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Summer Homeschooling? Are you doing any?

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We are!!  We are picking up some slack from in the year with reading and handwriting and a bit of math.  


We decided to pick up Handwriting Without Tears, Kumon Reading Grade 1, and LIfe of Fred: Apples to get some solid skills before moving on to second grade in the Fall.  DD isn't behind exactly, just on the trailing end of normal, so we thought we would keep the forward momentum going.  She's doing some camps this summer as well (Oregon Zoo Day camp, Do Jump (trapeze/tumbling), and Berry Picking Camp through Trackers) 


We also intend to spend a metric ton of time outside. orngbiggrin.gif


What are your plans?

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We're more unschoolers, in our approach, so learning has always been year round. We don't plan anything special, but take advantage of opportunities as they happen.
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That's great. :)

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Dd hasn't decided yet. She has until sept. 2014 to finish up with the current plan so it's really up to her when she takes her breaks. smile.gif
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For us it seems like winter is the HSing (or, in our case, USing) doldrums.  Summer kicks the girls in exploratory high gear.  The questions start flying my direction, I get busy holding books at the library and looking things up.  Some kind of wonder kicks in this time of year that gets their brains rumbling.  It is the time for 4-H presentations and county fair, camping trips and exploring everywhere, and all that.  I almost feel like most of our more academic learning happens throughout the summer, with late fall and winter and early spring being relatively dull by comparison.  

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We plan to continue what we are doing now. Ds is interested in reading tons of books. He is also listening obsessively to audio books. He does Singapore math and plays math games. Dd is always making stuff. If new inspiration hits them, we will follow those too. They will take swim lessons. We will also travel to see family.
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Our scheduled out-of-home activities change. Spanish class, gymnastics and violin class go on hiatus. Replacing them will be week-long intensives in dance and music. And likely some swim lessons. Summer outdoor pursuits like biking and hiking replace cross-country and downhill skiing. Everything else wil stay pretty much the same. We don't do much in the way of structured academics at any time of year.

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We usually do some sort of big project over the summer.  DS just finished reading The Hobbit, and he wants to build a hobbit hole playhouse.  We've planned to dig into the hillside to form part of the wall structure, and I figure we can build the rest of the walls with earthbag construction.  Should be interesting.

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Yes. We do our regular homeschooling through the summer. I live in the Northeast and my whole family hates the heat, aren't beach fans, etc. So, we take our break in the fall from October through December so we can be outside and traveling when it's time for the activities and weather we love and then just carry it through the holidays. It's such an awesome thing about homeschooling to be able to do things when they work for our family instead of when everyone else does them! 

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Yep.  There are 3 or 4 topics the kids have expressed interest in that aren't on the curriculum I have, so we're going to explore those during the summer...and I'm going to keep them engaged in math and writing, since those are their least favorite things to practice.  Cause I'm mean like that.  duck.gif

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We homeschool year-round.  We do some things in the summer that we don't do at other times of year - collecting and raising caterpillars, gardening, hiking - but we also do some schooly stuff like math.

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Thanks to Hurricane Sandy cold.gif  feel like we are not where I would like. So this summer I might do more sit down work then I would do other wise.


Summer is a great time for us to get outside. homeschool.gif

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Its a funny thing, my kids really seem to hunker down and get on with stuff kind of autumn through end of winter. They had quite an intense winter of learning. We moved a lot more toward unschooling this autumn and what surprised me was that even after I pulled back they continued with it. Its dd1's first year of homeschooling really. She's one of those kids who likes doing and learning and showing everyone and their cat that she's done stuff and learnt it, so she probably kept the momentum up for everyone a bit.


Anyway, now, we have actual sun joy.gif  and I'm not seeing much evidence of anyone wanting to do much stuff from books. There's been a lot of gardening/foraging, a lot of reading in the garden, a lot of crafting plans though not much actually made...and just a lot of playing. Quite a lot of music-both my older kids play a Bb instrument which is helpful. And great plans for camping, extended visits to grandparents, hopefully a trip abroad soonish... 

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We are doing surf camp and swimming lessons, camping and continuing to care for our farm animals. Summer is the time to feel free and easy going for my family. Lots of trips to the beach. I don't do any curriculum or coercive learning. What my kids are interested in is what they do. Right now that is art with sharpies and building duck tape weapons for l.a.r.p. games. Kids are happy and carefree which is how childhood IMO should be!
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we do school work year round - alot of it is outdoors hands on fun learning though-  my kids do get long breaks for xmas since i work retail and for their birthdays - both in feb we usually take most of the month off so really they spend about the same amount of days doing school as reg kids just different days . 

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We do a more child-led semi-US thing, too, so we definitely view learning as a constant.


Over the summer, I'm hoping to get the 3.5yo sewing and finger knitting.  We are expecting a new baby any day now and moving cross-country at the end of May, so things will be a bit hectic, and having some handwork helps calm the spirit.


We usually take advantage of the good summer weather to do big messy projects outside (whole-body painting, setting up a water wall, etc.) and take day trips to various state parks and attractions and natural features in our area.


IMO, one of the benefits of homeschooling is that learning isn't compartmentalized-- it doesn't happen in one particular space or at any particular time, it happens when and where the learner is ready and willing to learn.

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I LOVE summer! We live at the beach, so we like a nice, long summer vacation. We do a lot of outdoor activities, but no "camps"...they are too expensive for a big family. Of course we keep reading and doing arts and crafts all year. We might do a few book discussions for books the kids have been wanting to read. The kids also expressed an interest in foreign language study over the summer...Japanese for my oldest and Spanish for my 7&9 yos
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We've done a Waldorf (mostly) approach from the start, going through summers with the whole year feeling loose and easy. We have a lot of time off around the year for Jewish holidays so I liked working in the summer when my energy was highest.


A few years ago Dd noticed that her school friends had summer vacations and requested same. She was willing to work harder at times to work to that goal, and we added an fourth day to our previous 3 day week this past Sept for 5th grade. The work is harder each year and I've come to enjoy my own free time to plan the year.


Yes, our "school year" is a bit more pressured BUT because I do mega-planning over a few weeks in the summer, I no longer have those late nights preparing the next day's lessons. It's all about whatever works for your family, especially if it works for Mom!

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After my 7yr old DD and 5 yr old DS finish their school this June, I will begin homeschooling them this Summer for the first time. I am a bit nervous as its my first time and I am a single parent. Any single homeschooling mom's trying to home-school and work? I live in Miami, so I think I will be doing zoo, seaquarium, jungle Island as field trips with a yearly membership. I have not decided which curriculum and being playing on my head what a school day should look like with a couple of hours of work. This will be a try out and if it works out we'll do it year round. I did meet last week with some homeschooling moms and if was helpful and encouraging. Open to all suggestions.

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We take breaks from schooling as needed, depending on our needs as a family. We do continue throughout the summer. Like many of the others, we do more outdoors hands-on stuff. We do not have a strict schedule although her schooling becomes more structured as she gets older.

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