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Prometrium (Progesterone Supplement)Questions

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I am wondering if anyone else has needed to take Prometrium for a progesterone supplement early on in pregnancy?

I am 8weeks and my progesterone level is 18.5. The doctor put me on the supplement until I am 14 weeks. We had an ultrasound, saw the heartbeat (158) and was measuring right on 8 weeks.

Does anyone have any experience with how well this works? I am most worried that our baby won't "stick" however, the doctor said "see you in 4 weeks" so he didn't see too terribly concerned. Maybe it is because I don't know exactly what taking the supplement means....
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I love prometrium. Because it is disolved in oil it is one of the best bio available sources. It is a big reason as to why my son is here with me now.


I tried the 17p shot and the suppositories and did a lot of research. I think it is the best. IT might make you a little dizzy and loopy. At least it did me.


18.5 is not too bad. Make sure to wean yourself off of it. Even if the dr says just to stop I would do it gradually over the course of a week. (I had to take it my whole pregnancy)

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Not too bad....meaning, not great? I am worried it is too late for our growing baby? I don't know.... I did take the first dose, I need to take two a day, and it made me very dizzy, almost sick.
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Oh, and is it addicting or why wean?
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I took it. My progesterone was only 12 when I started at 4 weeks. I had a healthy baby boy. I weaned off at 14 weeks based on the advice of my midwife. The reason some wean off is it is said that a sudden drop in progesterone levels can trigger a miscarriage. I don't know if there is any basis to that since the placenta should be taking over hormone production by 14 weeks but I thought I would rather be safe than sorry. Congrats on the pregnancy!
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Thank you for that, oliversmommy329. I am so worried about having another miscarriage....we have two kids, two miscarriages in between those two, and now pregnant for the 5th time. I just want a healthy baby! And I was worried maybe we started too late....at 5 weeks it was tested and was 23.5, two days later it was 20.5 and now at 8 weeks it is 18.5. I am just not educated enough on it, I guess.
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18.5 sounds good to me.  I usually see people concerned when it's below 15.  Your progesterone levels change quite a bit from hour to hour during a single day, so one measurement that is different may not mean that much.  You could take it the next day and it might be higher.  I took my second dose right before I went to bed because it limited the leaking that occured.  I wore a pantyliner while I was using it.  Plus, if you take it right before you go to bed, you'll be too asleep to notice if you are dizzy.

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Leaking....you are talking like more vaginal discharge, right? I have already noticed more and it has just been one dose.
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You wean because abrupt stopping can cause cramping and bleeding which usually is harmless but for piece of kind of rather have neither. Anything over 17 is not bad. Every woman is different some women 17 is fine for a normal pregnancy. A heart beat over 140 drops your mc risk to like 4%. I agree with the take it at night. The dizziness will fade as you get used to it.
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Ok. Thanks everyone. I just hope this helps...my doctor got me pretty worried....even though he didn't seem to even bat an eye at it.
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yeah its pretty normal for them to prescribe progesterone with very very little concern for the matter, I know with your history it shard not to worry. Even if you have great progesterone with a loss history they would prescribe progesterone.

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