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Sleep training yes or no

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HI my lo is 8 months and i have been trying to get her to nap in her crib.She wants no part of it.She was a colic baby so for her naps she would nap in her bouncer chair now she is too big it was time to go into the crib...not.I know all the signs for when she is tired and have a semi routine for nap time.She just fights me and wont sleep. I am not of a believer of the CIO method she did enough crying when she was a newborn due to being colicky or as the doc called it reflux so CIO is out of the question.I have tried everything bottle no bottle in my arms rocking her i could go on and on.The only way i can get her to nap is in her car seat carrier and before you know it she will be too big for that too.Im just so exhausted with this whole nap thing.Bedtime is a different story she falls asleep in my bed and then i gentley place her in her crib. i wish she would do the same for nap time.My husband says to stop stressing over this because eventually she will figure it out on her own and fall asleep. So is my husband right should i let her be or should i keep trying...thanks

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Read this book. She has loads of tips and advice for nap troubles. You make your own plan by picking and choosing what fits for your situation, and if you want use her logs and planner sheets to help keep you on track.

We never really needed this particular book, but I tell you her advice for toddlers (she has no-cry books for babies as well as toddlers) saved us from months of terrible bedtime struggles. Check it out! Good luck mama!

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hi i have the the no cry sleep solution .I find it to be a bit confusing maybe the no cry nap is easier to follow i will have to check it out.


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Well, she offers lots of solutions so you pick and choose what works for you. I never used the original one just the one for toddlers and I found it easy to follow.

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Have you tried having her nap in your bed with safety measures to prevent rolling off?

You could stay with her until she is asleep (hands open, limp arm stage) and then go.


Would you be interested in wearing her on you for naps?


Lastly, some set-up on the floor, if that is feasible, in the main living area, may be helpful. You could lay with her until she is asleep then roll away. This may give her some of the security that babies seek, so that they know they are not alone.

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I used this with my kids and kids I babysit. In the crib, rub the back. Baby fusses or stirs, I just repeat, "Time to sleep" and sing a lullaby.  The voice should be caring but firm

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