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Homemade Shampoo

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I've tried the "No-poo" method, and I just don't have the persistence for it. I've also tried a homemade shampoo made from watered down castile soap and a splash of olive oil. This works kind of, but really tends to leave my hair feeling waxy. Does anybody have any recipes for a homemade shampoo?

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bump.gif Bumping up your post! Anyone have a recipe to share?

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No recipe here :( I tried one similar to yours, no luck. Tried castile soap and acv rinse (technically a no poo method I guess) and no luck. Natural shampoo and conditioner is okay...just okay.


Why do you think no-poo doesn't work for some?

I tried it for a couple months, and have some lousy Christmas pictures to prove it. I would take a break from it when it still hadn't worked, and try again for a month or so. I think I tried 3 times. I've used baking soda with acv rinse, castile soap with acv rinse, my homemade "shampoo bar" soap recipe with acv rinse, and my homemade olive oil soap...no luck with anything.


I also tried using more and less apple cider vinegar in my rinse, I found that when I used less I was less greasy, but it still wouldn't work. And I would scrub good, rinse good, use acv, rinse good.


I have long, thick, wavy hair. I wouldn't call myself a greaseball, but I have to wear second day no-wash hair up or it's kinda icky looking.

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Thanks for replying, CLplus1. I feel the same way you do! I enjoy making most of our products, but I just can't get the hair thing to work out! I have to wash my hair every day using natural shampoos/conditioners -- wouldn't it be lovely if I didn't because I found some perfect homemade shampoo/conditioner!? Wishing someone out there had the solution??? :D

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I seem to be OK using Dr Bronners as a shampoo but I still need to use a natural conditioner and something very acidic in combination to avoid the greasy hair. I have been using Dr. Bronner's conditioner with some nature's gate conditioner. Using Dr. Bronner's conditioner or acv along made me greasy too. I came from using a gentle shampoo and a conditioner with no cones in it so I was expecting an easier transition but no luck.

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Not a recipe, but I got this shampoo bar from the farmer's market a few weeks ago and I'm loving it so far!  I wash my hair once or twice a week and haven't had it get extremely greasy...might be worth a shot :)  



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