your pubic bone so there's a good chance he can still flip...


Sheryl, more snow??  Where is spring this year, seriously??  We had cool weather all weekend, but just a small dusting of snow yesterday thankfully.  Today it is cool, but very sunny and the rest of the week looks better.  Sorry to hear that your shower was postponed. I hope the snow melts quickly and that spring makes a proper arrival soon!


TJ, I don't really have any suggestions...hmmm....Have you seen those little key chains that are like the digital picture frames?  They are kind of neat, and around $15 or so.  Not sure if that is too similar to the picture frame you got them for Christmas or not....


AFM, today is my first official day of mat leave!  YAY!  I kept DS home from his dayhome and we went to the zoo.  It was a really nice time, until we were leaving and he decided to run away from me!! He thought it was hilarious, kept looking back to make sure I was following and I could see the grin on his face.  I couldn't catch him, and I couldn't run after him so I thought it was less funny.  I had to have the stranger talk once he did finally get sick of the game....not sure how I feel about that.  Oh well, I won't let that take away from the great time we had otherwise.

The weekend was nice.  DH's little party was pretty fun on Saturday and it was minimal work, really.  DH did way more of the house cleaning than he normally would, and I made the appies super, super easy/lazy. It was nice to catch up with DH's old classmates.  A few we hadn't seen in 5 or 6 years!  And DS did great at my sister's place.  He was out cold by 8:30pm and didn't wake up even to pee until the next morning at 7!  That's better than he does at home!  Sunday we just had brunch at my sister's, picked up some craft stuff for DS at Michael's (I read about an idea of making "big brother" or "big sister" announcements for the new big bro/sis to hand out to their friends, so we picked up glitter glue, paper, etc.) and were super lazy otherwise.


I am 39 wks on Wednesday, but feel like baby's arrival is not imminent.  I feel like I've got some time to go yet.  I've had BHs for a long time, and they have been a bit stronger lately but nothing approaching "real" contractions.  I haven't lost any mucus plug or anything either.  That's ok, I know that they are easier to take care of while you are pregnant than after they arrive, but I am starting to be anxious for labor to HAPPEN ALREADY because I want to meet this babe and know he/she is o.k.  I have a massage booked for tomorrow afternoon, so any time after that will be good! lol.

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Katie, I too am impressed by your great outlook!  Good for you!  I agree, at least they are letting you eat!  I hope your skype  sessions went well! 


Jac, WOW!  I can't believe you had the energy for your weekend!  I can't imagine doing all that right now.  Go you and I am glad you got things squared away!  Hope your baby will turn and settle in a good position for you!   Your dinner party sounds delicious and fun!


Sheryl, Hope you are surviving the snow!  How long is supposed to last?  I much prefer the storms that snow at night and melt off by noon.


TJ, I can't remember if you know baby's gender but you could order some of those stamped necklaces maybe with a little birthstone or something. 


NS, Glad you had a great weekend and had fun at your get together!  Sorry that DS ran at the zoo!  That would be scary.  DD2 ran in a parking lot for the first time a few weeks ago and it scared me pretty bad.  And yeah, running right now, not happening for me either!


Well, DD1 did great at her swim lessons today!  She has been scared of trying some things but tried with a great attitude today.  The rest of the day was a bit rough as the girls were fighting all.day.long.  I tried to get them to nap without success and sent them outside to play with water since the weather was gorgeous.  Still no luck on stopping the fighting.  Ah well, they are in bed now. Tomorrow is a new day.  DH made an awesome dinner of some grilled lamb, great salad, and baked sweet potatoes.  Yum!  He works from home on Mondays so he has been cooking dinner on Monday nights which i love.  He's a great cook and it gives me a break!


DH cracked me up this afternoon!  He asked me if we decorated the girls' rooms when they were babies too.  Uh, yes dear.  It just didn't involve baseball so you didn't care!  Funny guy, he couldn't remember/


I think I'm not leaving the house again until this baby comes out.  Kidding.  I kind of wish i could but that's not reality.  Maybe I'll just start carrying a laundry basket in front of my belly like they do in TV shows so nobody can see or touch my belly.  That would be a good solution, right?    Maybe not.  3 weeks sounds pretty reasonable though.  I'm feeling like i can do three weeks.  PLus, that means 3 more weeks of weird pregnancy dreams like fleeing South America with John Stamos. 

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nstewart, I have my moments when I consider how I could break out of the hospital, at least for lunch or something smile.gif but I'm doing pretty well. I'm very jealous of your zoo trip, I love the zoo, but I'm sorry DS was running away from you. I worried about DD doing that with me while pregnant, luckily she only tried it once and listened when I yelled for her to stop as I wouldn't have been able to catch her either! Sounds like a nice weekend! Enjoy your massage and I totally feel you on being ready to be done, though I do want my babies to cook longer still, your baby can come out now (well after your massage smile.gif ).

CoBaby, food makes life so much better. Skype went well, talked to everyone and will hook up with people again. My sister and I can talk for a million years, so she's a nice person to Skype with smile.gif I am very jealous of your baked sweet potatoes, mmmm, think you can smuggle one into me at the hospital? Whenever we order food to go or go somewhere that has one I always get them. I understand your feelings about not wanting to leave the house anymore because of the "belly", I was there too with it getting annoying the amount of attention I was receiving. Oh well, it's only going to get worse with twins eyesroll.gif

Yesterday went well, Skyping with DH & DD was great, though DH looks tired out poor guy greensad.gif Hopefully he'll be able to stop by today and see me, I know that would make him feel better. DD was adorable and had me read her part of a book that DH held up for me (Everyone Poops) and then said a very heartfelt "Thank you Mommy!" so that was sweet and sad. Glad I could do that for her at least. Talked to my sister too and that was nice and I may talk to her again during the day today as she has a slow one at work apparently. She's going to be ending her current job in June and moving and starting a new one in July, so she's in pack & wrap-up mode, but they are moving closer to us which is awesome! She and her husband will be in the same town as my youngest brother and his family and they are only 3 hours away. So excited and I see many road trips and visits from them in our future. My other brother and his family will be moving in with my parents soon too so we'll all be so much closer than we have been.eyesroll.gif

DH took care of meeting with and ordering a new A/C unit. We can afford it no worries, but it just sucks that we will have that expense and all the hospital expenses hitting at the same time right after we just did the huge remodel. The latter is already paid for of course, but still, it's just a lot of $$ going out at once, but I figure with twins we won't have time to spend $$ on anything except diapers & wipes for awhile, so we should do pretty well smile.gif Glad we got a tax return this year at least as it pretty much covers the A/C unit. And they are going to get it installed on Wednesday, so that's good at least that it will be in there quickly for DH & DD's comfort and in before the babies get here. Well, breakfast should be here soon, I'm sure I'll be posting plenty later today!
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Baby boy had another decel, longer and lower. Back on cont monitoring and they are calling all the docs and getting ready to check stuff on u/s.
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Thinking of you and your babes, Katie!
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Sending good vibes to you (three!), Quinalla!  Sounds pretty tedious, but at least you're off your feet and relaxing, right?  


The whole manhunt/lockdown thing in Boston was strangely exhausting, which is weird considering how little we all did during that time.  I kept wondering what we'd do if I went into labor - maybe a good excuse for a homebirth, right?  No such luck, though.  I guess we didn't need any more drama than we already had.  I definitely indulged in a glass of wine that night, though.  I think the baby appreciated it!


The photo shoot went well on Sunday; I haven't seen any photos yet, but we had a damn good time taking them!  And nothing quite compares to your husband coming home to find you mostly naked and covered in sushi on your living room couch...  


I'm definitely feeling ready to be done, though.  There's only so many times I can graciously react to the many weird things people at work say to me on a daily basis.  And I'm looking forward to being able to get out of bed without looking like this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVudbTK0Q4o

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Oh Katie, Praying for you and your little ones!  I wish I could send you sweet potatoes!


EPP, Dying laughing at the idea of your husband walking into that!  I can't wait to see the pictures!  I can certainly understand needing a glass of wine after all the events in Boston over the weekend.  It's amazing how taxing mental and emotional stress can be. 

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Thanks Twilightjoy!

Alright, so we had the u/s and everything looked good. Stayed on the monitors, had two more decels. Talked to my doc and made the call to csection tomorrow as baby girl is still breach. Had another decel after we made the call. It was a tough call, but I am comfortable with it. I will be 36 weeks tom. Could use any prayers or thoughts for easy surgery and healthy babies and quick recovery. Typing one handed as I am on continuous monitoring until we are done so that is it for now. 3:30pm is when it is scheduled.
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Praying for you and your whole family, Q.
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Good luck Katie!  Praying that you have an uneventful surgery and that the babes are healthy, breathing well on their own and that you all recover quickly!

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Thanks ladies, had another long decel last night, of course he looks perfect again now. Anyway, hopefully no more excitement. I am looking forward to meeting my babies smile.gif
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So exciting that you will meet your little ones! I will pray for a smooth surgery/recovery for you and for the babies to be healthy and strong!
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Very exciting! If I'm remembering right, wasn't today when jessmn was scheduled for her section too?
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Originally Posted by pastormama View Post

Very exciting! If I'm remembering right, wasn't today when jessmn was scheduled for her section too?

Yep, looks like we'll have double the twins today! I'm trying to not think about how much I want to eat or drink currently...(still have 4 hours to go!)
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Good luck to you too, Jess!  I hope and pray everything goes smoothly!


eepeepee, can't wait to see some photos!  Oh, to have seen the look on your DH's face...


Co, I hope the girls are in better spirits for you!  I know siblings will fight, but that is something I am not looking forward to with two!  Although my gramma always says that it is the siblings that fight as kids that are close as adults...she should know, she is still best friends with one of her sisters all these years later!


Well, I am certainly enjoying mat leave and some time to myself today and yesterday with DS at the dayhome.  Really, it means that I have been tackling some organizing/cleaning but I actually find that kind of thing really relaxing.  I took a few large blankets to the laundrymat yesterday (not something that I'd want to do with a babe in tow) and also bought myself a new nursing bra and nursing tank.  I bought a "Cake" nursing bra and it is SO comfy!  Not sure if the shape is as nice as the Bravado, but it does have a racerback which will be great with tanks for the summer.  So far this morning I've totally cleaned out my closet and drawers.  Putting all the winter stuff, most of my maternity stuff (since it's mostly pretty winter-y and/or work clothes), and all of my "work" clothes away and taking out spring/summer and non-maternity items.  I'm also going through more maternity stuff from last time when I was pg over the summer to lend to my friend who is due at the beginning of October.


MW appointment later this morning, and I have my fingers crossed that my second GBS test comes back negative.  Although I suppose it doesn't really change much as I will still do the antibiotics if a secondary risk factor presents itself, but it will give me some peace of mind.  


Anyone else who is due in the early part of May have NO symptoms that their body is gearing up for labor??  I am 39wks today.  By this point last time I'd been losing my mucus plug for a few weeks (it regenerated, but still).  This time, aside from the BHs I've been having since 20wks and the fact that babe is quite low, there is nada.  I know, I know, my body knows what to do and when to do it but I am just really wanting to MEET THIS BABE, but know that it could easily be 2 more weeks.  Gotta just be patient and enjoy the ride, but that is so much easier to say than to do!

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