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Originally Posted by scjp1109 View Post

. Does that look like an evap? Or BFP?? Took today not with fmu
. I looked at right after I took it and no line except very very faint so I just left it and forgot about then I just now remembered and got it out of drawer and this is what it looks like I didn't think Evaps look like this but I'm not sure any advice and yes I'll take another test in a few days I'm just curious if Evaps look like this and I would be 9 dpo if u ovulated when I was suppose to
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Morning all! Happy Saturday!

Pattimoma- welcome! Nice to have you along. I live your binder approach, what a great way to get support. Your children are blessed with a mum / mom like you!

Mama cats- the chocolate pudding sounds fab. What a great collection of mothers we have on here. I'm taking notes and hope to copy one day soon!!

Chuord- what was in your package? How exciting!!

Scjp- I totally saw that line!! Even in this tiny screen on my phone. How exciting!!!!!! I have my fingers crossed for you that the line gets darker and darker now. Ooooh!!! :-)

It's been a funny week for me. The work stress is still there. Yes chuord, you are spot on- I live near Oxford (I was feeling unimaginative with my screen name!!!) and the train journey door to door will take 2hr 15 mins, yes the drive would be at least double that, it's impossible to drive through London in rush hour. This week I had a chat with my boss and asked if I can work part time. That would help on the travel and give me 2 days a week of freedom- very helpful when TTC. I don't know whether she will go for it, but fingers crossed!!

On the baby side we are still BD-ing! No, not right at this minute!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday for the first time I had some light spotting, (tmi warning!) it was dark brown streaks in watery CM, not much blood at all. From good old google, I have found ovulation spotting is possible and normal. Has anyone else had that? I freaked when I first saw it, fearing AF was visiting on CD13!!!
Now I'm a but confused about timing. Does the spottin happen before, during or after O?
Just to e in the safe side we have continued the baby dance!!

Have a good day. Fingers crossed for those patiently waiting :-)
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scjp if there was even a shadow just after taking it, I'd say that's a BFP but I know blue dye tests can be tricky and prone to evaps, too. I would go buy a pink dye test and see what comes up. 9 DPO is super early so I wouldn't expect a BFP at that point to be any darker than the one you're getting. A tentative congratulations to you!

Welcome pattimomma! Geology -- interesting! What kind of geology work do you do?

Gahh still no AF for me. I'm 13 or 14 DPO right now and my LP is generally 12 or 13 days so I'm expecting her any minute. I'm actually hoping I'm not prego as my last BFP didn't come until super late (15 DPO) and of course that didnt end well so I feel it's a bad sign. Plus I stupidly took ibuprofen yesterday for a raging headache after I tested negative and now I'm freaking out bc it doubles your risk of miscarriage. I shouldn't have taken it at all until I was 100% certain but Tylenol just does not cut it for me! I'm clearly being crazy and am not pregnant and need to chillax and just patiently wait for AF's inevitable arrival smile.gif
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More personals in the morning... Oxford I've had o bleeding before, I assume its at or after o as its the bursting that causes it if I remember right... I have to quickly post a pic of dh slutty brownies lol with dh... They were awesome such a good find!

The parcel was just little memories, tea towels, porcelain birds (tacky lol) her crochet hooks, some were for lace and are tiny! A bible, hymn book, and an album mum made to send to them when I was born, a whole album full of my first 4 yrs with a note from mum saying to open the book whenever I'm blue and see how much I was and always will be loved... She's so sweet!
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Chuord- that's wonderful! What a great care package. Open your heart and store all that love. :-)
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The good news is that my OPKs have arrived from USA. The bad news is, in not sure whether they are wondfos! There's a blue pack of OPK and a pink pack of PG tests. Anyone used these before?
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scjp- That looks like a bfp to me! If you saw a shadow during the time limit I would count that as a positive. Hoping you get immediate positives soon! biggrinbounce.gif


oxford- I used wondfos and yes that's how they are packaged. They don't display a brand name or come boxed. smile.gif

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Oooh, Ender's Game looks like good stuff pattimomma thanks! I just put that on my list.

chuord: Yesssss, Borg Collective please, ha! trekkie.gif A gf of mine found a Star Trek nightgown that she wants and I just have to have it lol. I looked up David Eddings and will keep him in mind when I get on a fantasy frenzy, thanks! What a handsome fellow your hubby is showing off his hard won brownies there lol. So glad you guys enjoyed them thumbsup.gif . And what a sweet care package love.gif . Crocheting with your gran's hooks is going to be awesome smile.gif . And I still go through the pics my mama left for us when she died. It's so great to go back and see those snapshots and feel that nostalgia. Kind of a magical, happy and warm yet pensive thing it is. Oh, and here's the link I worked with for the pudding:


I also added more chocolate than is listed whistling.gif in addition to the other subs I made. The pudding came out absolutely perfect but I will probably add more cornstarch to get an even thicker consistency when I make a batch just for myself *cough, cough* (just a personal texture preference). I'm also going to try it with arrowroot to see how it turns out.

scjp: Still got my lurk.gif .

oxford: You're going to be a wonderful mommy I'm sure with or w/o your trusty notepad flowersforyou.gif . I hope you're able to go PT goodvibes.gif as that really sounds like it might work out to be a nice middle ground for you, at least for now. Let us know what your boss decides! On O spotting, I used to get it in my younger days, it stopped for the longest time, then after my m/c in November it's started up again. Yep, totally normal and supposedly means you're good and fertile (considering I'm on cycle 6 TTC and all three of my other pregnancies have happened the first cycle we stopped preventing I'm not so sure about all that haha). It can probably happen before, during, and/or after O depending on how long it takes to show itself. On OPK's, I've never used them but some of our other ladies here have and I'm sure they'll be along with some sage advice smile.gif .

oasis: Did AF finally stop playing around and get things started?

Me, just more gray, gray, rainy, gray here, ugh! I am losing...my...mind, aaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhh! Hubby has brought up TX as a possibility and is way more excited about that than AZ lol.gif . So we'll be looking into that. Lots of cooking etc. and so on to do today. I hope you're all doing wonderfully today ladies! blowkiss.gif
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See scjp, there's JustJenny with some valuable input before I could even hit submit lol.gif .
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Well apparently we aRe wrong greensad.gif I started early this morning which it has not got heavy heavy yet but the cramps are awful but the good thing is I think I'm going bk to normal cycle 28 days cuz that's when this came and I hve been having 34 day cycles. So we are gonna dtd every other day this next go around and see how that works
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Originally Posted by mamacatsbaby View Post

See scjp, there's JustJenny with some valuable input before I could even hit submit lol.gif .
Whoops! I meant this for oxford about the OPK's but it applied to scjp at the time as well lol.

scjp: So sorry you got got lady. Hope this is your cycle though! dust.gif
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scjp- Wow that was a confusing test! Did you have any pregnancy symptoms at all? It could have been a chemical pregnancy. So sorry AF is there...hug2.gif

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chuord - I heartbeat.gif sentimental keepsakes! When my grandmother passed she specifically left to me a 'cow creamer'. It was a cow that she put milk in and then let me poor it on my cereal when I spent the night with her as a child. I didn't care about anything else. I was so thrilled to get the cow!


oxford - I hope you get to work part time that commute, even on the train, sounds brutal! I have heard of O spotting but don't have any experience with it myself. shrug.gif


oasis84 - I work on government funded carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) experimental projects. Similar to the Sleipner Project in Norway. If you want to check out the projects http://www.secarbon.org/ and http://www.secarb-ed.org/index.php


About the meds you took in your TWW "Douglas Adams' use of "don't panic" was perhaps the best advice that could be given to humanity" thumb.gif

mamacatsbaby - What part of Texas? I like Austin but meh about the rest of the state. Sorry Texans, it's just my opinion!


scjp1109 - sorry AF showed hug2.gif

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I hear all over various TTC boards and posts about the evils of the blue dyes JustJenny, so much so that I'll avoid getting them if they're my only option.

Hope AF isn't being to harsh with you scjp! goodvibes.gif
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x-posted with you pattimomma! Battery about to give it up, BBL...
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Mama cats - lol and lol re dh being handsome... I love him heaps and he's crazy we have such fun... I have noted the pudding recipe and will be trying it soon... The brownies were definitely a win, the idea was for dh to take the remainder to work - but he tells me he'll eat them lol... Also we thought we might freeze a few - for that late night chocolate craving - warm with ice-cream!
Oxford, mamacats and pattimomma - thanks for the kind words re the care package... It's funny we weren't close with my grandparents, but it's still important to have a few things. My mum is soo full of love, I really need to have kids to give her grand kids - it's half my motivation almost. She still goes and does help out /relief at her last school... Being with young children revitalizes her and always has, I've seen her give her lunch to a kid with stale food - with a tear in her eye... She went halves with my high school deputy principal to buy a 'proper' uniform (everyone wears them here) for a girl without means... And she always treats us... I know I'm blessed to the point of spoilt, but it took her 4 years to have me so she was a little excited lol!
Pattimomma - I love the cow jug story - that's so cool! I will also check your links when I get time... I did 1 year geology at Uni and I really enjoyed it (also year 12) but ended up moving to design...
Justjenny - like mamacats I keep hearing that too! My Internet cheapies are pink though so they should be ok. How are you going? What week are you up to?
Oxford - I forgot to ask, what sort of work do you do? Btw my parents are from Durham area, but moved to Aus.. That's why I know a bit, as we travelled there every four years until I was 16, travel got more erratic after that 😜

Scjp - hugs on AF! How did you go this month with trying to relax?
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It went good relaxing smile.gif but I am wandering now since I started bleeding this morning at 5 am I have had the worse pain I my right side guessing my ovary. It hurts when I stand up and it is sooo sore no cramps just very sharp pains in my right side. What do y'all think that could be?
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Just Jenny I really don't have any symptoms I just had a dream I was pregnant lol so I took a test
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Thread Starter 

Wow! Ya'll have been busy here since I posted last. Super exhausted so I'm not really gonna even try & keep up in the moment redface.gif

Big Welcome to Pattimomma wave.gif


Chuord-I recently got a couple necklaces of my grandma's that my mom & aunt decided to pass on to me, cuz they were more "me" than anyone else in the family lol It was such a fun surprise to receive them cuz g-ma has been gone several years now.


Mamacat-I hear Austin is nice, but it still gets horribly humid there in the summer, unlike AZ, just sayin...


I'm out irked.gif AF arrived yesterday. Onward & upward, right? Cycle #7 here we come. sigh... I don't know how you did this for 2 yrs JustJenny... bow.gif  I'm just about ready to start looking into adoption, again, just so I feel like I have more control or something to do toward becoming a mama. Not that we'd stop trying per se...just be less focused on it...? I dunno... I keep hearing more and more stories about gals becoming pregnant easily at ages much more advanced than my 36, which is supposed to make me feel hopeful I guess, but it doesn't really. It just makes me feel sad that I'm still trying and that I have to "try" at all. And DP is gonna be on a river trip during prime BD days this cycle greensad.gif

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Prescottchels - since it's getting to you a bit, have you had tests done to ensure all is good? I would be doing that check up except my body (thru kinergetics) tells me it's fine but wants relaxed romance lol.. So for me it's the try and see game continuing!
Nice re the necklaces too - it's not value but the memories 😄
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