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So, I've been putting off learning about vaccinations and delayed schedules because I didn't think I needed to quite yet.

However, there appears to be a break-out of whooping cough in the area, and since I spend a lot of time around kids and teachers, I am getting a lot of pressure suddenly to take this vaccine.

According to the health center website where I'd be getting it, I am in the window of recommended time in pregnancy to get it. They say it will pass on to the baby and make her immune too for a while, so I know it's safe by those standards.

My question is if this is one of the controversial vaccines out there, and if so, what evidence is there that it might be one to avoid?

Is anyone else in an area near a recent outbreak an being pressured to get this vax?
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I think all vaccines can be controversial depending on who you ask.  smile.gif  I had mine a while ago so it's not an issue for me.  But I do remember some conversation about the flu shot a few months ago.  There were 2 different versions. I think one had thimerosal and the other didn't.  But I just found this link and it says the pertussis vaccines don't contain thimerosal.  So that isn't an issue.  However, the page I just mentioned said it should be given after birth.  It doesn't mention during pregnancy.  That would be something to look into further.  Have you ever had a vaccine for whooping cough?  Have you been tested for immunity?  I know I had some blood tests early on that looked for immunity to diseases like rubella.  Perhaps you could have a test to see if you are already immune.  I think there have been outbreaks in our area, and I had DW get the vaccine so we would both be covered.

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Good point, I wasn't sure if that was the case, or if certain vaccines had earned worse reputations than others. Seems like it's both. I will ask about testing, but I missed a lot of vaccines in early adulthood out of negligence, rather than morals, so if they needed to be updated at all, I'll need to do that again. 



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