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Question re: infant advice

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I had NO idea where to post this, so I hope this is okay.


A few months ago, I did my re-certification for CPR and First Aid - with a different instructor than I had the first time. The woman we had instructing us is a very ... "home-grown" woman. (I don't know how to explain it to people who aren't from our area! We have a very high rate of people believing old wives tales and other weird things... I had a highschool science teacher try to convince us that writing on our hands with pen could be poisonous because the ink would soak into our bloodstream. WTF?)


ANYWAY - this paramedic-and-first-aid-instructor told us to never tickle a baby's feet, because it will overstimulate them (or something) and KILL them.


Has anyone else ever heard this!? I actually LAUGHED because it sounds so RIDICULOUS, but she was all  "NO! I'm serious! It happens!"

I haven't had the chance to actually ask a medical professional about it, and my late-night brain just remembered it, so I thought I'd ask here.

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That's a new one! Everyone tickles baby feet; if that were true the world population would be drastically reduced. wink1.gif
I'll have to ask this lady I work with just for kicks...she told me to NEVER climb stairs pregnant because my uterus WOULD rupture. And she had 7 kids. Those must have been loooong pregnancies sleeping on the sofa!
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Ha! I just Googled this, and some people apparently think it will cause your baby to develop a stutter, or delay them walking. Other people say it will cause "fits" (I think they mean seizures from context) because babies can't laugh when you tickle them. One person even claimed it would cause epilepsy! She had a very psuedo-scientific sounding answer, but I can't find anything from any reputable source supporting that.
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It was just so completely ridiculous that I *had* to ask - she sounded so convinced! Good to know that my Google skills aren't betraying me here, haha. 
Oh the things people will say and believe...

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I did learn in my hypnobirthing class to not use light touch massage on infants, as their CNS isn't fully developed or something.
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