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okay call me naive... but why would you need a waterproof mattress pad?? baby is sleeping in the cosleeper on the side of the bed... and then briefly going to be in bed to breastfeed with me.... 



There were so many times when DS just fussed and refused to sleep at all unless he was physically touching me all night and therefore actually in our bed. Even though the crib was sidecarred. It was always those nights that his diaper would fail or as folks noted above there would be a milk puke fest.

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Or, what happened to me from night #1 is that I would fall asleep laying down nursing with my head on my pillow, and wake up in the morning refreshed and well-rested and realizing that that the baby sleeping next to me (and therefore compromising the adult-only nature of a traditional marital bed) is such a small price to pay for real rest at night.   I grew to love co-sleeping and now that my kids are nearly 8 and 10, I really really miss sleeping near them, and especially with the younger one wish to stay in his bed after he drifts off, and cuddle him through the night (older child is very cuddly too but he sleeps in a single bed which isn't as inviting, and younger DS has a queen), but my fiance prefers I sleep with him of course.  :)

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This time around I technically don't *need* anything but first time around there were a couple of essentials. Essentials to me are not necessarily basic items, maybe abit more of a luxury whereas to me basics are clothes and cloth diapers & a carseat.

Essentials: A wrap either stretchy or woven, I prefer stretchy with a newborn. You could even make one with a few yards of fabric.

A good nappy/diaper bag that doesn't pull on one shoulder. Something of reasonable size but not too big in the end you learn what you need and what you don't.

A big bed with mattress protector. And probably a spare bed for a tired you or a tired partner.
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The only essential thing I saw that you missed that I didn't see mentioned elsewhere:

Nursing pads! Unless you plan to never leave the house in the first few months and therefore don't mind leaking through your shirt. Get cloth, because the disposable promote yeast.

Diaper pail

Diaper pail liner

Wet bag

Portable changing pad

coat for baby OR coat large enough to comfortably put the baby inside with you: i prefer the latter (and for my first two didn't bother with a special baby wearing coat, though that'd definitely be warmer and more stylish)

Bag for carrying supplies on the go: I use backpacks when little and a side bag when they are old enough that I'm ready to put them on my back


Because we practice elimination communication, I consider essential:

tupper ware containers

prefold belts (the tops of flannel pants from the thrift store snipped off)

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