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Solution for persistent blackheads

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I'm 25 and have struggled with acne my entire life, exacerbated by poor diet, birth control pills, and pregnancy. After changing my lifestyle and nutrition, I've seen huge changes in my skin. I still have a few pimples once in awhile, but nothing compared to the past. I'm almost content with my skin now, even though it carries quite a bit of scaring. My major irritation is the blackheads! They are so prevalent on my t-zone. I even get them on my shoulders and chest area (yuck!). I have no idea how to get rid of them? Does anyone have any topical or nutritional advice on how to lessen their appearance? 

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I just decided to tackle this. THe products I have been using have been working. But are a little expensive.

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Oil Cleansing Method. Jojoba for the face and castor for the body. Lately I've been using argan oil as a facial moisturizer and I'm thrilled with it. Fresh crushed pineapple mixed with raw honey makes a great mask. I also like green classy and water for a mask. I no longer use any commercially prepared products except for Bronner's plain soap and my skin is great!
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I make a paste out of baking soda and water and rub that on my blackheads (actually all over my face, but not for those who are sensitive). I do it about every other day. For me, I really just needed good exfoliation.


I second the oil cleansing method, that works really well for a lot of people. Sadly after multiple attempts of using it for months I have decided it's not working for me.

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I tried OCM for a long time and found it to be tedious with little improvement in my overall skin tone. I've also tried baking soda and found that my skin became rough very quickly. I use it once in awhile over my t-zone for a quick exfoliation, but not any more than once a week. I have to admit, lately I've just been scrubbing my face with warm water and a wash cloth because I don't have time/energy for any more. My face looks just as good either way.... *shrugs*

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