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poor gassy baby. i hope it gets better jenny. 


naomi loves sleeping beside me and also gets all big smiles and squeals when it's cuddle time. 

we turned on the ceiling fan a couple days ago and she LOVES it. she had a giggle fit (omg) this morning staring up at it, then cried when i had to walk into the kitchen. if she's fussy, i just take her to see the ceiling fan and she's all smiles again. anyone else's baby love the fan? it's essentially a giant mobile to her. 


i found a local mom through human milk for human babies who needs bm for her 4 month old. her supply just dropped and formula makes her girl miserable. she's coming over to meet me and get the frozen milk i have stashed. i pump every morning just to keep a good supply and have milk frozen for emergencies, so i'm giving her 1/2 of it. that's about 60oz. it feels so good to be able to help a mama out. 

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Originally Posted by kellybeth View Post

i had to go to urgent care this afternoon, and didn't want naomi in contact with all the nasty germs there, so i had to leave hubby with her. he was okay with that. i had just pumped too, so we had 5 oz there in the fridge. i have had a ton of blood in my stools (sorry tmi) the past 2 days. and it HURTS so bad to go. i dread it. i seriously want to cry when i know i have to go. i don't have hemorrhoids, which the doctor there confirmed, but i "might" have a tear in there, but it could also be something worse, so i'm supposed to just wait. basically i wasted 2 hours of my life and $50. ugh. i'm worried. it's like the color when you eat beets and have that in your BM. it's alarming. and i don't know what else to do but wait. 

Oh yikes, mama!
I have fairly major bowel issues and have dealt with blood in my BMs, no fun!
Where is your pain? In your gut or rectum or??
Is the blood dark red or bright red?
Did the doc check for internal hemmies or just external? Internal ones tend to be bleeders.
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How are our Feb mamas and little ones?


I'm feeling back to post pregnancy normal except for a little bit of sensitivity around where my scar is. I'm hoping will keep getting better. Right now it sucks to wear pants. Grrr.


My little guy is 7 weeks old today. 12lb 5 oz and a little butterball. He's happy and healthy.


Doc visit updates?


He had his 6 week follow up and all was good. Really we just chatted with his pediatrician and she was super cool with our delayed/non vax plans.


Fussy/sunny weeks?


Our fussy week was week three. Nothing has come close to that since. Some days we've had unhappy hour right before dinner. This past week that hour pretty much disappeared. If he's cranky he's usually bored and once we go out somewhere he's happy again and usually just sleeps. He loves to be in his car seat in the stroller just rolling around in loud places. He doesn't cry outside those occasional unhappy periods. He sort-of grumbles when he wants things but that's it. 


Developmental changes you've noted?


He's holding his head up, clasping his hands, fixating on faces and toys. He's starting to reach out for the boob rather than just opening his mouth and rooting around on any available surface (yay). Also just started spitting up from over-eating. 


Your pp hormones?


Pregnancy acne is finally healing up so it seems like things are evened out now. I didn't have any discernable mood swings pp and have felt more relaxed since the birth than I have in years. Whatever these hormones are, I want them all the time. 


Relationship issues?


Nope. Things are chilled out on this front too. DH is working, handling the bills and most of the stuff for our move and also doing diapers at night. Sometimes he's grumpy from this crazy work-load and I encourage him to take a night off and sleep on the couch. I'm worried he's going to get burnt out but somehow he's managing it. 

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Originally Posted by odinsmama View Post

Oh yikes, mama!
I have fairly major bowel issues and have dealt with blood in my BMs, no fun!
Where is your pain? In your gut or rectum or??
Is the blood dark red or bright red?
Did the doc check for internal hemmies or just external? Internal ones tend to be bleeders.

the doc did check for internal/external (nice to meet you, bend over. ugh) there was nothing. the pain is like, in my pelvic area, then it just hurts to have a bm. like so bad. i grab a towel hanging up when i do. it's like pushing all over again. dark red. not constipated. i was fine yesterday (no blood), though i didn't do anything different. actually, i didn't work out the past couple of days. maybe the crunches and planks are affecting me? didn't think of that.



typebug-you're breastfeeding in some magical places. it's great that you're documenting. it will go by so fast!

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a mama just came by with her 5 month old to get some milk from me. i was able to give her almost 60oz while still having about 50oz left in the freezer. i'm so glad i'm able to help. i was wondering what the heck i'd do with all that milk. 

are any other mamas donating?

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I have not pumped at all. Dh and I want to go to the movies in 2 weeks.... I need to pump for that...

I did pump and donate with dd1. I had a friend who adopted and I loved feeling like it was going to a good cause.
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i pump 2-3x a day and have been sharing from colostrum on w/ a local mom who cannot make enough.

i was down to only 16oz a day extra, but her LO needs a bit more so i'm working to make a little more for her.


she picks up breastmilk weekly!  my little guy is growing great and i can always increase my supply, and her LO is up from 13th percentile to over 50th since starting on my milk.  she was trying formula, but any dairy-based ones (even the most expensive) caused horrible vomiting, and soy formula had way less vomiting, but green stools and still a lot of vomiting and not thriving.  she's also dairy and gluten-free, so she really really appreciates my milk b/c it has been the only hypoallergenic food that they can access.


i've donated in the past as well (tandem nursing toddler, newborn and also pumping for the first couple months) and it is always special and i remember one time meeting the grandmother of the preemie i shared w/ and she said "oh, you're the one who gave breastmilk for my grandson!" all excited and automatically friends w/ me.  there's a special bond when you know you've given of your milk to feed another child and i'm blessed to be able to do it.  especially since it makes the first few months so much nicer when i'm not painfully engorged and leaking the whole time!!!

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Hi mamas! Haven't been on here in awhile and it's been great to read through everyone's updates. Lou is growing like a champ and is in 9 month clothing already. I decided not to clip his tongue as my nipple pain magically went away and nursing is going just great. I have an electric pump for the first time ever and have pumped a few times. I've actually gone out a few nights and that's been great for my mental state! The only thing I'm finding challenging is Lou's need to held all the time coupled with his hatred of any and all baby carriers I've tried. So doing anything that requires two hands is a little difficult. DS2 was similarly attached but he LOVED carrier so I guess I didn't realize how easy I had it! But other than that he sleeps well at night, just wakes up to nurse then goes back down, so at least I feel like I'm getting good sleep most nights. My partner and I are really relaxed with the 3rd and are just trying to enjoy every little moment. Although it IS nice when Lou decides to start sleeping at 9 or 10 and DH and I can have at least an hour just the two of us, doing couple stuff. We DTD for the first time a couple of weeks ago and to my surprise it wasn't painful at all! Used coconut oil as a lube and that worked really well. Although we need to start looking in to contraception because I'm worried I'll ovulate really early this time for some reason (with my other two it was 15 and 12 months). Just not wanting to have a surprise fourth!     

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Good grief, kellybeth, I hope you get some relief soon!

Nice to see you back, loveandgarbage! smile.gif And to read your update. Hooray for magically happy nipples, sleeping well, going out at night and painless sex. Can't ask for much better than that with a young baby!

Yay to all the milk donors here! Such an awesome help for mamas/babies in need.

Not much new here. She's 3 months old already!! Sleeping pretty well (except for last night and an odd fuss fest until midnight), milk supply good, wearing her around any time she needs a nap, older kids doing well...

DH and I have been grabbing intimate moments whenever we can. It's no longer "hey baby, I'm in the mood" but "hey, she's rested and fed and clean. You turn on the TV for the boys and I'll put something on the iPad for her. Quick, take your clothes off!" We absolutely can't dtd while she's asleep or she'll wake up screaming. And then everyone is frustrated.
And things are good with us relationally too. So much easier than when our first was little.
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Love the idea of donating milk. Maybe once we are settled after the move I'll see what my supply is like for doing that. I don't mind pumping really now that I have an electroc pump.
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Originally Posted by odinsmama View Post

DH and I have been grabbing intimate moments whenever we can. It's no longer "hey baby, I'm in the mood" but "hey, she's rested and fed and clean. You turn on the TV for the boys and I'll put something on the iPad for her. Quick, take your clothes off!" We absolutely can't dtd while she's asleep or she'll wake up screaming. And then everyone is frustrated.
And things are good with us relationally too. So much easier than when our first was little.



w/ us it's so similar.  or often more like- hey, baby's happy, get a movie on and settle the kids in and we'll be back in time for dinner!  cause after dinner, kitchen clean-up and putting kids to bed we're both dead beat and lay there saying 'i love you.  i can't move.  if i could i'd totally attack you.  but i cannot.  i just cannot.'


welcome back Jean!  missed you!  yes, we don't want a surprise 6th so i started charting WHILE bleeding so i could get ahead.  so far pretty confident i can see an ovulation coming but if we have an accident, husband swears he's taking super drastic measures to prevent 7.  we're already considering them now.  


The more we're talking and the more we're walking alongside our little crew, the more we're convinced that this is our last baby.  so feeling really blessed in what i have, and especially that this pregnancy was wonderful and this baby is just the best one ever.  and it's making me enjoy every little second.  even when not sleeping.  husband sounds really really done.  and i really wouldn't mind it myself as i've spent the last 8 years pregnant or with a newborn.  i kinda feel like i'm wimping out, but also know i have limits.  and this feels good- a full house, but not overwhelming, and i just think each one i have is so dang perfect!


did i mention this is the best baby ever?  husband keeps saying it too.  we're dreading him teething, or hitting a fussier phase b/c he's just been so blessedly easy!  

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KellyBeth, I literally feel your pain. Like, every day for the past few weeks. TOTALLY relate to grabbing a towel, lol. I don't really have a general practice doctor here, and I don't think anything's bad wrong, just feels like a tear or two. So I'm trying to wait it out. Hope you feel better very soon!


I do miss relations, sigh. All y'all have extra fun for me! ;-) DH is out of town at a training exercise, and even when he was here we were stalled out. I CAN do it without pain, but it takes so much warm up it's almost more trouble than it's worth. I'm just a-ok without it, which is NOT like me. 

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I've been such a lurker lately because Mila is so alert now that she wants to play all the time, so I went from only having one hand available at any time to having none.


Kellybeth, I'm still having the painful BMs, though not as often as before. It kind of comes and goes in waves and there is always blood when it hurts at all. Doctor says I'm fine though, so I guess this is just something to get through.


I love the idea of donating milk but there's no service like that around where I live. I left DD with DH and went to a mamma-baby craft fair a couple weeks back where there were a lot of little babies and my boobs kept aching and letting down. My boobs are always aching to feed ALL the babies!

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Short update here-- all is pretty well! I am working on sort of reprioritizing things with work and baby, and that is helping me feel more present when I'm with her and less worried about "all the work that has to be done-- yesterday!"

Funny thing about Miss L-- I was reading an old thread on diaperswappers about a seriously colicky baby and realized... She's about 80% of that intensity, LOL. Well, except she sleeps "well" at night. And all this time, I was thinking of her as a relatively "easy" baby, but she's not, really-- I think that speaks to a few things... 1) My own maturity level (for me, it was good for me to wait so long to have a baby!) 2) My hard work on my own anxiety and ADD and 3) I think credit goes to AP and my own pre-baby research, because those things help tremendously with a not-easily-satisfied (I wouldn't say high needs, but highish needs) baby. Make me feel RELATIVELY competent for a FTM, LOL, which reduces the stress.

Oh, and of course, worlds of credit to my awesome DH-- but I always knew he'd be awesome... Well, maybe I didn't quite realize how awesome.

We got our 2-month shots today. We are pretty pro-vax, slightly selective/delayed, but mostly on schedule (moreso than Dr. Sears, for example). I spent a lot of time researching and was very dissatisfied with research on both sides, but did feel better about the vax side for us, especially considering we may go to the Philippines in a couple months, or if not then, within a couple of years. Anyway... It sucked! I know those of you who are anti- or non-vax don't avoid them because of the painful-shot aspect (I mean, I get the impression that if you thought it was best, you wouldn't avoid it just because of some temporary injection pain at the office). So I'm sure you can empathize regardless. She just screamed SO loud. greensad.gif And there were 4 shots. But she did calm down within 2 minutes or so, so... So far it's been 6 hours and she hasn't done that "wake up screaming" thing you hear about, though she has slept more and been a tiny bit crankier than usual. (She has also given us plenty of smiles and hasn't had a fever of note, etc.) Blah. Even though I feel better about vaxing than not-vaxing, it's hardly a bowl of cherries! DH and I are both home and sort of extra-babying her out of our own anxiety (not doing tons of work as we are letting her sleep on us, LOL)...
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Oh, Buko, us, too!!! About the "Oh, yeah...um...I guess she IS kinda colicky." aha moment and the vax both. Although I have to say most AP practices I had planned on doing make Ginny worse, not better. Sigh. DH and I are both pretty shocked at my change in heart over vax. I was planning to delay, at the very least, but between moving to CA (where there have been multiple pertussis outbreaks in our area) and actually getting to know Ginny herself...my gut said do it. I, too, found research on both sides to be less than reassuring, to say the least. Sucks not to be able to agree wholeheartedly with either side.

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PS. Ginny had the same reaction to the vax. Extra sleepy for the next couple of days, but other than that a-ok! No redness, even; her skin was perfect 3 hours after the shots.

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Clarissa slept more too after hers. I nursed her immediately after her shots on the exam room so she only cried for a few seconds.
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Thanks, ladies. She has really been fine, though she slept so DEEPLY last night, it honestly scared me! I know people are always on about a possible connection btw vax and SIDS and I don't think there's any good evidence to support that, BUT....

If it's true that 1 cause is an issue with arousal in some babies, worsened by things that make them sleep more deeply (warmth, maybe tummy sleeping, sleeping alone, etc.) then I could see a vax connection in that way, since sleepiness is probably the #1 side effect. Still not enough risk there (as only 1 issue) IMO to avoid vax, but perhaps a contributing factor in a small # of cases, anyway.
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Oh, and our ped was awesome about having me nurse during the shots, which made me feel better anyway, lol
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I still remember the look on Ginny's face when I tried to nurse her immediately after vax - "Are you CRAZY?? I'm not hungry, that HURT!!" Tricky, because I wanted her to nurse so I'D feel better! She did after a minute or two, just wanted to get her feelings out there first.


Also, I don't know if anyone else does this, but I explained the whole thing to her that morning, and then reminded her of our conversation while she was screaming after. Also falling into the "making me feel better" category, plus good practice for when she's a small child. I was always told to do stuff because mom said so, or we had to, or whatever as a kid, and I like the idea of really explaining things. Lol, I even do it with my dogs! "The vet is going to give you a shot to prevent rabies. It's very important and it'll only hurt for a minute. Thank you for being brave." ^_^

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