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5+ years between pregnancies questions....

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I've heard that if you go 5+ years between pregnancies that your body acts as if it were your first pregnancy meaning that your 2nd labor can be long or longer than the 1st.

Does anyone have experience with this?

My 1st birth was 4 hrs from start to finish and now 4.5 years later I'm pregnant again and will deliver this baby after my daughter's 5th birthday. I'm praying that since my first birth was fast that this one will be fast too.
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Huh.  I hadn't heard that.  DS will be five as well when this LO is born as well.  My midwife still told me to brace myself for a short labor since my first wasn't that bad.  We'll see, I guess!

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I haven't heard that either. I hope it's not true, as my first was 24 hours with pitocin and ending in a c-section! This is my sixth pregnancy, but my youngest is almost five. (All of my others were within two years of each other.)
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I doubt it's true for most moms. My mom had my brother and I 5.5 years apart and while he was a looong, drawn out labour, she woke up around midnight with pain and I was born before 5 am. Certainly a lot faster and easier for her. I can't speak from personal experience though, DD will be 28 months when baby #2 arrives.
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I have heard that your body kind of resets itself after a certain amount of time. It was true for my mom.  Her first three kids were within a couple years of eachother and all (including the first) were pretty fast "easy" labors.  My younger sister was born 5 years after me and it was my mom's hardest and longest labor.


But, as PPs have pointed out I think it depends on the person and the baby

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My first was a fast, crazy, insane labor that ended in an emergency c-section.  She was frank breech and this wasn't discovered until I was 9 cm dilated with no drugs.  She was nine and a half pounds, eight days early.  It was an insane experience.  My second was born six years later.  I was in labor for 36 hours, 15 of them in hospital.  I had a successful VBAC but it was long and uncomfortable, totally different that my first.  I'm due with our third in November and I don't really have any expectations for this birth but I'd rather deliver out my *ear* than have another c-section! ;)

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I'm going to have #2 six and a half years after #1, and was just talking to someone who had #2 14 year after #1, and she said her body responded just like she had done it before - her body looked pregnant quickly, and her birth smoother.  I am sure there are always exceptions, but I wouldn't expect it to be harder - I am sure not!  

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I hadn't heard that. My first labor was 3 hours, and my second one, 7 years later, was like an hour. Really short.
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My first two were 5 years apart and that was not my experience. Many things can effect labor. My son - the youngest- was the longest, but I went to labor at night with him so I was tired
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