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Ow my aching tooth

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I'm about 9 weeks pg, and my tooth is killing me. It's kind of on and off...seems to hurt more after I eat certain dense breads.  I've been told I have decay in that tooth, so it's probably not a "gum" pain but an actual tooth pain. Any experience with this?  I'm trying to figure out if I can wait a few more weeks before getting it treated so I can be in the 2nd trimester.  Any btdt?  I've started rinsing with salt water, anything else I can be doing while I wait?


Also wanted to add that this tooth has a silver filling, and quite a big one ... so not sure if that adds to the concern if mercury is released while taking the existing filling out.

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The filling would release some dust and particles into the air when it is drilled out.  Your dentist may be able to use a dental dam to less the amount of chemicals and such that end up in your mouth while they are working on your tooth.  I would call your dentist and ask them about it.  They often only want to work on you if it's really important, and pain is not good.  They may also want to make sure it is ok with your OB or midwife.  I hope it feels better soon.

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My dentist wanted to wait until the second trimester to fill mine, just to be safe! Obviously if you're having pain that would certainly be an emergency and I would give them a call! Good luck, I hope you find some relief soon!!
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If I were you I would go to a dentist for an exam and go from there. 

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Thanks everyone.  I have an appt with the dentist on Monday.  I have xrays from a couple of months ago, so hopefully I won't need new ones.  Weirdly, the tooth stopped bothering me.  I don't know if it's a combination of gum inflammation from pregnancy and a cavity, or what.  I just flossed really well, and it seemed to relieve the pressure ... and the next day it seemed almost ok, as long as I don't eat anything that starts packing in there.  I can feel something weird if I touch the tooth with my toothbrush, so definitely something is going on, but maybe I can wait until 15 weeks or so.  Just weird that the whole area was throbbing, and now it feels fine.

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Teeth are so complicated greensad.gif take care of yourself!
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