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Help finding a Dr. for my daughters Tourettes

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My daughter has just turned 6 years old and has also been diagnosed with what they "believe" to be tourette's. Are first step was getting her a referral to see a neurologist. When I finally received the referral to Rady's children's hospital in San Diego, they told me the earliest she can be seen is early June. 


Since my daughter has presented with this I have been reading and researching and know that I want to have her seen by a Dr. that specializes in environmental and homeopathic treatment. I want to find out what is causing the Tics, not just treat them with a medication. I want to help her in finding out if this is a food sensitivity, allergy, environmental cause or stress. 


The problem is I am having a hell of a time finding a Dr. on the Internet. There are so many claiming to be part of this spectrum but look more like an advertisement for women to loss weight and acupuncture. If anyone in the southern California area has any helpful suggestions please share. Or, if anyone knows where I can go to find a list of Dr. that specialize in this type of treatment please reach out.

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Hello, I am not in your area, but have you checked with your insurance provider?  Usually they will tell you some about the dr.s in their plan and then you can check for availability.  You could also ask in the tribal area for those that are familiar with your local options.  

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I suggest starting with the National Tourettes Association http://tsa-usa.org/ and look for the group in your area. I don't know that they have referrals, but hopefully they have support groups, and there I would think you can get some real information from other parents.


My 10 year old was diagnosed with TS last year but the tics weren't her biggest problem so we didn't pursue it. They are full blown now and so we are reaching out locally. Haven't found a support group yet but we are going to a family camp for a weekend in June. The tics are pretty intense and it sounds like there is a lot of support. 


I wish I had suggestions for you but don't know anything about any treatments. Early June is not too bad; when it comes to referrals for some of these special needs evaluations sometimes they are much much longer. It's horrible to wait though. Hope you find something soon - good luck to you.

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