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A couple important questions!! Need answers ASAP

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I'm 4 cm dilated, 70% effaced, had my membranes stripped Monday. Just went to L&D today for Labor check and I wasn't in true labor yet. Well the nurse gave me a regular cervix exam and when she pulled her fingers out said she wished I had had a bloody show. My midwife says the same thing when she checks me. Well I had never once spotted or anything after a cervix exam. But about 4 or so hours after my exam today I went to go pee and I had a blood tinged mucusy stringy thing when I wiped like I lost my plug and had a bloody show. My question is if you can loose your mucus plug and have your true 'bloody show' hours after an exam? Oh and I. Have a bad lower backache and this extreme sense of my baby pushing down and I feel like I have to poo but pretty much nothing comes out. And I still feel like I have to poo. Does this spin like labor is coming soon?
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Yes! How exciting. Be sure to rest as much as you can, eat energizing foods when you're hungry, stay hydrated, and alternate lying on your left side with hip swiveling on a birth ball or standing and swaying. Follow your instincts, stay relaxed, and I'm sending you vibes for a smooth labor and birth. When you start getting achy cramps that coincide with belly tightening, that's a great sign that things are really under way. When the cramps have a definite start and end, time them. If you don't already have a contraction timing app, "Contraction Master" is great. smile.gif
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Yes, bloody show doesn't necessarily have anything to do with having an exam. Really, if it were something that was only caused by an exam, it would be awfully concerning that the exams cause something unnatural to happen. wink1.gif

And it does sound like you're getting very close! Get plenty of rest, food, water, and follow your instincts! Hopefully you'll be holding your babe soon! smile.gif
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Thank youuuu! And does sitting on the edge of my bed and bouncing work as well as a birthing ball?
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I guess that depends on whether it helps you feel better! smile.gif
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(Birthing balls are nice, but if you don't have one, don't fret. Just move your body however feels comfortable to you. You can lean over your bed, lay down, stand up and stretch, walk around, lean on your partner, dance -- whatever you feel like doing. Labor pains are different for every woman, and often different from one labor to the next, so no one can really tell you exactly how to move that will help YOU. Use whatever you have, and don't stress about what you don't happen to have.)
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Or if you have a tall set of drawers, you could rest your head and arms on it and move your hips side-to-side, or in circles. Or whatever feels good. As PP said, it's about moving your body in a way that feels natural and good, and that will help being baby down. Some people also like walking up and down stairs sideways (or not sideways). These are just some suggestions in case you're so excited that you've forgotten those practical little things that can help.

And if the pressure gets a bit intense or you're having real back pain, you can try getting down on your knees with your chest, arms, and head on a chair with pillow on the seat, a big bean bag, or couch, with your knees shoulder width apart, moving your hips in a way that feels natural. It will slow things down a bit, or of you're having back labor, relieve some of that pressure.

Other than those ideas, just go with it. It will feel powerful, and it's amazing what your body can do when you're not afraid of it and don't fight it. smile.gif
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