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How did you all announce to friends and family?
Last time I was so excited that it got blurted out on FB really early, then I told my family casually after dinner one day and my husband's family we did a "big sister" shirt on the older kid.

This time I've told a few close friends and I have a picture of me at Disney with a "congratulations" button that says "I'm pregnant" holding up three fingers, but I'm not sure how to announce to family. I'm fairly sure my side of the family will not approve as there haven't been any more than two children per family for many generations and with the second they already were telling me that I would have my hands full. My husband's family will probably be a little more excited, but my husband is being a spoil sport on my idea for them (I wanted to take them to Dave and Busters this weekend and go into the big photo booth they have and then blurt it out instead of "say cheese" and have the pictures of the reaction)...instead he wants to get the pizza place to somehow write it on a pizza, but I think that's not going to work. Idk. Ideas?

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You're so cute! We are really lame and just call close family and friends. Everyone else finds out through the grape vine or sees me with a belly.
I would do the picture thing. That sounds hilarious! I don't know how they would write it on a
Pizza either? Could you put it on a cake instead?
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That's my alternative. He's claiming money is the issue, but I think he's just being lame. My other idea was to give them a big present that was a box full of pink and blue balloons with a "we're pregnant" sign tied to the bottom. He didn't like that either.

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The best I can come up with is a facebook status orngtongue.gif I thought it would be fun to get each boy to hold a number sign and then put a 4 on my belly for a picture?
But honestly...what I think is going to happen is my MIL or SIL will ask if I am pregnant soon and I will just have to say yes. That's boring!
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We did it the boring way...lol...and just told everyone. It was a BIG surprise to them all since I'm 43 and we've said we were done. I thought I would get a negative reaction, so when I told my parents I called them (even though they live next door lol) and said I had some news, and that I wasn't sure how they'd feel about, so I was going to tell them and then go to the grocery store and we could talk more when I got back....lol.....so I told my mom, and she was surprised but not badly so. Then they came over later and were happy about it. Everyone is concerned about me, because of my age and prior BP issues, but they're excited about another baby in the family.


I love the balloons idea, so cute!

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I put this on facebook :)

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Last time I was doing a Project365 and posting it on Facebook. That day I put up a photo of the pregnancy test, along with a note about only wanting to hear positive reactions. My family has never once been happy to hear that I was pregnant, and I got sick and tired of hearing about it. I ended up being glad that no one said anything awful to me, because it turned out I had a blighted ovum. greensad.gif

This time, with the people that we've told, we just told them. When we're ready to tell the kids, maybe we will find some cute / fun way to spring it on them. DH and I LOVE to surprise our kids and play nice jokes on them (like tell them very sternly that we want to talk to them in the bedroom, and then come out with a surprise gift!) With my family, I will probably just announce on Facebook again. I don't want to deal with telling anyone in person (or over the phone) and give them a chance to tell me how disappointed they are, or how they were "praying I wouldn't get pregnant" (like my grandma said when we announced our fourth!)
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Michelle- I also am worried that people will have bad things to say. Well, not "worried"...pre-annoyed? Both our sides of the fam have told us we shouldn't have more kids. It baffles me that people think they have a say. 4 kids isn't even *that* many kids anymore, at least not in our circles.
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Pixiedust - I love the shoe thing!  Can I steal it for my Facebook announcement later? I've already told close family, but something cute for the "general public" reveal would be great.


Michelle & Owl - that is so awful, that people would have negative comments!  That is never appropriate!

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I'm so bummed that I can't just tell people right away, but when you know family's reactions aren't going to be positive, you're just not in a hurry to tell!  With our 4th we told my MIL and she looked at the ground...my husband said, "Aren't you going to congratulate us?"  And she said,"Do you want me to congratulate you?  Are you happy about this?"  I was stunned.  The woman had FIVE kids herself.  Last time we told everyone on Christmas Day (which is funny b/c now I'm due Christmas Day!  I love Christmas!!), and she just got up and walked out of the room.  That was awkward.  

My own mother adores me and my children to pieces, but worries about my healthy and lack of sleep over 14 years of mothering, and the fact that we struggle quite a bit with money...I get it.  She'll say things like, "So when's he getting a vasectomy?"  Or if I'm talking about how much I love him, she'll say, "Well, don't love him so much that you end up pregnant."  She sort of chuckles but she's totally serious.  She ends up excited for us eventually, but after the 3rd she's acted so confused with the news.  

My best friend, the only person I've told besides all of you, said she'd call my mom for me if I want her to.  My mom loves this friend, and that way she could process with my friend (and not me) and express concern or have inappropriate responses to my friend (and not me)...then call me when she's ready to be nice and supportive.  Is it childish to not just talk to my own mother?  Her opinion matters so much to me- we never give up wanting our parent's approval, some of us.  

Last time we waited until 10 weeks (though nobody was really surprised as they suspected my bump)...we gave my little nephew a small soft photo album with pictures of our family, and the last page was a stork with a blanket and a question mark.  We thought it was so fun and clever, but people just weren't excited.  My kids are outgoing, gregarious, boisterous and lively, smart and crazy and amazing- I just don't think people can fathom how we could be excited about more chaos.  Maybe we are crazy!  

I'm off facebook now, but what I would post if I was still on is "Life is short.  Have six kids."  (Funny how I still think in facebook posts, it's like a disease!)

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I cannot believe that family members would say such negative comments to someone who just announced they're pregnant! That is seriously rude and inappropriate shake.gif.  I'd just wish it would become socially taboo to judge how many children (if at all) people choose to have!


crazykitty - I LOVE the photo-booth idea... that is awesome thumbsup.gif. Please convince him to do that!


Pixiedust - Cool idea with the photo. Since it will be too tricky to get everyone here in a photo-booth, I might steal your idea winky.gif


If you have a lot of time to waste, just search for "pregnancy announcement" in Pinterest. I think we'll tell close friends and family in person and may be do a photo or put up a video of DD making the announcement. My girl is talking 24/7 (even in her sleep) so I think she'll do a good job!

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Originally Posted by pixiedust View Post


I put this on facebook smile.gif

So cute!
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So, here's my DH's brilliant idea. He says we should just never tell the kids. :P When my tummy gets big, we can just tell them I'm getting fat. When the baby kicks, they're just imagining it. When I go into labor, we just tell them we're going out to dinner, and tell the teenagers to babysit. Then Grandma can just happen to stop by, and say she got a flat tire, and she's going to spend the night. Then we come home with a baby, and look! Look what Santa brought us for Christmas! :P LOL.

I would almost consider that if I wasn't so excited about telling our 4yo. wink1.gif I can't wait to tell him!

mataji4, my grandmother had four kids, but she told me that having four would put me in a mental asylum. I've always wondered if she thinks I'm not as strong as she is, or if she just hates my youngest uncle.

Really, my family's reaction is just about me not having the life they wanted for me. They wanted me to go to college and have a career. I chose teaching because it seemed like the most like what I *really* wanted -- to be a SAHM. They made me believe my real dream was impossible, so I tried their path. But I hated college, and my husband was completely supportive of me staying home with the kids (he hoped I would!) So I got what I wanted instead of what they wanted, and now they're mad. My grandmother still sends me college brochures. I'm very grateful for my in-laws, who think we're crazy but only care about our happiness. They're proud of my husband and me, and totally supportive. So when I need advice, I ask my mother-in-law instead of my mother. When we get pregnant, my mother-in-law finds out first. Because she's actually nice to me!
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I told my mom earlier today, via text. Simple. She is very excited and worried orngtongue.gif I know I have tough pregnancies and I know babies cost money, leave it to my mom to remind me! She also thinks this will be her granddaughter. (4 grandsons already...she did think all of my babies were girls though, lol)
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It sounds like we all have the same mother!  

I think raising kids is much harder than I thought it would be, and my grandmother pointed out that she wanted an easier life for me, a life that I could do things I enjoy instead of driving kids all over...but we all make our own choices and I wish they were just at least kind to me about mine!  It's not like I'm hurting anyone or am miserable.  My mom lives far from us and she's said that selfishly it's harder for her to know the kids when there are more of them.  My MIL has said that I have so much potential, that I could go back to school and do something great.  But nobody seems to be paying attention to the fact that I am doing great things- I run my own preschool and am successful, I volunteer a lot in our community and am a big networker and asset, I am totally committed to my family... I just am so confused why they can't be happy for me that I actually have the life I set out to have.  I wanted to be Ma Ingalls or Ma Walton...so nobody should be surprised!  

Well, now it's quite clear why I haven't told them yet!  : )

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Not sure how we're going to announce yet.  I'm not thrilled to be pregnant again already (was hoping to wait until the fall) and I don't want my mom to know that.  She's already critical of the fact that we use Natural Family Planning.  Although the day before I found out she did say that I could have as many babies as I wanted she just wasn't going to babysit all of them.  lol.  That is the most positive she's been.  The most anyone in my family had was 3 although I do have a cousin who's wife is now pregnant with their fourth as well so maybe that is making her realize what's bound to happen eventually.


I did buy one of those stick figure car people of a pregnant lady.  Might do a stick figure family on the van as my facebook announcement.


I *think* we are just going to call around on Mother's Day and have the youngest (will be 2 next week) get on the phone and say "Big Sister!"  I've been practicing making her say sister.  Was thinking of also posting a video on facebook of her saying it as an alternative to the stick figure family idea.

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DH has decided he can't wait to tell the kids. wink1.gif He's just too excited, and tired of not being able to talk about it! So I suggested we get a shirt for our youngest that says, "I'm going to be a big brother." We'll take him in our room, put it on him, then send him out and wait for the screams, LOL. DH loved the idea, so he's stopping on the way home from work to see if Walgreens still has shirts like that (or maybe just a white t-shirt that I can write on).
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We set up a lunch with my dad (my brother and his family kind of suck, so it's nice to not have to deal with them directly) tomorrow, and we'll just let our oldest tell him. Still haven't figured out the plan for the inlaws for Saturday...Hmmmm...

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I'm still trying to keep it under wraps, at least until the first scan, but its getting hard, and I am probably going to spill it sooner than later! You ladies are making me feel really lucky- the only thing close to negative we are going to get is worry over how I will finish my degree (a valid concern). But as I am the only person in either family having babies, everyone will be delighted. No one wanted our daughter to be an only. I'm sad for those of you who don't have total support! I have never understood the kind of judgment reserved for big families. I come from a big family, and I can't imagine my life or childhood without the happy pack of siblings to share it all with. I totally want that for my kids, and hope it happens. Bless you guys- its a form of generosity.


...What I am NOT looking forward to are the Great Name Debates. 

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michelle you guys sound like a big happy fun family smile.gif 

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