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Back labour or the beginnings of early preterm labour?

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I'm 34 weeks pregnant. Was hospitalised for 9 days for Threatened Preterm Labour back when I was 23/24 weeks. 


On Monday I had a couple of falls, I hit my 'down there' area and fell onto my hip on the bathroom floor. Have had pains on my right side since. The past couple of days I've had diarrhoea and even more pressure in my pelvis. Baby has been head-down and 'engaged' for over a week. The past 2 mornings I've also woken up feeling very nauseous. Yesterday morning I had a few tiny spots of blood in my undies, but it was such a tiny amount I brushed it off. 


All day I've had a lot of pressure 'down there' and loads of low back pain -ache- that comes and goes. This evening I started to get 'tightenings' and with each one I've also been getting low back pain and what feels like a need to go to the toilet. They aren't hugely painful, just uncomfortable. I've had 6 'contractions' in the past hour and a half. The last 3 have been much stronger than the previous 3. 


Could this be back labour? Or the beginnings of early preterm labour? Have you had back labour before? What is it like? What should I be looking out for?

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Did you consult your health care practitioner when you fell?  Have you told them about your recent symptoms?  I would encourage you to call them or labor and delivery at your hospital right away.

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i agree with pokeyAC

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Yes, I saw him the day after and he did a quick Ultrasound of baby, and baby is fine. I was told that I was just very bruised. No I haven't told them about my recent symptoms.. I decided to go to sleep, and see if the contractions were still there in the morning. Well I've been up this morning for an hour now, and there haven't been any contractions. I'm just very sore.. Should I still call my Dr?

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With your history, and with so many symptoms that sound like prelabour and early labor, YES, I'd ring. That's what they're there for! Please take it easy and drink loads of water.
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Thanks for reminding me to drink water. ^^ I got a little dehydrated today. I called the Hospital and talked to a Midwife, and since I've been having more pressure and low back pain today I have to go in shortly so they can check my cervix among other things.. I'll post again later to let you all know what happens. 

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I second the resting and drinking!  I'm glad you are feeling better and going in to get checked out.  I hope things go well at your midwife appointment today.  It sounds like you are doing what you need to do.    Take care.  hug2.gif

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Thank you pokeyAC. ^^


So sorry it's taken so long to reply! I've been very busy with getting a place, completing our parrot breeding pairs, seeing to my naughty little 2 year old, and I was in Hospital for 5 days 2 weeks ago as the Midwives/Doctors believed I was about to go into labour. Surprise! Babys still in here! >.< I'm being induced in 2 days.. so on Friday in the afternoon. [I'll be exactly 39 weeks] As baby desperately wants out, my body keeps contracting every single day all day regularly, and I'm getting worn out... but my cervix doesn't appear to be co-operating. They also estimated babys weight at 37 weeks to be 3.7 - 4kg... which for very little me is VERY BIG! Plus I had a little too much amniotic fluid in there. 


My daughter weight 4050grams [so pretty much 4kg - 8.9 pounds] when she was born and she was 10 days overdue! So my hopes for a nice small baby have disappeared out the window! Haha, fingers crossed that baby decides to make his entrance.. or rather.. departure... before Friday! :)

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I'm glad baby decided to stay in there longer.  I hope everything goes smoothly for the arrival!

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