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Pot... What do you think?

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I recently tried MJ oil to help me sleep. Relatives and friends swear by it and it definitely helps. It helps me stay calm around the time the kids go to bed and helps me drift off to sleep easily. Also when I wake in the middle of the night I can easily drift back off again. That's about it though. It seems to be an excellent pain reliever too. I do not smoke it but was looking for a natural sleep aid, relaxant and it certainly does the job! Im bot using it to get high or anything. I don't understand why it's illegal. Makes me mad. Thoughts?
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I am not a smoker, or a consumer of pot.  I dislike the effects, but I am glad that WA state passed it's recent laws to decriminalize small quantities of pot.  I predict in 20 years this is going to be a non-issue.  I think it's a lot of effort on the part of law enforcement for nothing.  Or, would be nothing if it were legal.  

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It just irritates me that it's such an excellent remedy for so many things with few side effects but its illegal. I think it's safer to use than alcohol and alcohol is legal! What gives? Anyone else use it medicinally?
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I watched this documentary  on PBS and was blown away by all the things that it can do.  Of course a couple of the things they talk about are things that affect me directly.  At this point, it's illegal, so I wouldn't use it, because I am married to a law enforcement officer.  If it was legal, I would definitely look into it further for health reasons.  To be honest, in college I tried it a few times, and I'd rather drink for recreational reasons! 

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I used it recreationally in college and It honestly didn't do much for me but I'm sure it was a lousy grade. I live in a state that has decriminalized it for adults.
I'd love to hear more about ingestion as I sleep like crap.
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If I could get cannabis pills from a legit pharmacy without needing a special permit, I'd probably try it for my sleep troubles. As it is, I'm going to try using a hormone pill that the FDA doesn't have much control over because a legal technicality allows it to be classified as a "supplement." Previously, I tried a prescription drug with a known tendency to cause hallucinations and drug-seeking behavior, but I stopped because it made me strongly consider suicide. I'm not sure why either of those things are considered a better idea than pot.

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I'll never use pot again (negative assocations, because of my ex-husband), but I strongly support legalization. I think the war on drugs is an abject failure, and see no rational reason for it to even apply to pot in the first place.

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Except for the ex thing smile.gif ITA with storm bride. I think it can be a great thing for some medicinally, and fine for many recreationally. Someday, I think it will be decriminalized or legal in small amounts most places. Then it will be a non issue.

When you think of all the money that has been wasted on the "war on drugs" and all the revenue the gov't could be taking in by regulating legal MJ use with taxes. Sheesh, it makes me shake my head.
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I agree with Storm Bride too. I won't ever smoke it again (although I can't say I'd never use it in pill form if it was medically applicable), but it should absolutely be legal. 

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It's way different when you eat it. I eat the same amount each day and it doesn't really hit me until 2-3 hours after I ingest it. It is simply like taking a relaxant and pain pill and sleep aid all at once with no side effects except Great sleep! Pretty amazing stuff. I won't smoke it because when I did many years ago I felt paranoid and felt like my heart was pounding. I don't feel that way at al with ingesting it
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Originally Posted by MrsBone View Post

It's way different when you eat it. I eat the same amount each day and it doesn't really hit me until 2-3 hours after I ingest it. It is simply like taking a relaxant and pain pill and sleep aid all at once with no side effects except Great sleep! Pretty amazing stuff. I won't smoke it because when I did many years ago I felt paranoid and felt like my heart was pounding. I don't feel that way at al with ingesting it


That's interesting, that ingesting it doesn't make you feel paranoid. I haven't smoked any, but I have a hunch I'd be the 'gets paranoid' type. Some day after the kids are out of the house, dh and I agree we'll give it a try. 


"I remember when Buzzfeed was just something I did in college around 2a.m."   Well okay then, Mr. President!  lol.gif

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I don't use it but I favor legalization, too. For me, the few times I tried it, it made me very hungry then super sleepy -- not my cuppa.

If alcohol, which has very negative effects for many people (causing deaths, injuries, violence), is legal, why shouldn't pot (whose worst effect is making you lazy and stupid) be legal. Life is hard and many people need and will find a way to relax quickly. I think many people would quit liquor if pot were legal. And the American culture would be a lot friendlier, less violent a s a result.

Plus, I think many people could lessen or get off all those big pharm drugs like antidepressants and opiates-- which can have neg side effects.

At this point, I seriously can't understand WHY it is illegal. Is it because alcohol and big pharm lobbyists are preventing it?? I feel like I am missing something.

I would like to see the pot trade taxed and put towards preschool through university education.
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I don't use it, but I would if it was legal. I have a phobia about illegal drugs being imported in someone's body cavities lol
I'm interested in how people go about eating it... How much do you eat? What part of the plant? Does it have to be fresh? Do you just eat it like lettuce?
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If it weren't illegal, it would likely be a positive part of my life, recreationally. I far prefer a smokeless option as an alternative to the common glass of wine during dinner, for instance. I really wish I could find some way to enjoy it without putting self and family in legal jeopardy. Alcohol is not something I enjoy, though I did very much, pre-kids. I am grossed out by my own breath and mentality after just one drink of alcohol. I could easily see myself enjoying a mellow cup of canabis or indica tea once I am home for the evening. Sounds blissful and restorative, not to mention the fun I would have with bedtime routine. smile.gif i am against smoking around kids, but not opposed to very moderate smoking of organic tobacco and/or weed away from their little noses. I would like to see moderate indulgence being less demonized in general. So many things are bad for us in various ways, but no one gets punished for feeding their kids happy meals on a regular basis. Why should I be perceived as evil and trashy for moderate use of tobacco or weed when it is used safely and responsibly?
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I wouldn't use it personally because I'd be worried about its appetite-stimulating effects. I'm sure I'd  benefit from being more relaxed and in less pain, but I also need to lose weight, and an herb that stimulates the appetite is probably NOT a good choice for me personally.


But I'm 100% in favor of it being legalized. The reasons for its prohibition are political, not based on science or public health.

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Pot makes me feel like my throat is closing up and super paranoid.. Im not a regular consumer but in the past I discovered if I took a very small amount I was fine and liked the feeling. I also found that I went into cleaning mode when paired with alcohol.
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I don't get an appetite at all while using it. I get that from alcohol! I just want to hang out and go to bed shortly after it kicks in. A good thing for me since I'm a habitual night owl by nature.
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To eat it you have to turn it into pot butter. I use coconut oil.
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I know that self-medicating with illegal drugs isn't exactly what people mean when they say "medicinal use" but that's what I did, and I can't say I recommend it.

I have mild bipolar disorder, but before I knew that, I was using marijuana to get through the depressive periods. I would have called myself a recreational user then, but I know now what was really going on. As soon as the depression lifted, I'd stop using it an actually stopped enjoying it's effect. Then, I'd hit a rough patch and start using it again to just feel good, relax and get some sleep.

I was smoking it, and I definitely gained weight during those periods because it made me crave the worst sweets and heavy foods.

Also, I can't say I recommend it for depression because while it did make me feel better, it also made me lethargic and unproductive which sometimes fed back into why I felt bad in the first place.

I say all of this because I do think it's important to remember that just because it can't kill you and because it has some benefits, it isn't harmless.

I wish I had sought out real help instead of smoking through my struggles for so many years!!


I still support legalization, medical use under the care of a licensed provided educated in MMJ, and recreational use in moderation. I can certainly attest to the fact that it wasn't addictive, and when legal, it is available in safer forms than raw plants for smoking, which is best for MMJ use.

I live in Colorado, and totally voted in support of all forms of legalization, support it's regulation, and will vote for the taxing of it this fall.

I am so lucky it's illegality never caught up with me when I was younger!
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Just skimming the other comments:


1) Pot never gave me the munchies. That always fascinated me, because I'm very prone to emotional eating, and get "the munchies" for lots of reasons. Pot just didn't do it.


2) Pot did, eventually, start to make me a bit paranoid - mostly just a strong feeling that everyone knew how wasted I was (which they probably did), but also occasional feelings that people were plotting against me and such. It's the biggest reason I quit.


3) Pot made me really, really sleepy. I have all kindleep issues, and that's the only thing that appeals to me about pot now. smile.gif Back in the day, when I was hanging with friends, it was a PITA.


4) I self-medicated for depression with pot. Like cynthiamoon, I didn't really realize it at the time, but it's very clear to me now. I was somewhat lethargic on pot, but I'm not really a go-getter type, anyway, and the lethargy wasn't severe (it wasn't uncommon for me and some friends to smoke a few joints, then go for a walk or hike, for instance). I don't believe I'd have lived to adulthood without pot. So...while I have issues with he stuff now, I'm grateful for what it did for me way back when, yk?

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