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What are some of your favorite pregnancy and birth affirmations?

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I thought it would be nice to compile a list of pregnancy and birth affirmations for all of us to use. Please feel free to share the ones you use or have used during your other pregnancies.


Some of my favs are:


I am at peace with myself


I am a strong and powerful women


I trust my inner wisdom


I accept myself completely as I am


My thoughts are creative- My affirmations are now creating the reality I desire


I love and accept all of my thoughts and feelings


Remember what is enough....


What are some of yours?

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I'm working on creating my affirmations now... still kind of adjusting/wrestling with the idea of surrender. It's really hard for me being a type A- I can manifest anything/stubborn personality. 


so i guess my main one right now is:


"I SURRENDER, and I trust my body, knowing that it is doing exactly what it needs to do to nourish, grow and thrive a beautiful and healthy baby."

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Affirmations for Freedom from Fear:

I welcome freedom into my mind.

I release all fear from my life.

I am safe.

I am free to live in peace and security.

Love rules my thoughts and actions. 

I replace all of the fear I feel with love.

I am willing to let fear go and live in harmony with all life.

Fear is just a thought. It is not based in reality, and it does not control my actions. 

The world is inherently good.

I am free from fearful thoughts.

My spirit is grounded in peace and it expands to embrace my thoughts.

My thoughts are filled with peace and tranquility.

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Anxiety Affirmations:

I release any anxiety I am holding onto.

My current state of being is peaceful.

I am calm. 

Each and every day, my circumstances are improving.

Peace. Peace. Peace…

I embrace Divine balance in my life. Everything is as it should be.

I am consciously aware of the calm silence of my spirit.

My awareness is anchored in tranquility. 

I am in the Divine flow of life.

I am stable during life’s ups and downs. 

I am willing to let my anxious thoughts go. Each day I embrace a laid-back attitude.

I choose to breathe deeply.

From head to toe, I am relaxed.

I am centered.

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Happiness Affirmations:

Happiness expands within me. It lightens my life and touches everyone I meet.

I choose to be happy.

Happiness exists where I choose to look for it.

Joy floods my thoughts and my life.

I release all negativity and hold joy in my heart.

I am overcome with gratitude for the bliss that fills my life. 

I accept the good that is flowing into my life.

Happiness and more happiness is mine.

Happiness is everywhere I choose to see it, in the wag of a dogs tail, in the laugh of a child, in the bloom of a flower.

Happy thoughts bring happy things. 

I smile and my life lightens.

Right now, as I think this thought, circumstances are shifting to flood every aspect of my life with happiness.

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Phenomenal Woman Affirmations:

I am a phenomenal woman.

I express my femininity with joy.

I embrace who I am, a divine spirit, a woman.

Wise Open Magnificent Abundant Natural

I am proud of my feminine heritage, my divine sisters who support and guide me.

My voice is loud and my message is divinely true.

I am one with everything and everyone that exists; therefore, I am equal. I am equal in opportunity, equal in ambition, equal in abundance and equal in love.

I honor the woman that I am. I let her be free to express as she wishes. 

I celebrate the artist, the mother, the communicator, the dreamer, the warrior, the healer, the romantic, the seductress, the divine woman that I am.

I love my hips. (Fill in any part of your womanly body you wish to honor.)

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