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December 2. Guessing it's a boy!

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Hello!  I'm due 12/11 and had a dream about a week before I went to the doctor that I had a precious little girl! <3

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I'm due December 16 and I'm thinking boy smile.gif
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oops i thought that i replied...... well im due dec 13th and just found out that its a boy and my guess was girl

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My guess needs to be changed to a confirm girl!
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December 2 and I feel she is a girl!
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I'm due Dec. 6th (ish) and I'm predicting girl.

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Sorry everyone for the delay in updates but we were gone for two weeks with not much of an Internet connection! Hopefully I updated everything correctly.


I think I need to change mine to boy based on what baby showed us on the last US but I'm waiting until the 20-week Ultrasound just to be more sure. 


Anyone else found out the sex?

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Hi everyone! December 6th, thinking she will be a girl (anyone have a better way to refer to baby in conversation other than "it"??!!). But, I also keep noticing twin-things in nature *everywhere* around me. Makes me wonder..

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So, is anyone matching up predictions to the ultrasound results, yet? I'm still thinking girl, too, but I'm always wrong! 

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My DD is the 18th and I'm having a girl. Totally wrong on my feeling. So Thought I was having a boy.
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Uh oh. So far all three guesses have been wrong. Anyone finding out this week? I find out Tuesday...
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UPDATE: Due date has moved back a few days to Dec 24th. Still thinking girl smile.gif
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Due Dec 14th, its a boy!
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Well I sort of found out but we only saw something for a second so I'm waiting until next week to know for sure. And add me to all the wrong guesses, it looks like it's a boy! 

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I thought I accidentally saw that dd2 was a boy. We didn't wasn't to know. When she came out and was a girl I was so surprised.
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We have to change the due date for me, looking like the 18th, will know for sure in 3 weeks. But it is a girl, I guessed right!
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Another boy here! So many of us were wrong smile.gif

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Yep, I was wrong too. It's a GIRL!!

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