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I have been posting in the TWW thread until chuord recommended you ladies (thank you!)
Lovely to see a few familiar names here. Hope you are looking forward to the weekend :-)

Much baby dust :-)
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Hi all!

Prescottchels--those photos are amazing. I wish I lived somewhere with that much natural beauty.



I don't know what to make of these tests. I think they're just crappy, though of course I'm hoping it's more than that. I got another faaaaaaaaaint line this morning. No darker than yesterday's. It has darkened to *maybe* the faintest of pinks by now, but I read that evaps can be pink too sometimes. So I took another one a few minutes ago--another shadow. So I did one with just water, and nothing so far--not a shadow, but I'm waiting for one to appear.


I didn't temp this morning because DD woke up at 11 the night before, inconsolable. It was weird--she doesn't do that very often (anymore). It happened right as I was falling asleep--then ensued an hour + of us doing various things to try to calm her down. So I didn't get to sleep until after 1 a.m. and then didn't remember temping until I'd been moving around awhile.


One test left. I guess I'll see if my temp is still elevated tomorrow. I have a feeling this is all going to add up to nothing and I'll feel stupid for thinking it might be something.


In other news, I fixed our dishwasher today (the motor had jammed)! I think I want a new career as an appliance repair person. It was fun.

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Prescottchels - I love that you are keeping the forum under your eye 😄
Oxford so glad you made it! Can you let everyone know about your journey so far?

Blanca - sounds like you are just going have to wait 😞 hugs mama on the ups and downs - fx you get a stronger positive in a few days!
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chuord: Tomorrow should complete my three dots before my body starts trying to O pattern orngbiggrin.gif . I don't know when I'm going to O really as it happens all over the place lol.gif . I'm thinking maybe CD13 but we'll see. A slim chance is still a chance wink1.gif but I'm glad you're not stressin'. Hope you're pampering yourself through the blah flowersforyou.gif . And I in fact am in the habit of checking the credits so thanks for saving me the trouble lol.

prescott: Those pics are fantastic, just love 'em! You can almost feel the storm coming through. And that lark poster was in the TTCAL forum with that crap too. Ugh, spammers irked.gif .

Welcome aboard oxford wave.gif . I remember you from the TWW thread when I used to go there. My memory does fail me though on your story so yes, do tell! lurk.gif

Blanca: Hope those tests stop playing with you! fingersx.gif that this isn't all for naught. And yeah, I love it when I can fix our stuff too orngbiggrin.gif .

Me, I went to yoga with a best friend of mine last night and had a fantastic time love.gif . I had forgotten how amazing yoga makes me feel and going to that class has really kick-started me out of my sluggishness and gotten me back on course with my practice. I also watched the first Twilight movie the other day and meh, I needs more than what that had to give me lol.gif . I've been told that the others really ramp it up so I'll stick it out and watch them. Vampires and werewolves never get old orngbiggrin.gif . Hope you guys are doing wonderfully! blowkiss.gif
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Mamacats - maybe you'll o a day earlier... Lol your three day run is earlier this month... I so love that! It's like the Big Dipper (stars)
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I guess we shall see soon enough chuord! lurk.gif
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Hmm, just came across something called FertilAid. Any of you ladies ever heard of/have any experience with this?
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mamacats couldn't remember exactly what I read about RL that turned me off but I did find this about lead levels: http://www.thedailygreen.com/environmental-news/latest/lead-vitamins-082803

Granted that's a really outdated article and that could have changed in the past 4 or 5 years but I didn't like that fact that both RL and NC appear on the list. Haven't read anything negative about GOL but if you find any info please pass it along!

chuord I agree with you about not supplementing if you don't need to -- I don't think I do either since I'm a pretty good paleo eater and get most of my daily doses of everything I need including fish. I moreso do it bc I'm a paranoid crazy person smile.gif. I would recommend anyone who is TTC should be supplementing vitamin D. So much new research coming out about this and it's really one of those vitamins that's almost impossible to get from food -- you have to be spending a lot of time in the sun.

Blanca crossing my fingers that was your BFP!! I know exactly how you feel though about not wanting to buy in to the idea until you are totally sure. It took like three days for me to convince myself I was prego when I got mine smile.gif

Welcome oxford -- hope you find this thread calming and helpful.

AFM I'm 7 DPO right now and feeling pretty ambivalent. I will prob test around 10 DPO but seeing as my last BFP didn't appear until 16 DPO I'm not holding out hope for a conclusive result! Then again that pregnancy ended in miscarriage and I suspected something was off from the start getting such a late BFP since they say the later you implant the higher chance of miscarriage...Gah!! prescott you're only a couple days ahead of me so good luck holding out -- hope you're a stronger woman than I smile.gif Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!
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I'm afraid my story is quite uneventful! We have been TTC for 8 months since getting married last September, and nothing, nada!!. I am 36 and DH is 45. My body clock ticking is deafening me and I am dying for baby number 1. We have a doctors appointment booked in a few weeks, so hopefully a bit of help will do the trick!

This month I am CD7 so just waiting for the fun to begin ;-) I temp on ff, but nothing else. I'm trying to relax about the whole thing. However I have managed to find a company to ship me some wondfo OPK as I have heard so many good things from the American ladies! (I'm in England)

Lovely to be part of your community, I have enjoyed reading the posts an catching up!!
Have a great weekend :-)
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Good morning!

Mamacats--sorry, I don't know anything about supplements. The only thing I've taken is a prenatal and with DD, I took B6 to help my luteal phase. Yay for yoga, though! 


Oasis--I had never heard that about late implantation! I'm so sorry about your recent loss. I hope this is your cycle!


Oxford--Best of luck to you. I am 35 and have been hearing that biological clock a lot lately, too. My comforting example when I think about it is my friend who conceived her daughter--naturally, and they weren't even really trying--at 43. Healthy pregnancy & baby. She did have two losses prior to that, though. I know that's just anecdotal, but it's nice to know it can happen! Have you seen the TTC #1 in our 30s thread? (Bajingo Juice)--that was a source of great comfort and support when I conceived DD (I had a molar pregnancy before her, and they were so sweet through all that).


AFM, I don't think I'm pregnant. My temp was high this morning but the test I took (my last one of this batch) was just as negative as the others. That is, a shadow within the time limit that dried a bit darker, but no darker than the others. I looked at the reviews for these one more time and a lot of people mentioned false positives. Up to this point, I didn't believe in false positives with pink dye tests! Oh well. On the upside, this means I'm having a healthy LP--I think I'm either 11 or 12 dpo, which is good for me (when I conceived DD my LP was around 9-10 days). 


If my temp is still up tomorrow I might get a digital but my gut says if I were pregnant even the crappy tests would be getting a *little* bit darker.


ETA: Actually, I might only be 10 or 11 DPO. So I've been testing too early. Oh well. 

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chuord: Looks like the three dots have taken a hike thus far this cycle lol.gif . Stay tuned!

oasis: Thanks for the article link! Yeah, I remember hearing about the lead content in vitamins and came to the conclusion that the lead levels in the vits we take were acceptable so I have kept them in rotation (RL for me, Nature's Plus Animal Parade for DS2). Naturally occuring lead is all over the planet and our bodies are designed to get rid of it. We are under so much chemical assault on a daily basis, I've figured that the trace amounts of lead in our vitamins are the least of my concern (right now my yoga mat is STILL off-gassing and I've decided to order a different one ASAP (unless I get my sewing machine to cooperate and figure out how to make myself one instead of spending the at least thirty bones I'll have to cough up for a "natural fiber" one). From the food we eat, even the organic stuff, and the beds we sleep on, to the water we drink and even the toxic air we breathe, our bodies are fighting a whole heap of human-made mess. So, I do my absolute best to eat as well as I can, do things to strengthen my mind and spirit, and trust in the fact that I'm doing the best I can with what we're working with in 2013. It's tough! Seems like practically everything you do is terrible for you in some way or another disappointed.gif . Anyway, I did see GOL Living Multi Optimal on the list as well, maybe that's one of the things people were concerned about even though it wasn't a prenatal as far as the back-off I remember happening? I also saw this on the RL FAQ's section so that's what they had to say about their product. All in all, I guess I'm just picking my battles? Anyway, on to TTC stuff lol.gif . I think ambivalence may be a pregnancy symptom winky.gif . fingersx.gif for you! Have a great weekend yourself doll.

oxford: I'll be 36 this year and the tick has gotten louder and louder over the years. I've been hearing that son-of-a-gun since my late teens/early twenties! It didn't lessen one iota with the births of my boys either lol.gif . Hope this is your cycle! And you have a great weekend too smile.gif .

Blanca: Waiting, waiting, waiting; always with the waiting this game is lol. Hoping you do indeed get a BFP since not feeling pg is a symptom as well wink1.gif . Yes, yoga is fantastic! And I'm so happy that the kids are now getting into it with me love.gif .
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Well, my dears, you can knock me over with a feather. I broke down and got a FRER and it was...a blaring BFP. So on the one hand I feel a little bad for badmouthing my cheapo tests, but on the other hand, geez, you'd think they could spring for a little more pink dye so they don't look like evaps constantly.


This makes me wonder if I had a chemical last month, because I got what I thought was an evap then, too, the day before AF.


When I saw that second line pop up I couldn't stop laughing. I think I was almost hoping it was negative. I was NOT expecting to get pregnant so soon. I STILL don't feel ready in some ways--it took me a loooong time to feel like myself again with a normal adult life after DD was born, and now here we go again. I was planning to get DD a "big sister" shirt and see how long it took DH to notice, but I couldn't stop cracking up so I had to tell him.


Crazy crazy crazy. And the baby--if it sticks--is due 3 days after my birthday. I had DD two days before her due date, so...


I know I've just been here a short while, but I've really enjoyed this thread--I wish it had been around when I was TTC DD! That was a long process, because of the molar pregnancy, and this thread would have been lovely.


Good luck to all of you! I'm gonna keep checking in!

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Blanca78 Congrats!!!  jumpers.gifjumpers.gifjumpers.gif    Were you by chance using Wondfos?  Mine was super light too and kinda greyish pinkish. Its only now that they are blaring pink at 20 dpo!  I think we are only a week a part for due dates!!

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Originally Posted by JustJenny View Post

Blanca78 Congrats!!!  jumpers.gifjumpers.gifjumpers.gif    Were you by chance using Wondfos?  Mine was super light too and kinda greyish pinkish. Its only now that they are blaring pink at 20 dpo!  I think we are only a week a part for due dates!!

Thanks, JustJenny! Congrats to you too!!!!!!!

I don't think they were Wondfos. They were sold by Watts Beauty on Amazon.com and came in a plastic casing. I think I used Wondfos w/DD and remembered that they were faint, but not *this* ambiguous! Looking at them now, they are darker than I thought, but that's after they've had the chance to dry--within the time limit there was almost nothing--definitely grayish if anything at all.

See you in the January DDC?

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Wow! See Blanca, I told you not feeling pg was a symptom lol.gif . Congratulations! energy.gif Here's to a healthy, happy pregnancy and beyond my dear champagne.gif . Check in anytime smile.gif .
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Blanca - congrats mama!!!! Woohoo we almost seem to be on a roll here at present... Lilykay last month you and justjenny this month (so far) fx it's catching 😜....here's to an enjoyable trouble free nine months to you all and healthy bouncy babies at the end! Please feel free to pop in as often as you like, and to post u/s pics 😄 I like to look at them lol.

Prescottchels - how's things going with you, both ttc wise and life in general?

Oxford - lol you guys are still so young... I'm 39 in less than a month - aargh!! Lol I still feel mid twenties in my head though - it did take me a while to 'grow up' not misbehaving or anything, just busy enjoying life...

Mamacats - I see, I see! Hmm makes you wonder what your bloody is going to do this month... Do you use opk as well? Or just ensure good bd coverage?

Oasis - fx for you on this cycle!

Hi anyone I have missed 😄...

Afm - got through yesterday easily with no issues or arguments... Neither dh or his dad have mentioned to his mum the health issues I've had... So she just thinks I either haven't tried to get of or am infertile... She tried for about 20 years we know of, and only had two children a stillborn son then five years later dh... (I feel bad for her they don't tell her stuff - but it's his parents so his call- and she is a little nuts) so occasionally she brings up kids - yesterday she tried to give me three free recipe books - one was a book on toddlers!!! I don't let it wind me up - but it's so funny to see her push me... I left it to dh to subtly leave it behind lol.
Yesterday overly like I had a a chance I was pg... So I'm still not counting this month out... Just like everyone else I want it to hurry up lol one way or another!
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Oxford-Welcome!! love.gif


Blanca (& everyone) so glad you're enjoying my pics orngbiggrin.gif  It is quite beautiful here, though much different than what I grew up with in Oregon. It took me a while to get used to the high desert, but I really do love it now. 

I would take a faint line w/in the allowable time frame of the test any day! I Hope it's the real deal for you!! ETA-WOW!! Congratulations!!! joy.gif

I love being able to fix my own stuff too! DP & I are both big DIY-ers thumb.gif


Oasis- fingersx.gif for both of us! I did test this morn and wasn't surprised to see that it was neg seeing as how early it is...So more waiting waiting waiting winky.gif I will probably test tomorrow too though lol I keep saying a pos hpt would be a great Mother's Day present!! Hint hint Universe! 


Mamacat-what about a used yoga mat from a thrift store? Perhaps they'd be outgassed enough not to stink... The other day DP & I were out walking and it had rained the day before and things were still a bit moist and he said, "the trees are outgassing today, and it smells Soooooo good!!"  as he took a big deep breath in love.gif it's our new "inside" joke lol


Chuord-where are you at in your cycle?? I've lost track...


On the topic of supplements and health and such I've just started learning about his new program called T-Tapp that actually gets your body in such good shape that people are not needing any of their supps cuz their body's are so efficient!! And they have a version to balance hormones too!! It's only 15 minutes a day and you don't need any implements or weights or mats or anything-just your body and there are even simple things you can do while standing in line at the store to get more fit for us overachievers lol.gif  I heard a story about a lady TTC and not long after she started T-Tapp she got pregnant. http://www.t-tapp.com/


It's CD 20 today, about 9 or 10 dpo. Yesterday I popped a rib out just bending forward to touch my toes to stretch my back out, stood back up and suddenly my back is hurting, but then I realize it's really my rib area and not my spine lol  eyesroll.gif  Thankfully I was with my best friend/bodyworker and she was able to put me back together a bit, but it still hurt quite a bit today. I may have done it unconsciously so I wouldn't have to help load, unload & set-up 60 horse corral panels today shy.gif and/or she said that sometimes the body will do something like this to protect another part (like a baby?? the thought that went thru my head when she said that winky.gif) She could tell that it actually originated from my pelvis, not my ribs...  Yippee! More waiting & seeing... 

Also I made GF "slutty brownies" for our day together yesterday and they were a big hit. 




and here's (my BFF's daughters B-22, & T-19 & me) & our half-hearted attempt at being "slutty" at 11pm after a full day of driving & shopping (& having a rib out)... lol.gif




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And for those with cats... or whomever just needs ridiculous entertainment to kill some time while we wait...this is going around my FB page...https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=PKffm2uI4dk

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Prescottchels - the slutty brownies look good! Dh made some last week - BUT - he added double the salt because I had told him Himalayan salt isn't as strong... AND he misread I tsp for 1 tablespoon! Lol they were so gross and inedible, but they looked awesome! His were the other way around though brownie on top...
I'll have to check out the links.... I love cats (of course...) well all animals actually.

Me I'm cd26 and around 7dpo I think... So I'm in the waiting game too although I only have an outside chance lol
Fx for more graduates!
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Thank you for the good wishes, everyone!

Prescottchels--I'm intrigued by that t-tapp thing. I have been feeling really strongly lately that I need to do more with my body. Until DD was about a year old I was so exhausted I had no energy for anything but walking, and since then something always seems to get in the way of going to the gym. We do try to walk a lot, and I just got my bike fixed up and am looking forward to biking and swimming a lot this summer.


Chuord--that sounds like a really challenging situation. DH's family is pretty messed up, too, which makes for a lot of frustration on my part. I don't know how he turned out so well. 


GL to all who might be testing soon!

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