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i have heard the they use clomid to help start your period when it hasn't started on its own. I heard they use provera also.

Anyone know how these work or typical doses? Also are there blood test that acompany being on these med?
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I haven't heard of Clomid being used to start your period, only to induce ovulation.  Provera is typically used to make you have a period.  I think it works by putting progesterone into your body fooling it into thinking that you have had a normal luteal phase, the part of your cycle after you ovulate.  Then when you stop the Provera after about 10 days, your body thinks the luteal phase is over and it is time to start a new cycle by having a period.  Usually people would do this part and then take Clomid to cause ovulation.  When you don't have a regular period, it can often be because you don't ovulate regularly.  I did have a couple blood tests when I was on Clomid.  I don't know if there are blood tests required to take Provera.

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What was Ur dose for clomid?
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I think I took 100mg a day for 5 days.  I got pregnant on the 3rd round but had an early loss.  Some women do well with smaller or larger doses.  It depends.

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Oh ok. Do larger does make more eggs something? Or is it just a hormonal thing
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hi, im new. Ive been trying to conceive for 2yrs w/o meds and couldnt take it anymore. I searched for fertility herbs and started taking 3herbs. and my obg appt came up on my ovulation days. my doc prescribed clomid and asked me to drop the herbs, have sex and relax. and if that doesmt make it, to start next cycle with clomid. Doc explained that clomid helps body drops a mature egg. but sometimes can be two or more, or sometimes its needed a bigger mg amount for the body to drop an egg.
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Thnk u
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