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Is anyone else nesting yet? I think I've started already, and it's something I never had with my last pregnancy. I'm being far more productive than usual and have been cleaning and tidying things I usually ignore. My fiance thinks it's great. For some reason I thought it started way later in pregnancy but there we go! I hope it continues throughout my pregnancy, then I'll get loads done.

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These days I am constantly tidying, which is not my thing at all, but this may just be my way of procrastinating on the studying I have to do.
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I haven't had the crazy urge yet to clean out the cabinet above the exhaust fan in the kitchen or anything. We've been slowly cleaning up and organizing closets and rooms but nothing extraordinary.

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It seems to happen closer to 28 weeks, so I might just be early!

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I'm starting to really feel the urge!!!! The mess everywhere from being super sick during the first 16 weeks or so is still hanging around the house and I feel a crazy urge to CLEAN everything!!! Yet I still run out of energy too soon to truly make a meaningful dent greensad.gif
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Me me me!  My house has been reasonably clean for almost a month straight now. That *never* happens, so I recently realized that it's the 'mones.  Love it!  So does hubbeh.


I will probably start cleaning the shower curtain rings sometime soon.

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LetniaLynne; I have the same problem with energy. I want to get everything done, but the lack of energy always stops me from doing as much as I plan to do.

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I definitely have not started nesting yet, but holy crap, my wife has. She's done serious deep cleaning and projects around the house, scheduled a friend to help her paint our living room and dining room, did a lot of maintenance on my car, made arrangements to buy a stash of second-hand cloth diapers and picked out a lot of crochet/knitting/sewing patterns. I am like "Maybe I should take a nap. Or eat a fifth meal." 

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Wow, your wife is hardcore!

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i've been nesting probably even before getting pregnant :P. slowly, DF is catching up to me and has started cleaning more or less regularly, along with cooking and doing dishes and all that smell-related stuff i can't do anymore since m/s hit.

we finally found a place yesterday and were approved today, so we can start moving our stuff hopefully this weekend! i'm so happy we will have a great home when the baby comes. i'm envisioning building a nursery too, thinking about painting the walls or buying wallpaper. i just want it to be really homey finally! we might plan this next place a bit more than our last places in terms of where to put the furniture and stuff, since we should have about a month to move!


EDIT. oh, and i should add to that that we're both very chaotic. so this nesting thing is very necessary for us!!

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vc2013; I'm glad you finally found a house, that must have taken away a lot of worries.

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I think part of the problem for me is that we have so much clutter to still get rid of or organize that I just can't picture having a nursery. I like the idea of making a room for the baby but realistically he's going to sleep in our room for the first six months or so. And frankly I find our guest room kinda depressing, there's not a lot of good light in there during the day. Maybe I need to look into getting some different drapes and a few nice lamps.

I've got a trip to Denver planned in June, by which time I'm thinking I'll be more into it and we can swing by Ikea and some other furniture stores, the choices here in town are... ugh.

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My house is cluttered as well!!! We have been purging for the past 3 years or so but when 3 families move under one roof and you throw a divorce in there the amount of stuff you have is insane!!!! I think I can see a bit of the light at the end of the tunnel in the next 2 months so I'm hoping to be able to think about the new baby come July.

A really awesome thing happened this week!!! My mom paid a group of cleaners $100 to come clean my kitchen and 2 bathrooms from floor to ceiling!!!! They look and smell amazing. I love my mom!!
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I am definitely nesting. I am always prone to spurts of cleaning craziness, but it is constant right now. 

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I'm slowing getting into nesting. I've purged my closet and DH's closet and want to tackle the garage soon so we can have a yard sale. In the first trimester before morning sickness hit I rearranged my kitchen cabinets so that is done. :-)
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I pretty much gutted the house today. I had the afternoon to myself, and spent the entire time tidying which is not like me at all!

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i got rid of about 70% of my clothing and 80% of my shoe collection. i mowed the lawn. i tried to get rid of 50% of my books but i don't think i did more than 30%. i will have to do a second and third pass on book reduction. my wife is painting the living room and dining room this week -- this is basically the entire main "living area" of our house, so it's a huge project. i'm sad to admit i am not much help to her at all.

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It sounds like you're making a good start! I'm sure you'll get more motivation as you progress in your pregnancy.

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I hope so!! I'm afraid I'm going to go from "no energy" to "too huge to vacuum" pretty quickly!
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Starting to feel the urge. I'm going to wash the burner reflectors on the stove today. smile.gif They've been grimy and nasty forever but today seems like the perfect day to wash them! I'm also thinking of cleaning out the pantry and vacuuming it out.

Then I think I'll re-prioritize the house project list and maybe start researching carpet options.