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Pug mommas

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Anybody here have a wrinkly faced wonderful little snorter? I am looking to get a pug, I am in the midwest and I wanted to know if there was any rescues around Chicago, IL or any tips on pug having.



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I can't believe there are no pug mamas!!!?? They are just about the cutest dog!

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Awww, this reminds me of PugMadMama.  She loved her pugs.

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I kind had forgot about this. Pugs are just too cute. :D I wish I could have talked with PugMadMama.

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I had a pug for almost 13 years, she passed away about 10 years ago. She was the sweetest little dog, very playful and energetic when she was younger (but not neurotic), loved attention, definitely a lap dog, her favorite activity was playing tug-of-war with her rope toy (she was so funny, saying grrrr and shaking her head from side to side lol), she was also smart and learned tricks easily, I really have no complaints about her. They snore loud, that is the only real potential negative, they can be hard to sleep next to at first but you can adapt. They are prone to respiratory issues due to their pushed in nose so keep them warm (but not too warm, they dont do well in super hot climates), clean (make sure to clean out their face folds regularly), and keep their environment clean of dust and allergens. You dont need to be super anal, just a bit mindful is all. You also need to watch their weight because if they gain too much they can have back problems. She was great with kids, tolerant of cats and timid around dogs. I highly recommend having a pug as a pet, they are delightful. I've thought about getting a new pug, it'll happen at some point i'm sure.

Heres some websites that will help you find a pug:
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I have a pug! He is fantastic, we got him as a rescue and couldn't be happier with him in our lives.


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