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How to organize?

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Hey ladies! Seems like time is moving by really quickly now that I am 22 weeks.  How is everyone feeling?  I feel good! No issues to speak of but I a feeling LARGE.  I am 5 feet tall and I look like I did when I was full term with DD.  Up 11 pounds now and I was up a pound or two at this point last time so that may be why.


Anyway, I am in the beginnings of wanting to organize and nest.  We will have baby with us probably for the first year and we sleep in the basement.  I am thinking of getting a small dresser for downstairs (craigslist? but with a changing pad on top, maybe?) with extra cloth diapers, clothes, pj's but having the majority of her stuff upstairs for day time use. 


We have two bedrooms upstairs.  One will remain a guest room.  My brother just found out he is accepting a great job out here so will be moving across the country, in with us in July. (thats a whole nother story of where I will put inlaws when they will come meet baby in the fall).


The other bedroom is my DD's.  She has a small dresser and then a large closet.  I can clear out two shelves in the closet for the  new babe and have cleared out two large drawers in a dresser upstairs too.  SO.  My question is: do you think having small labeled cloth bins that can be easily pulled out of the shelves will be a good option to keep 0-3, 3-6, 6-12 clothes?  I am just not sure how to organize and I do not really want to buy any more furniture! How are you all doing it? 


I hope this post is not too confusing! I am starting to feel a bit overwhelmed.  I know it will be different this time, having a 3 year old running around, my brother living with us and my husband only taking 2 weeks off.  last time, it was so peaceful after the  birth.  My husband had 7 weeks off and we chose to travel back east with our DD at 4-6 weeks for everyone to meet her.  This time, we are asking people to come to us but now that my brother will be living with us, it will just be different.  This is my last baby and I just hope I can still find the peace and time to enjoy it all!

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I think the labeled soft bins would work fine. Though I am picturing that it might be easier if it was type of clothes versus the size of them. Like onesies in one bin sleepers in another and little outfits or whatever in the third. I would likely just put two sizes at most in at a time. Good luck with it all.
My DS has been using the convertible crib and dresser which is also the change table. We have gotten him a whole new bed set. Baby will have the crib etc in his room. Though I may have the crib in our room for the first while if I am not able to get a cheap bassinet.
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I second the above, just keep what fits out in the small bins with the next size up easily accessible in larger totes or something when the time comes to switch it out.


Someone gave us one of those giant combination dresser/changing table/bookshelf thingies.  It has been through four children but just needs some drawers re-glued, I'm so happy with it!  It will be in our room until baby moves out, luckily we have the space in there.  I'm hoping all the diapers and most of the clothes will fit in it if we keep it simple.


We side-car the crib for a good long while, so baby won't even have her own room until much, much later.  That's when the wild rumpus will start and everything has to move around...no more guest bedroom in our house after that...

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I love keeping most of the stuff on the main floor.


What works for us is having the current size in the dresser, the next size up in the bottom drawer (stacked by type, I hate bending, so I rarely use the bottom drawer) and a handy too small bin to put stuff away as i am folding laundry or putting the clothes that fit back in the dresser. I would have at least to 6 month clothes sorted and ready to easily pull out.


In your room, you may not need much. We clear out part of a dresser drawer but since we spend most of our time on the main floor, that is where most of the clothes will go. You can have a change pad on the dresser, or just toss a change pad/blanket on your bed and changed there. Have a pail/wet bag handy.


How is your brother with DD? With the second, I was good with the baby and needed help with entertaining the big kid, and all the housework cooking stuff. Even with all the chaos (we moved three weeks earlier) it was much calmer in a way because I was calm and felt like I knew what I was doing.


How long is your inlaws visit?

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Thank you for the suggestions. I have bins and bins of stuff to go through and that need to be organized better. I am having another girl but born in different seasons.  Thinking about trading in some clothes at a local resale store.


My DD co-slept with us for 13 months so I am not even worrying about crib situation yet and the girls will share a room eventually, which is nice.


My brother is 30 years old, nurse practitioner, gay, not used to being around kids a lot but loves her dearly.  It will probably be an adjustment for him ;) He will probably only live with us for 2-6 months so he can transition and take his time looking for a place. He is coming out one month before i am due and my DD's Montessori school is closed the month of August so I think it will be nice to have an extra hand around.


My inlaws can only come for a week so I will probably give them the guest room and he can sleep on the couch or a blow up mattress. 

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