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Positive pregnancy test, now what?

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This morning I got a positive result on a pregnancy test, which means that I'm about three and a half weeks pregnant now :-D!!!!.  I had always thought the procedure was, get a positive home pregnancy test, then call the doctor.  I assumed that it was important to A) have the pregnancy confirmed, B) have a doctor check to make sure everything was OK, C) get a prescription for prenatals (I've been taking the off the shelf prenatal for a few months now... I'm not sure if there's a difference.  I was hoping a doctor could tell me) and D) have questions answered.


I'm new to the area, and don't have a regular GYN, so I looked at my insurance companies website and found a women's health center associated with an in-network hospital.  I called them up and told them that I had a positive pregnancy test, and was simply asked, "What is your date of birth? ... How do you spell your last name? ... When was your last period?..."  After going through these, the woman simply said in a condescending tone, "You haven't even missed a period? We can't do anything until you've actually missed a period, call us back in a week or two."  She wouldn't even schedule an appointment for whenever they can "do something."


Is this normal?  Is there anything I should be doing now?  Is the positive result inaccurate because it's before my missed period?

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Do not be disheartened by the lady's response. It's their normal response because "technically" they can't consider your possibility of pregnancy yet. Don't discount the positive though! I actually had a positive home test and then a negative blood test waited a week and then got a positive blood test. Don't worry about needing to see a doctor right away either. The unfortunate truth is that if something is wrong there's really nothing your doctor will be able to do. For now, just relax a bit, eat well, don't tell family your pregnant yet and enjoy your personal knowledge of it smile.gif. I say...congrats!! joy.gif:joy
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Thank you Presslermom :-).  It's nice to know that it's a normal response, although I'd still be much happier if I could have someone with some letters after their name confirm that I'm pregnant.  Right now I just have this uneasy feeling that it isn't really true.  Although, I'd feel much worse if I got a false negative blood test, so it probably is best not to rush the process.


After I've officially missed a period, will a doctor usually schedule an appointment right away to confirm?  Or does it still take a while to get in?

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The usual first appointment is at 8 weeks. Honestly, don't worry too much about getting confirmation. Home pregnancy tests are very accurate if used correctly (and they're pretty easy to use correctly), and false positives are unlikely. My doctor doesn't even do a blood test -- he does a urine test exactly like the ones used in home pregnancy tests! wink1.gif

Over the counter prenatals are just fine. Right now, there isn't much checking the doctor could do, but around 8 weeks some doctors like to do a dating ultrasound. You should be able to see the heartbeat and the beginnings of development. It's not strictly necessary, and not all doctors do it, but some women find it comforting.
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I know exactly how you feel. This huge, amazing, life-altering this is happening to you, and people (doctors) treat it with very little fanfare. The first trimester, and even the first half of pregnancy do feel a bit slow, with very little happening in the maternity care front.

I schedule a doctor's appointment at 6 weeks (to get through that first hump of chemical pregnancy risk) to confirm pregnancy (for their purposes, not mine), they order the appropriate blood tests, (including antibody screens, and a few other things), and I get referrals for the maternity care provider I want, as well as the 12 week NT scan and associated bloodwork. I don't get dating scans, so nothing else really happens until that NT scan. Then I have my first appointment with my maternity care provider at around 14 weeks, then wait for the 18-20 week anatomy scan, and then the more regular appointments start at around 22 weeks (once a month, then once every 2 weeks in the third trimester, and then every week for the last couple of weeks).

I know you're excited and you want to get the show on the road, but it really is an exercise in patience for the first several weeks.
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The beginning of pregnancy is frustrating because until your 12 week scan nobody really does much.
My midwife didn't even give me a pregnancy test! she just trusted that I had taken one at home and it was positive!
after 12 weeks things will begin to speed up.
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Take your time now to research early testing. See how you feel about the safety if ultrasound, amniocentisis, genetic screening and feel into what you would do differently with the results. Learn about informed consent and refusal. Celebrate with yourself by taking walks with your baby and enjoying these new feelings. It is sometimes uncomfortable to not have the validation of a Drs appointment, but there isuch you can be doing. Congratulations!
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