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A Saner TTC-The Pink Moon

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AKA the sprouting grass moon and THE EGG MOON love.gif that sounds like just the kind of good ju-ju we all need thumb.gif

Happy Full moon ladies! I may be a day late, but I'd like to think I'm not a dollar short winky.gif


Hello all and welcome!

The original "Sane 2ww" thread was started by zenquaker. This is a continuation of the "Sane 2ww" thread and we felt "A Saner TTC" was a natural evolution. We will start a new thread each new moon and name it for the upcoming full moon.

Here's the gist of the original thread: this is a space to re-conceive the 2ww as a time of waiting and contemplation. Although we don't judge those who wish to poas frequently, symptom-spot, or do chart analysis, this a space set apart from that activity. We share our thoughts about other ways to approach the 2ww and all parts of our cycles. We encourage each other to feel our feelings fully and to greet all possible outcomes with openness.

We hope you'll join us.




Hi everybody!! wave.gif  Feels so good to have a clear enough head to start our new thread & jump back in here.


FaithRising-Congrats on the house. That is SO awesome!!  joy.gif  and I'm not sure what to make of your ummmm interesting symptoms...it might just be one of those wait and see kinds of things... headscratch.gif


Mamacat-OMG those brownies look AmAzInG!!! I will make it my duty to figure out how to make them GF. I already have a super awesome fudgey brownie recipe that I make to sell, and I have an amazing GF choc chip recipe so steps 1 & 2 of my evil plan are complete... 


Sooooo...the twists & turns in this path never cease to amaze me...last you all heard I thought it was over w/DP and I was super not excited to be contemplating donors again. Wednesday night after a full day of work I was home and really missing DP. I had been thinking about him all day & really just wanting to connect with him, so I texted him which made me melt down all over again. So I was sitting here crying my eyes out IMing w/my best friend and experiencing this huge internal tug of war over what to do when she asked me, "what does your heart want?" To which I replied, "I really just want to go over there and snuggle and connect w/him". (but he hadn't texted me back and there was no way I was going to drive 30 minutes & show up unannounced-not good things have happened in the past when I've done that w/other lovers...) So I sat here willing him to reply Sheepish.gif which he finally did and of course wanted me to come over-cuz he's wonderful like that. So long story short we had a really great time reconnecting and just kind of reveling in our deep heart connection and even though we don't really know how the issue at hand is going to work out. I think we're back on track, cuz we're both seeing that our hearts can't really go without one another's now that we've finally found each other & been through a couple days of thinking that connection was gone. Whew! So sorry to drag you all along on my crazy roller coaster ride this week. Hopefully that will be the last ride for that one...

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Hmmm, there's many a woman that certainly has very pronounced breast changes before getting a BFP faithrising soooooo, could be something fingersx.gif or could just be happening to drive you out of your mind with the "Am I?!" Is it possible these things have occurred before but now b/c you're TTC they're really catching your attention? I wouldn't think too much of the left breast pain just yet also.

Thanks so much for the new thread prescott! Love the theme love.gif . Oh I'm so happy you and DP found your way back to each other happytears.gif . Whatever happens at least ya'll can ride the crazy together. And pleeeeeeease, work some eveels on those brownies! drool.gif B/c I'm going to seriously hurt myself when I get around to making these eat.gif .
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Thanks so much for the new thread prescottchels!  I have to admit that I got goosebumps when I saw the title.  I'm feeling very lucky....


mamacatsbaby - slutty brownies are one of my favorite things.  When my best friend and I get together, they are always on the menu.  What's really fun is replacing the oreos with nutter butters.  OMG, so good.


AFM - feeling very zen right now.  I have a time frame, I can (to a certain extent) control what happens in that time frame... all in all, I'm feeling good.  My best friend is coming to visit for the weekend, life is pretty darn good.  We are finally getting some sunshine and lord knows I couldn't be happier about that!  coolshine.gif  All in all, I feel like I'm in a really good place.

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Thank u for starting new thread. I have come up with an idea for this cycle. Starting today since I just got off period two days ago in starting my cycle today. I think me and hubby are gonna do it on the even days which is every other day startling today lol. We are just gonna go with it and relax and I'm not testing til I miss a period which won't be til end of may cuz the last two months I have been irregular which aint normal for me so I don't know when I ovulate or when my actual period will be I'm jus gonna go with it cuz I really wanna have my next baby be born in the spring to early summer smile.gif my so was born in dec lol so I wanna be pregnant big time in the winter time so it ain't so hot lol
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So wish me luck smile.gif
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Mamacats - living the 'signs' that are around you this month! Fx they are for real!
Faithrising - congrats on the house! That is so exciting!!! Also on the changes to the nipples (what a thing to say lol)... Seriously though mamacats is right it ain't over till she sings... One lady on here had a 4ww and then a bfp - totally traumatic wait... But I hang onto the fact that AF delayed is all you need!
Re the house stuff, we bought 4 years ago, just a modern estate detached 4br townhouse... And the mortgage we've been patting is around what we would have paid in rent (a few hundred more is all) and Interest rates are still around 6% here! It's nice to be able to do stuff, even maintenance... Fx that you get one soon mamacats!
More later - off to view a house...
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Prescott--that's good news!! I hope it's smooth sailing! And thanks for the new thread. smile.gif

Matt's mom, have fun with your friend!! Soak up some sun for this Ohioan smile.gif

Scjp--sounds like a good, stress-free (and fun) plan.

In response to those who responded, yep--weird symptoms, def. not sure-signs, and I don't really know what's normal for me--my body has been shifting. Last month my breasts were sore for the whole cycle. I won't call anything till AF decides to come or stay home!

Goodnight all!
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Mamacats I agree re the brownies - they look awesome! Dh offered to cook them... But since I would be the one eating them I said no... Too many sweets here already!
Gf brownies sound awesome Prescottchels!
Btw when I read about you and dp I got all teary... (Just caught up now) I'm so glad you worked out what your heart needed, and that you both feel that way - all the technical stuff will fall how it falls... But the fact you guys feel empty with out each other is soo adorable!!! It's also a special thing, so fx you get to keep enjoying it!
Faithrising - fx for you! Lol I have to say that your name makes me think of the Buffy the vampire slayer - the other slayer faith... Rising from the whatever.. Sorry I know it has a lovely meaning for you - just keep getting the mental connection.
Scjp - fx for you and a very zen month!
Matt's mom - I hope it is a good omen for you... Loads of pink!
Afm - I'm a little bummed, dh has a suppoena (however you spell it) to give medical evidence... He got an emails today with flights and accommodation... So he will be away for 2 nights... He gets back around 2 days prior to o... So not too bad, but still frustrating!
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Chuord--Hah--that's great! I forgot about that show smile.gif nice throwback!
That's a bummer about dh leaving, but awesome that he comes back when he does! Plus, distance makes the heart grow fonder smile.gif

Afm: today is 14dpo. My cycle would usually land me w/ AF tomorrow, but I'm not sure what dpo I usually start... So we'll see. I've got the cramps today so who knows.
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Ah... She's here. I think I knew that would happen.

On the bright side, going to a baby shower today, so that means I can all the coffee and all kinds of sweet treats that i could want. Maybe sushi and beer with the hubs tonight orngbiggrin.gif

Also, in a way I'm glad I have a canon of sorts that I can measure up against so I can recognize when we ARE preggers.

Fx for everyone still in the running!!
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Hugs faithrising! Love your outlook on AF... Enjoy your party and the sushi!
Mamacats- so I've been stalking your chart 10dpo? Seems like your month has gone soo fast! How are you traveling?
Hugs all!
Prescottchels - still happy for you 😊 I'm such a sad romantic!
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Halo ladies! Will BBL to catch up with you all. I've got some truly wicked PMS going on, or not lol.gif . Guess all will be revealed in a day or three eyesroll.gif . Hope you're doing well lovelies blowkiss.gif .
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Matt's Mom: Or adding nut butters in addition to the Oreos (or equally tasty Oreo-type substitution; those Back to Nature, yeah right lol, chocolate sandwich cookies were so yummy when we used to get those) faint.gif . I can't believe I'm just now getting wind of these. I am a chocolate fiend and therefore don't tend to keep it in the house on the regular lol.gif . Glad you guys are getting some sun in (it's gray, rainy, and cloudy here irked.gif ) and that you're feeling good about where you are. Keep it up! flowersforyou.gif

Good luck scjp! dust.gif

chuord: I hear you on the sweets! I so pink sparkly heart looooove a good dessert drool.gif . I cannot keep stuff like cookies and danishes and so on in the house or game over lol.gif (especially if it's gluteny). When I get to wanting something on the sweet side I buy the ingredients and make it for the family. Dang, that definitely sounds frustrating with your DH getting subpoenaed so close to O. Well they're certainly cutting it close now aren't they duh.gif . Hope he gets back earlier than expected so you guys can have at least one more day as a cushion. B/c who doesn't like a cushion? lol.gif

Sorry she got you faithrisiing hug.gif . If I get got again this time I'm definitely treating myself to some sushi and a blackberry lager or two yummy.gif . There's this place near us that I haven't tried yet that looks yummy eat.gif .

So, AFM, here I sit, waiting lol. I hate this point in the game. I've got two or three more days until I know for sure what's going on. Reeeeally hoping this PMS turns out to be bebe related 'cause then I can deal a lot better lol.gif . If it's not preggy related at least AF will bring relief to the end of the cycle emotional onslaught that my body seems to like to manufacture each and every month disappointed.gif . Alrighty, time to put my boys in the car and run some errands. Hope you're all feeling wonderful! kiss.gif
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Hi All!


Bummer about AF, faithrising... But good luck to you mamacats -- hope the PMS is indeed bebe-related. I wasn't really able to distinguish between my BFP cycle and all of my BFN cycles as far as symptoms went. The only reason I knew was bc I didn't get AF and at about 13ish DPO the sides of my boobs starting hurting instead of all around like they sometimes do during PMS...


Prescott -- so happy to hear you and DP are in a better place for the time being :) I'm sure the tumult has been stressful but hopefully you're finding a way to remain calm and zen at least about TTC... I think sometimes the way you know it's meant to be (at least in the near term) is that despite all the challenges and all the reasons to break it off -- you somehow just don't. It's kind of like a gravitational pull the surmounts all other obstacles. That's how I always felt with DH and I anyway -- esp since he's in the military and trust me there have been plenty of chances, reasons and opportunities to break it off! If it's meant to be, it will be. That's what I always tell my friends :)


Speaking of chocolate and for those who are GF (and even for those who aren't), I'm always trying out coconut flour cookie recipes and most of the time they end up dry and just not as good as I expected. Well the other day I managed to make the absolute best batch of cookies I've ever had (gluten-free or not!) -- double chocolate coconut. They were ah-mazing. And super moist. They key? Way less coconut flour than I would have thought -- something like 4 tbsp. I based my recipes off this one with a few modifications and added shaved coconut: http://www.cookiemadness.net/2012/07/gluten-free-double-chocolate-cookies-with-coconut-flour/


AFM, definitely did not O like I thought I had over the weekend. I had one negative followed by two positive OPKs but a crazy low temp this a.m. dashed my hopes in that department. On the bright side -- my temps seem to be leveling out and getting back down to their normal pre-pregnancy and pre-miscarriage lows. So I'm hoping O comes along sometime in the next week. In the meantime I've been occupying myself with the new pup and planning out our trips for the summer and fall -- right now I'm thinking Greece and Egypt. I think DH probs can't wait for me to get knocked up again so I stop planning expensive holidays -- although then I'll likely just try to turn them into babymoons :) We really should go back to the States for a visit at some point but although I miss my family, traveling and exploring this part of the world while we are here is just too tempting! That and I'm over trying to plan travel around the fact that I may or may not be pregnant in the next year. May will mark the month I crazily "planned" on delivering when we first started TTC in August of last year, before realizing the absurd extent of my naiveté. I've had to re-rack plans so many times now I've realized it's just not worth it to plan with that in mind. It's been a humbling experience, to say the least, and I'm starting to realize, looking back, that maybe not being pregnant over the past nine months was the best thing for DH and I. We've certainly had more fun than I think two 29-year-olds are entitled to ;)


Hope everyone has a great week!

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Oasis - loved your chat, I totally agree re the planning... I also found that for the first month or two ttc I was totally emotionally invested - and then disappointed... It's definitely a much saner way to plan and live life as normal and hope the bfp surprises you (albeit with careful timing!) the travel sounds awesome! We need more of that too!
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Mamacat-I just sent my best friend the link to slutty brownies and she asked me to make them for our girls day out in Phoenix, not this Friday, but next. So I shall have news to report on them in 2 weeks winky.gif  I can't believe this is the first I've heard of them! 

As for the TWW....   dust.gif


Matt's Mom-Hallelujah for feelin' good!! That's awesome. I hope it can stick with ya for a while! and Spread around here to whomever needs it love.gif


Scjp- goodvibes.gif good vibes comin your way for your new TTC plan!!


Chuord- fingersx.gif fingers crossed for you girl! I think you have a chance especially if you BD several times before DH leaves!


Faithrising-Ah good attitude Re: AF! Did you get your splurge on? lol.gif  That's what I always do...I end up asking myself, "hmmmm what's my consolation prize this month?!" winky.gif


Oasis-I found myself planning future events around conceiving and being preggers too, I guess I still do a bit, but not like in the very beginning. I think I've gotten to a place now where I know I'll be ok if I don't get pregnant, where as before & as far back as I can remember not getting pregnant was.not.an.option.period.

So now I can get pregnant, no pressure, right Universe?! winky.gif  shy.gif


Yeah DP & I definitely have some sort of "gravitational pull" happening lol We talked a little about it tonight and he's still sorting out his confusion about everything and the whirlwind of emotions, etc, but less stressed, is sleeping better and feels me reaching out to him and being wanted...so... awwwww poor sweet guy... I think we'll get thru it.

Thanks everyone for the support. It means a lot to me that I can "talk" about it here with you all luxlove.gif

It's CD 9 so not a whole lot happening yet. Kinda just planning to BD as close to every other day as it works out and doing OPK's just so I have something of a landmark to go by. And I have to say if you're wondering if you should take Maca or not. Do it. Holy Kamoly. It might be a good thing DP & I live separately or I might not be able to keep myself under control Sheepish.gif

I got my new glasses today. So exciting!! Regular ones and scrip sunglasses, which I haven't had in a couple years kewl.gif I got them from http://www.zennioptical.com/ in case any of you need glasses...the deals really can't be beat and the quality is really pretty good despite the super low prices. I got both pairs of mine (& I have a super strong scrip, which costs more) for under $100 total.

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Thanks for the support ladies! Guess what the trial got moved back to the end of may 😀 so I have my man all week!! Woohoo lol
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Yay chuord enjoy :)


I hear you on the glasses, prescott. Our insurance is pretty good as far as what it covers (basically everything) but contacts are the one thing that it doesn't. DH and I (who are both myopic) are contemplating getting laser eye surgery. Seems worth it for what would hopefully be a lifetime of no more contacts or glasses. Although I'll admit sometimes I'm in the mood to throw on glasses and play up the sexy secretary look :)


AFM, about to start a four-day weekend. It's the local labor day holiday plus Jordan celebrates Easter on the Orthodox calendar so we've got Sunday off too (work week here is Sunday - Thursday). The best part about living abroad is getting double the holidays -- local AND American!

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Yay for holidays oasis - enjoy! Re eye surgery, I suggested it to dh - but he's concerned if it doesn't work... (He operates for a living and would like to see lol)
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Hiya ladies! I swear I'm going to check in here lol.gif . Completely swamped and exhausted, whew! A little on the late side for me right now but hoping I can catch up tomorrow blowkiss.gif .
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