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New here, with a growing tribe

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I'm new here, and happy I found this place! I am a mama of a one and a half year old spirited little girl, and now expecting our second in December. I'm a mix of emotions right now, truthfully. This pregnancy wasn't "planned" per say, but we did want another little one in the future. Just...a little bit further out ;) 


I practice AP with my daughter and it's had pros and cons. We're still bed sharing (my hubs works 3rd shift) and breastfeeding, which I don't mind, but now that we have a little one on the way (in hopes nothing goes sour) I'd rather get her to sleep next to me on her mattress or even in her room before the baby is born. Any advice? 


I'm a stay at home mama, and I do photography in my spare time. I love to read, blog and learn about different cultures and faiths. I, myself, am a Jesus follower and more of a hippy-dippy one at that. 


My family and I try to practice green living as much as we can, and also trying to be a frugal as we can since we live off of my husband's income. It's been a challenge, both good and bad, but I'm learning new and creative ways to save money.


I believe in loving everyone and trying to learn the book before judging it's cover. I struggle with anorexia and am frank about my eating issues. I'm open when questioned, and believe that mental health is a very unknown place to most. I've also been diagnosed with some other mental illnesses but chose to stay off medications and instead took a more holistic approach. 


I've been a vegetarian since 2006-only adding meat for my pregnancy with my first (maaaybe my second, we'll see!) and hope that one day animal cruelty (product testing on animals, and people who mistreat animals)  will be a thing of the past. I love animals and people so much, ah! 


I tend to be very shy in 'real life' but I do enjoy talking over hot cups of coffee or tea anytime!  I'm truly hoping that this second time around will be even more empowering and a healing journey for all of my family, and I will finally overcome my eating disorder and other struggles. 


I hope to get to know the ladies here, and be apart of this online community! 


-All the best-


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Oh, you sound really cool and interesting. Welcome to Mothering. Make sure you check out all the forums as it seems most of them apply to you..lol.

There is Gentle discipline  http://www.mothering.com/community/f/36/gentle-discipline

Stay at home mom http://www.mothering.com/community/f/329/stay-at-home-parents

and so much more.

Welcome again


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Welcome to Mothering smile.gif I am new here, too. Congrats on your new addition!
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Hello everyone, i'm new here as well. I have two wonderful little boys 2&4. Our new blessing is due december 29, 2013 i'm very excited, hoping for a girl this time. This will Be my 3rd c-section.
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