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co-sleeping, planning, worrying before baby gets here!

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Hi, All,


So, DH and I are going to cosleep, but we were thinking of buying a crib as backup (for naps, really) and as I was looking at mattresses, I was like, "Oh, OF COURSE we'll be buying an organic mattress for the crib." Then, I got to thinking about our own mattress. I know, like why hasn't this occurred to me before, right!? At any rate, there are a lot of problems. It's a relatively new (under two years old) foam mattress I bought from Target. So, it's fairly comfy but filled with chemicals. Because it's pretty firm, I had bought (and am still using) a polyester filled faux down topper, which I know isn't safe for baby. I had planned to take this off and just suck up the discomfort.


Unfortunately, though, the more I thought about it, the more I thought about how unsafe all this was for our LO, who will be here in around three weeks or so!!!!! So, I researched my options and decided that at the very least I needed to wrap the mattress. I bought the no chem wrap mattress last night and it should get here in time, but I'm worried about how hot, plasticky, and awful sleeping on that mattress is going to be. The website says outright that it's uncomfortable. So, then I was thinking, okay, maybe I can just use the polyester filled topper I bought, but I'm wondering how toxic that is. Frankly, I'm more worried about the toxicity of it than I am about the bit of fluff it provides. I also have conventional pillows and sheets, and I had been worried about waterproofing the mattress, so I bought this: http://www.amazon.com/Luna-Hypoallergenic-Waterproof-Mattress-Protector/dp/B002AQNXR4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1366742095&sr=8-1&keywords=luna+waterproof+mattress


But, now I'm not so sure. It may have something unsavory in it. So, look: I have a feeling I'm freaking out about the toxins in my bed because I'm probably ACTUALLY freaking out about the impending birth and how my life is going to change, and maybe not even for the better, even though I really want this baby and know I will love him, but can anyone help me out with this problem? Realistically, I can spend a couple of hundred bucks trying to make this bed as comfortable and as non toxic as possible, but not much more.


I've already bought the plastic wrap; I can buy some organic sheets from Target, and I found a couple of natural latex pillows on amazon for about 35 bucks each, but I just KNOW that I won't be able to sleep on the bed if I can feel the thick plastic encasement to prevent off gassing. Should I use the polyester filled topper, which is only an inch and a half thick or so, or should I try to tough it out, or do any of you smart mamas have any other suggestions?

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My first thought was that if you have had the mattress for a few years already, MOST of the off-gassing has already happened, so if you like the mattress, I wouldn't worry so much about that right now. Could you invest in a nicer mattress pad/topper instead of a whole new mattress? Gaiam.com may have some ideas (I am heading to work soon, or would look for you). Like an organic cotton mattress pad, or even wool (those are more pricey).


eta: http://www.gaiam.com/bedding/mattress-pads/1010302,default,sc.html

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What about an organic mattress topper?  Like talked about here:  http://www.maillardvillemanor.com/2012/06/organic-latex-mattress-topper.html

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For something to protect the mattress/topper, I highly recommend the wool covers from St.Dormier.  They are totally machine washable.  We have them on all of our beds, including the crib, and love them.  They would get you away from the "plastic" feeling, for sure, but if your matress isn't comfortable will not provide a lot of cushion.  Looks like lots of sites sell them if you google St.Dormier.

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