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Moms of Many - Symptom comparison?

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Symptoms obviously vary a lot from baby to baby, regardless of gender. I'm curious, though, if any symptoms stood out consistently for a certain gender over another. I'm not trying to ascertain whether X,Y, or Z symptom might mean a gender across all mothers (they don't), but if one mother's own experience is in some ways consistent. I'm wondering if varied symptoms could also be accounted for by a body's change in how it reacts to pregnancy, regardless of baby's gender.

I have 3 boys followed by a girl and am pg again. I have not (yet) known any genders before birth. I've been sick with all of them straight through the pregnancy, and mostly they all seem pretty similar.

In my fourth (girl) pregnancy, the only differences I noted were that 1) I was HIGHLY suggestible for cravings. Someone could post as much as "rolls of thunder" on fb and I'd be craving yeast rolls for hours! But fb wasn't as much a factor in other pregnancies... Non-existent in first two.

2) My hair became much less oily. Where I could normally set a clock by how oily my hair was (well, almost!), and I noticed no changes with the boys, with my girl, my hair would stay feeling and looking fresh for long enough that I couldn't necessarily remember how long it had been! Like 4-6 days!! It went back to normal between babies.

3) I had chocolate cravings that I couldn't resist. Whereas with my middle boys I'd done a great job of limiting sugars late in pgcy, with the fourth, I had almost no willpower.

So now that I'm experiencing all of that again, I'm curious whether it's more likely due to baby's gender or to my body shifting how it reacts to pregnancy. My hair also went straight with boys but still has natural curl now.

Anyone else have thoughts? Did your age and changing health profile affect your experience or did gender? I would think treating my thyroid would be making a difference (pretty sure it upped fertility) but I was not yet treating last time.
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I don't think I really noticed anything in particular based on baby's gender--and I didn't know any of the times what I was carrying ahead of delivery either-- boy, boy, girl, boy/girl twins, and boy. 

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My pregnancy symptoms were mostly stable, and the changes I did have weren't related to gender. My bio kids were boy, boy, girl, girl, boy. With all five, I had really bad morning sickness for the first half of pregnancy, and bad heartburn the second half. I basically threw up every day for nine months every time. greensad.gif So far I've been lucky with this one (though I'm not quite 7 weeks), and I've only been nauseous, not actually sick.

Before pregnancy, I had bad acne. This completely went away with my first pregnancy (boy) and stayed away after. Then it came back with a vengeance with my second pregnancy (also a boy), but went away afterward. Since then I've only had moderate acne off and on, regardless of pregnancy.

I had much stronger cravings with my first pregnancy than subsequent pregnancies. But I am always suggestible with cravings; I *thought* someone was eating a hamburger on TV (he wasn't), and I *had* to have a hamburger! Sometimes I'm like that even when I'm not pregnant. wink1.gif

I also gained less weight with each pregnancy, until I actually weighed the same at 9 months with my youngest as I did when I found out I was pregnant with him. I didn't intentionally do anything to cause this, and my pregnancies were healthy regardless. I think it was just that I weighed more starting out each time.

I couldn't really tell if I carried any differently each time.

The ONE thing that was different for boys and girls was that if I got an ultrasound to find out the gender, it was a boy. The two times I waited to be surprised at birth, I got girls! wink1.gif Does that count?
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lol.gif Michelle!

Anyone else have comparisons? So interesting how it works for each of us. smile.gif
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I have four boys and one girl. I didn't notice that pregnancy symptoms were different with my boys than they were with my girl. What did happen was that each of my boys were born at 39 weeks and my girl was 40+3 (she was the second baby).

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I have 2 girls and am pregnant with a boy.  My girls' pregnancies were super similar (I didn't know gender with DD1, did with DD2), pretty mild nausea that went away around 9 weeks, pretty text book pregnancy through the rest of it


With this baby, I thought boy from the beginning....I was so sick this time from very early on (food aversions and severe nausea even before a + test), heartburn (I never had it with either girl), lots more digestive issues in general, and one quirky symptom (or lack of) that my hubby says should have been a gender predictor on it's own, is no linea negra with a boy!

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We've never found out the gender before. The major difference was I had the strongest urge to push with my girls and didn't really even have the urge with my boys.
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