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I'm super behind on this thread! Just jumping on to say I am getting induced on Tuesday. I feel fine about getting induced although I really wanted to see what going into labor on my own was like. I don't really need to be induced but it is kind of a compromise with my doctors since they have been pushing for a c-section in a hospital with a level 3 nursery an hour away "just in case" but without any hard evidence or any statistics or anything and that just doesn't work for us. We talked about that with a scheduled induction only 3 days before my due date that they could at least plan on having their "a team", as they called it, already at the clinic/hospital that day "just in case" we would need them (since it would be during normal business hours). They are being extremely flexible and gracious to us and really giving us a lot more options and choices than I think they would normally give a patient so I figured at least we/I could compromise, and it made sense anyway.


Overall, being so close to the end (4 more days!!) I have mixed emotions. I want to get a bunch of outdoor projects done, but I also want to just bum around and take it easy, part of me wants to have MIL watch DD Monday so that I can rest, but then I feel like I am abandoning her on the last day she will be an only child. Ugh! Dang hormones. Then I also feel like I want DH and DD to just go about their normal days during my induction and I will let them know when I am close, but then I think I want them with me through the whole time in case it is a fast labor, but it is obviously probably not ideal to have a 2 year old with you during labor. I guess I just can't quite picture how the whole day will go. When I got induced with DD all they had to do to start active labor was put in the first dose of cytotec. No pitocin or anything. That labor was about 12 hours total. I am way more effaced and dilated this time than I was then so I am expecting/concerned that it might be a lot faster. I think I def need this weekend to sort through all these emotions and thoughts. Maybe I just need to sleep and stop worrying about it all and just play it by ear. Either way, I am for sure excited that baby girl will be here so soon!

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Bailey, Good to hear from you.  I'm glad they are at least working with you some on the induction.  Here's hoping your body gets going on it's own before then! 


Sure is getting quiet around here.  I think we're all doing that internalizing that tends to happen toward the end and just trying to get ready.


My shower is this afternoon which should be nice.  My MIL is doing it and it should be low-key which is great.  Just snacks and hanging out, a little craft but no games (thankfully).  Then she offered to watch the girls so DH and I can go on a date!  Probably our last one for a while. 


I pre-registered at the hospital yesterday and made all of my appts for the remainder of the pregnancy.  Just 2.5 weeks or (hopefully) less!  Woot!

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Bailey - good to hear from you, I'd been wondering about you! Sounds like you have the best possible scenario planned, I hope it goes great! Baby girl is coming!


Becky - hope your shower was awesome and the date too! I agree its been quiet, we've all got a lot to do, I guess. I am afraid I will be hanging out here for a while...I feel almost prepped, so will have little to do if baby takes a bit more time. 3 weeks to go to EDD here.


Katie - I hope things are going great with the babes and nursing is tuning up for them.


I did a whole bunch of preparing this weekend, shopping for last items, finally got my nursing bras, washing all the baby clothes and dipes, organizing every last thing in baby's room...getting closer! My hips still make sleep a bit sucky, but I am getting some, and I realize that if I don't move around a lot during the day, its harder to do things, so I'm trying my best to work out and walk and not sit on my bum, which often sounds just lovely. I am looking forward to not being pg anymore, and meeting baby. Soon enough, I suppose. 

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