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Backless Booster

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I need to pick up another booster or two for driving Girl Scouts. Is there a better option out of the bunch of them? The girls change regularly so I need them to work well with most body types for girls age 6-7.

It seems that most of the moms are ok with their daughters not riding in boosters, but I just can't get behind that! Many of the girls are exceptionally tall but they never complain when I ask them to sit in one in my car.

Also, since we are talking about boosters that primarily lift their bodies to make the seat belt fit accordingly, why can't second hand seats be used? I wouldn't consider that option for carseats that harness, but this is just a positioner, right? I sense that I need new, but I can't figure out why.

Thank you.
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Boosters don't just position.  The "arms" on the booster work like artificial hips, absorbing some of the crash.  You wouldn't want those to snap in a crash and have sharp plastic pieces!


If you want a cheap booster for when you need it, I would get a Harmony Juvenile backless booster ($13 at Walmart) or Harmony Cruz ($17 at Target) and call it good.  Most backless boosters are cheap, so pick the one that fits your budget.

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Thanks for the explanation! I hadn't considered the arm rests.
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I've never used one, but I have seen folks on here recommend them BubbleBum, which is more expensive than the ones mentioned, but also because it is inflatable easier to store.  I don't know if that would work for your situation.

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Thanks for your suggestion also. :)


I actually have two RSTVs that I use when I need my husband to take the kids in his car.  We have the S and the L sizes so someone can always fit in there and they're easy to store.

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