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Justjenny- wow 6 weeks already! I agree it seems like time is going so fast! I didn't realize it had been 2 years for you - that makes it even more exciting like mamacats says! Fx for it being an easy journey from here on xx
Oasis - kinergetics is a form of kinesiology... So it's muscle testing based... On my profile page there's a web link to 'bayside kinesiology' which explains it better. I was doing it for general health, but in the process of working through my issues we've done a fair bit of work on reproduction. Dh had a block that we cleared, I had to clear the trauma of a termination (sorry to mention it ladies), also my ovary hormone levels were out and got balanced... Heaps of other things helped too - there were various minerals I wasn't absorbing, which now I am... Lol imagine me as a 38 yr old car that's only had oil changes all that time, I went in and had several detailed overhauls... I'm one of those people that absorbs emotions, everyone's, and tries to help where possible... Man that was a lot of used baggage. As a 4 year old my mum lost her mum to cancer, she was distraught - I learnt from that and subconsciously put a perpetual cycle of pain in me so I would never forget the feeling, the idea was then it couldn't surprise me lol... I cleared that two years ago. Normally you wouldn't have as much muck as that lol... But I just wanted to give an idea of the variety of stuff that comes up - hope it helps, and I'd recommend anyone to have a session, at the least for a mineral balance 😄
Pattimomma - you were right I do/did interior design (the interior architecture version)... It is fun I love designing fit outs walls, kitchens, lighting, power, etc. and of course we do the cushion scattering stuff too.
Mamacats - thanks! ☺ Also I can't wait to listen to the tunes, but maybe after I'm out of bed and dh is awake 😳... I'm so enjoying this conversation about locations for you to move to... (Insert popcorn) hmm I wonder what will be the end result 😄😜😝
Prescottchels - hope you don't think we're pushing you... Just offering ideas as you seem to be so low about it this month... I'm with you it's not so much fun when it's not a magic first ttc success... I think this time around we started at the same time? (November?) although in my head I tell myself the first 2 months were casual... You'll know what's right for you...
Oxford - how are you going? Fun weekend? Lol don't stop bd to answer but 😝😝😝😝

Afm - day 34 (typical 32 day cycle) still no AF or bfp... However it's the first cycle I've had without almost daily asprin for my migraines... So I'm assuming AF is on her way just delayed by everything re calibrating lol... With a tiny dash of hope... Temp was still up this morning too.
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Chuord- thank you for your candid honesty in mentioning the termination. I had one too, quite a few years ago. It was a bad situation with the wrong man and I felt I had no choice. I still regret it though and it certainly lives with me, it's painful. I don't talk about it though, so thank you for sharing. It's a big deal now TTC is taking so long. I really want to do it all right this time.

I have all my fingers crossed for you - actually being late!! Are you going to test? I am cheering you on from this side of the world. :-)
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Thanks Oxford I appreciate it, and totally understand... I did test this morning bfn... So no huge expectations - and scary I'm still quite zen 😄
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pattimomma: I'm always happy to share my music obsessions lol.gif .

oxford: Meh, cooking was ok lol. I do so much of it that I'm over it haha (and I used to love cooking!) The kids really enjoyed the dinner though (did a sauteed carrots, broccoli, onions, and raisins, mixed with some jasmine rice with toasted pumpkin seeds added). Spiced things up with some cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, nutmeg, and cloves. Pretty yummy!

chuord: Keep that zen rollin' right along! dust.gif Got all my crossables crossed for you! and yeah, hopefully we can come to a decision that makes us all happy but I don't see how that can occur lol.gif .

And big hugs to you oxford and chuord. My gf's that have made the decision to terminate all tell me the same thing: that it was extremely heartbreaking for them but they felt like it was the best decision they could make at the time. Even after years and other children all of their emotions surrounding it are still just below the surface. Such difficult stuff this life has to challenge us.
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Hugs mamacats!!! Huge huge hugs xxx
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Ok, I a back with the stupid questions!
My new OPKs... Does the test line literally have to be the same darkness as the control line? Today I have z test line but its fainter than the control! My O is late this month grrr. Impatient!!!
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It has to be as dark or darker, anything less is either a lead up or for me I get a faint one the day after (sometimes) the thing is you have to test at the right time of day to get the full on positive... So I tend to use best guess am- if it starts getting lighter again you've already O'd even without a positive... Although someone (memory fails me) kept getting almost there and then it would stop and start again a week later..
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Thanks chuord, that's really helpful, I will compare tomorrow. Is fmu the strongest? I know someone said they tested twice a day, so I might try again tonight. Thank you :-)
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Gnu for hcg I think... Around early lunch time for LH... Apparently it releases after you're up.. Good luck
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chuord - Sorry about the BFN but I am glad that you are taking it in stride! om.gif


oxford - chuord is right on about the OPKs. I take mine in the afternoon. I hate the line comparison so I use digital OPK.


chuord and oxford - I have had a termination too. Once because I was with the wrong man - we had a six month old together and he wasn't really helping take care of the baby when I turned up pregnant again. And a second termination for birth defects. I was misdiagnosed with a miscarriage and given drugs that are known to cause severe and profound birth defects. When it turned out that I was not miscarrying but the baby had been exposed at the worst possible time, DH and I made the painful decision to terminate. grouphug.gif

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Big hugs to all of you strong Mama's who have had to make these difficult decisions in life grouphug.gif


oxford- I always counted my light line as time to start bding. Don't wait til your line is perfect color! There were times that I never had equal colored lines and times when they were blaring. Usually for me I only got a blaring line on day after O. But I think I drink a lot of water or something because I never had dark lines on the hcg's either. HTH!

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Pattimomma- so sorry to hear about your experience, that must have been horrendous. It is the most difficult decision I ever made where every outcome was bad. In my case I had been with the guy for 6 weeks and we had only just started having sex- condoms and the morning after pill failed. He was abusive, so overall it was not the situation to bring a child into- from my head. From my heart, it still breaks every day at what I gave up. Nobody ever knows what decision they will make until they are there in that place and then the pressure is immense. I'm so pleased to hear that you went on to have other adorable little ones with the right man :-)

Thanks for the advice on o tests. Chuord what is gnu- I can't work that one out!

I'm heading home for more BD. this is turning into a marathon!! O is definitely late!! DH is work out ;-)

Anyone waiting to test? Is there any good news? Chuord, fingers crossed that your test was still too early :-)
Baby dust to you all.
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JustJenny-thanks for mentioning the cost for the SA, that actually feels like it's in the realm of possibility! thumb.gif


Oasis-lol.gif yeah a consult would definitely be cheaper than adoption! Though I would consider adopting from foster care first, which is less expensive than other routes. I haven't read "the impatient guide..." looking to see if it's available thru the library now...I should probably read it cuz what little patience I have had with this process is used up. 

Glad to hear your body is getting itself back into a regular rhythm again love.gif


Scjp-As others have said I wouldn't mess w/a possible ectopic...Hope you are feeling better soon!!


Pattimomma-DP & I are kinda skeptical, I guess you could say, about Obamacare-it still would be a quite an expense for us self-employed folks & typically we don't need/want conventional medical care so we can't really wrap our heads around paying for it (the fine/tax for not paying into the system is much less than the 'service' itself). If it covered naturopaths, homeopathy, cranio sacral and other alternative modalities of course I'd be all over it, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't. 


Mamacat-We might have a chance this cycle if O is closer to my typical CD 14 cuz he'll be back a couple days prior, I think, but if it's closer to CD 10 like this past cycle chances will be pretty close to nil...We just have to wait & see... MY FAVORITE THING TO DO IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!! eyesroll.gif

Prescott, the town has TREES!! treehugger.gif and 4 seasons and plenty of shade so your DH won't fry thumb.gif

Hurray for a day to yourself!! I hope you were able to suck up as much nothingness as you possibly could! Are you overflowing w/nothingness winky.gif I am looking forward to friday this week. My day of nothingness after 2 weeks of crazy. That rice dish sounded super delish, btw

As for PJ's...I'm anti pj's at night lol.gif and pro pj during the day Sheepish.gif, but I'm not one of those people that wears their pj's to Wal-mart... I'm totally committed to comfy clothes though for sure! No nylons or button up shirts for me! 

How bout the rest of ya'll? Pajamas or no pajams? 

On the topic of tunes I've been listening to Phillip Phillips radio on pandora a lot. Also since mamcat posted a song w/Zap Mama I have to share my fave one by them 

http://www.myspace.com/zapmama/music/songs scroll down to African Sunset


Oxford-no official TTC tests yet-so yeah this whole "go with the flow/be zen " thang is super challenging for this Aries go getter gal. I like taking action steps!! And being chill is not enough action! lol.gif

I've heard 11a-3p is the ideal time to test for OPK's, and to test at the same time each day. Now that I think about it I tested in the morn last cycle...maybe that's why they were kinda wonky... hmmm....


Chuord-No, I'm not feeling pressured by ya'll. I love you guys!! love.gif grouphug.gif Yup, you & I both started TTC in November. We've only had 1 month that we backed off on so we wouldn't end up w/a Christmas/New Yrs babe...

fingersx.gif for a surprise BFP, Lady!!


This morning as I was taking notes on how to reply I said to myself, I need to work less so I can keep w/all those ladies lol.gif  all this work away from home is seriously crimping my MDC style winky.gif

It's CD 4 and I'm still grumpy that AF came eyesroll.gif  One of my good friends is getting married this evening (so she can stay in the country) should be interesting to see how that all works out lurk.gif Other than that there's not a whole lot of excitement around here. Planted some new flowers around the base of my tree in the front yard and my cat, Willoughby likes to hang out there. Took a pic of him on my cell the other day. I'll post it cuz he's just too cute luxlove.gif



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Well I tested today and its a bfn greensad.gif so I'm gonna go to doctor tomorrow cuz the pain aint so bad now and see if everything is ok and if I miscarried everything so wish me luck
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Pattimomma Oxford - hugs on your bad time! It is definitely a hard decision to make... Here's to the other wonderful ladies who've let us chat about it here - it's such a healing process being able to be open. I told my dh on our third date, because if he couldn't understand and be forgiving I wouldn't be with him... He made the same mistake in an early relationship and we hugged and grew closer.
So Oxford it was meant to be fmu - on my phone and spell check kicked in! I think Prescottchels is more accurate than me re timing, and def the same time each day.

Justjenny thanks for the love and support! When do you/we get to see the baby on u/s?

Oasis - I know you finally got AF... What day does that make you now? Hugs to you for being so supportive, how are you going emotionally after your loss - you seem so well adjusted I am in awe!
Prescottchels - fx for normal/ late o for you! My mum had a friend with MS she is on $25k of drugs per month, paid for by govt.... I hope the obamacare is better than expected! Mind you our everyday cost of living is so expensive compared to yours it balances out lol! Petrol is $1.50 lt... Milk $4.00 2lt, fabric here is $22-24.00 per Metre, I buy the same online in us at $6-8.00. Btw I love willoughby - such a handsome man...
Mamacats - is it time to start stalking your chart? Must be close to o again for you...
Afm - I had a rough day yesterday, lol Prescottchels I totally get you on the not being patient... I've been so zen this month, yesterday all that calm popped into a hormonal frenzy 😇😵😡 ... One of my good friends text me she was 13wks pg, I was jealous, a bit hurt as we'd chatted last week and she could have told me then... But happy for her (no 2 and she's my age). As I got more upset, I texted her and admitted the above emotions, she told me she waited until after the tests and scan as she was so paranoid (it is her nature, although she's a neonatologist so should know better lol) but id always be a best mate, so her and I are good and I'm glad I talked and didn't bottle it up. However... As I got cramping while getting these texts poor dh was not so lucky when I got home... He got cranky demon wife both barrels, but I apologized after half hour do all good now... Still cramping no flow or spotting, just waiting for it as another bfn yesterday - mind you I only wait about a minute...
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Mama cats - been chart stalking 😀 lady your chart is always so neat, it's like that part of your body is just a little OCD lol... Temperatures in little line groups and all... I forget how much quicker your cycle is than mine...
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pattimomma: hug2.gif You continue to amaze me woman, you know that? And like prescott, I'm skeptical about how well Obamacare would work out for our family. We don't go to the doctor's that often so thinking it might be a waste for us. Yeah, if they covered accupuncture (which you know I'm just itching to get into), etc. and so on, I think it would really work out in our favor. Even dental would be great and could be worth it but alas I don't think that's included, at least not the last time I checked. *sigh* An oz of prevention people! duh.gif .

oxford: I'm not even thinking about testing until at least the 28th. I hope I can keep it together the last few days this time! nut.gif

prescott: I got my nothingness on with a vengeance lady! lol.gif . I'll check out Phillip Phillips radio and that Zap Mama song too, thanks! I told DH what you said about Prescott not being all arid desert and it seemed to peak his interests a little more lol. I've got to go further in to continue to break down his stubborn orngtongue.gif . Oooooh, what an adorable furbaby! love.gif Just wanna love him up! (most likely to his utter annoyance lol.gif ) I hope your friend's wedding was a lovely time for all and maybe this will turn out to be one of those epic stories she tells her grand-kids someday hm?

chuord: Yes indeed, good, healing, powerful energy gets to flowing when we're able to share our journeys with other women. I don't even know how to explain that invisible, IDK, thing lol, that binds us together, as radically different as we all may be. As I was watching the moms talking to and about their children today at our end of the school year home school gathering, what I felt as I looked at their eyes, watched their body language, just felt, them, was indescribably universal. I'm so glad you and your yet-to-be at that point DH could become closer through something so painful. Big, big hug2.gif to you doll. What a bundle of hot coals your emotions have been raked over today! It's good to know that you and those you love are in a good place anyway after it all though. I certainly know that for me it's no good to bottle my stuff up (even though I do it anyway shake.gif ). I totally get you on the zen that goes up in flames at the end. No matter what I do I can't seem to stop it, ugh! I hope you're feeling better flowersforyou.gif . And on my chart lol.gif , I know right! I don't know WTH is going on in there ROTFLMAO.gif . Yeah, mostly I like having a cycle that trends toward the shorter side. Sometimes it feels like AF is always there though lol.

AFM, I am absolutely exhausted! Been on all kinds of excursions with the munchkins today and I am wiped all the way out. I'd probably be asleep by now if I hadn't taken that maca of mine a couple of hours ago lol.gif . Sending a whole lot of mellow out to you lovely ladies blowkiss.gif .
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Time for my periodic weather rant nod.gif : It's gone from colder than the witch's teet, gray, and rainy to disgustingly humid, hot, only partial sun when it feels like it eyesroll.gif , and still gray and rainy. When the sun does come out it's too hot to come outside for any real length of time. And the cherry is the bugs that have taken over, yay. It went from deep winter straight to deep summer, ugh! /rant whistling.gif
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Mamacat-just to keep you apprised w/info you can use on DH...Today's forecast is 75 & sunny w/7% humidity love.gif and no bugs!  Aaaaaaand the homeschooling laws, if you haven't checked into them yet, are SUPER chill. You just tell the school district that you're homeschooling and that's it. No tests, no portfolios to submit, nothing. You just go on your merry way! 

Be back later!

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Ooooh, you sly mind-reader you prescott! I was just about to look up homeschooling laws there because that's one thing we do have here is the law surrounding homeschooling is not rigid. Thanks so much! kiss.gif I'm texting DH the 75/sunny/7% stats riiiiiiiiiiight now orngbiggrin.gif .
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