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Small space gardening - 2013!

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I never did get around to starting a new thread. Well here it is!

What do you have planned for this year?

I just planted (well, 2 weeks ago already!) my raised bed from last year. It's exclusively greens right now- spinach, lettuce, kale, chard- with some herbs mixed in. It looks like some animal came & dug up some seeds & left us a big poop but I'm hoping we planted enough that when it comes time to thin out the seedlings we'll be ok. I saw some sprouts already, chard I think. It's been cold since we planted tho so I'm not sure what to expect.

No seeds took indoors, so I'll be buying seedlings for tomatoes & peppers.

We'll also plant beets (soon- gotta get on filling in another raised bed!) & corn & melon.

My grandparents offered us a bunch of their compost (they used to garden but don't anymore but my grandfather can't quit the habit of composting). I think I'll take them up on it but I'm a little worried that I'm not sure what all they've been putting into it. Should I mix it with a manure compost or something else?

Looking forward to hearing from others!
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I've got my two Earthboxes almost ready to plant. I was going to do them, but I think I'll wait until tomorrow. I've got tomato plants and want to get peppers and some other veggies and herbs. I've got a Home Depot gift card that I think I'll use to buy a City Picker, or two. I can't plant in the ground and I've had more luck with self-watering units.

My kids, and their friends, had duels with my garden stakes, so I'm going to have to get a bunch of those. Darn.
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Hi there!  A little about my garden - I actually have a decent sized yard for living in the middle of the city, but a tiny proportion of that is in full sun thanks to a giant oak tree in the back of our lot (blessing/curse).  So, I have a few 3 x 3 raised beds in my one sunny spot and I do the best I can.


This weekend was finally spring here in Wisconsin.  I planted some spinach amongst the garlic, some carrots, broccoli, kale, and a handful of radishes since I'm the only one who likes them.  Oh, and some garden peas and sugar snap peas.  Those I grow up trellises in the back to make room in the front for smaller things.


I still need to craft or buy a trellis for my cucumbers that won't get planted for a few weeks yet.  In an attempt to curb the crazy vines this year, I'm trying a patio snacker variety to save some room.  In front of those I might get some onion sets, we enjoyed having fresh onions around last year.


I'll buy some pepper and tomato plants to put in pots on the patio later in May too.  Oh, and some herbs.


My bigger challenge besides the sun is keeping our very bold rabbits out (and chipmunks, and birds...).  I started building some cedar and chicken wire fence panels for my beds last summer, but I need some more built to complete all the squares.  I could just throw up some rolls of chicken wire, but my panels look a little neater.  Since our garden is right next to our back door and our patio, it's nice to keep it looking tidy.  They're nice for taking a panel out for easier weeding and slipping it back in too.


I've tried mixing veggies in with my flowers in the front, as there are a few isolated sunny spots there, but it's always a huge challenge keeping the critters away from the pumpkin plant here and there or whatever.  Part of it is my vanity, I don't want little ugly fences around them in my front yard.  Any suggestions are welcome.  :)

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Nice to find this group. I have a small backyard with a bunch of containers and some edge borders. I've been quite successful with tomatoes, courgettes (that's zuchini's to Americans), green onions this year. Also managed some potatos. 


One thing I'd love to add is a cherry tree in a pot. Anyone have any experience of this? 

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