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I'm really frustrated with my husbands lack of ability to cook anything for himself. I just do not feel like cooking him every freaking meal. He announces he's hungry, looks in the fridge, and then proceeds to make toast. and eat all the food that is easily eatable.... which leaves us with nothing but raw vegetables most of the time and then i have to go to the grocery store to replace the ingredients he ate. I really think he's just lazy. ...when it comes to using a chopping board, knife, pan, blender, food processor, mixing bowls.... he's rather eat toast. SO ANNOYING....

ugh. I'm sending him to cooking class. 

Oh my god are we with the same man???  This is exactly what I'm going through with my fiance.   He'll come in and raise his eyebrows and say, "Is there food?"  and if there isn't a hot dish on the stove of a meal I've just made, or leftovers he can microwave, he pulls out the bread and makes toast with deli meat, and cheese/sliced cucumber.  And I have to feel a bit bad because "There was no food."  But when my kids are with their dad and it's just us, I don't want to have to cook his every meal, I want him to be able to occasionally cook a meal.  I may end up on bedrest all summer and then what?!  What will I eat?  He can heat up frozen food that he buys from the grocery store that tastes like sawdust but I won't eat it.  I've tried to convince him to learn a couple of basic simple recipes for yummy sauces for indian or italian food, that he can pair with pasta or rice and add whatever protein or veggies to, but he says, "I'll do things my way, don't micromanage."   Which means storebought/prepared food that he heats up.  Blech.  I won't have it.  So I guess he'll bring me toast and cheese when I'm on bedrest and I'll have to make do with that.  Nah, I'll also have to hire someone and if he doesn't like it, he can learn to cook.  I'll email him my recipes from the bedroom and he can figure it out on his own in the kitchen.   I thought it would be easier to teach him before it gets to that point and we could cook them together so he gets confident with throwing a few dishes together but I guess it's just toast as far as he's concerned.  BLAH!!!!!!

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I have the same problem!! I ask him if he can make dinner so I can take a break, and he looks at me like a deer in the headlights and suggests grilled cheese. Yuck. He does know how to make tacos, but I don't like having to ask him to cook. I make dinner almost every night, as well as pack a lunch for him daily, and even make him a quick breakfast to go if I have time. I don't understand why it's so hard for men to just cook a simple dinner!

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Sorry to hear there are a few partners here who love toast so much! Pretty grateful that my husband is a pretty impressive cook, he'll even bake occasionally which is awesome! Men tend to look for an easy fix, I wonder if you took away the "easy" foods whether or not they would become more creative???

17weeks today and it feels like things are really moving along quickly, loving how much my bump is growing and changing all the time. Booked my anatomy scan this morning for the 16th of May, so just over two weeks to go which is exciting. I'm starting to wonder if I really do want to know babies gender, I know my husband almost needs to know incase baby is a boy I think he will almost need to grieve that he probably won't have a daughter.
Got some art supplies this morning I plan to paint baby something for above his or her bed.

Hope everyone is doing well!
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Danielle, your anatomy scan is 3 days before mine!! Can't wait to find out!

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Yay Dahlia, it will be an exciting week! I'm so impatient I just want to see this wee person again! Might marry a sonographer in my next life! Hehe.
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My hubby made AND cleaned up after dinner tonight!!!! Doesn't always happen so I find it a lovely surprise. I guess he'd caught on that i'm exhausted and hadn't seen a weekly meal plan on the fridge this week and decided to help a mama out' sure makes me want to do my best for the coming week.

We're trying to buy a home, it's been a hectic week because of that. Tomorrow we're going to have inspectors take a look and hopefully we'll hear more about the financing. Eeeeek!
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