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chuord so glad your DH gave you a shot in the arm :) It's definitely a challenge balancing ttc with your relationship and sex life. At least it has been for me. While it's freeing and in a way romantic to do it whenever without regard to BC after worrying about that aspect of it for so many years, I also hate the fact that it now lacks spontaneity and becomes a chore. And since I ovulate irregularly there's always a lot of pressure on DH in particular to perform on command and for extended periods since I'll think O has happened only to find out it hasn't and we can't stop BDing. Defo exhausting and I really can't wait to just have sex because we want to and we love each other. It was actually nice right after the MC to do it without thinking about ttc for the first time in a long time. 


JustJenny that beta is great!! Crossing my fingers you have an excellent doubling time and it's smooth sailing for you :)


mamacats best of luck with the maca -- here's hoping it's the magic ingredient that does the trick for you.


AFM my chart is looking like a hot mess this month bc I've been bad about temping and have also been waking up a lot in the night to deal with the puppy. Oh and just generally over-indulging in everything, not getting enough sleep haha. I'm feeling pretty ambivalent about it but I think at least I O'd. Yay! So I'm anywhere from DPO 1 to 4. I've settled on 2 for mental sanity purposes :)


My Ovulation Chart

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JustJenny - Congratulations! joy.gifjoy.gifgoodvibes.gifsticky.gifjoy.gif

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Oasis - I checked out your chart... Man you really do have to keep at it for ages... Hugs on the long wait and yay for what looks like o!
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Haha thanks chuord. Normally I O somewhere between CD 16 and 25 -- so this is unusually long bc of the miscarriage but yeah the suspense gets a little old.

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My af is really weird this month. Usually I start off spotting but it was full force with huge blood clots (stringy) now its just spotting. Usually hubby an I don't have sex during mother nature but we did an he didn't have blood on him nor did I like we have before, an I wasn't due till the 7th an she came on the 5th. Usually last 5 to 6 days but I'm just spotting yesterday an today. I don't.know what to think lol
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Really it could be anything at all sandra. Better to move it along! lol
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Here's a x-post from another thread I post in. What do you guys think?
Originally Posted by mamacatsbaby 
Ok ladies, here's what I'm throwing into my hormone balancing cocktail:

- a daily pinch of cinnamon mixed with a little honey, either rubbed directly onto gums or mixed in a little lemony water (cinnamon improves circulation to pelvis)

- lemony water and lots of it (detoxifying)

- maca; starting out with 500 mg/day and will increase to 1,000mg (hormone balancer, energizer, mental clarifier)

- T of ground flax daily in a smoothie or "milkshake" (high fiber and lignans in flax seem to remove excess estrogen)

I've also got a list of things to try if AF gets me again and I'm still bleeding excessively which I will share another time when I've got a bit more to spare lol. So what do you guys think? Anything I should think about adding? I'm thinking of keeping it relatively simple to start out so I can better tell how things may be affecting me. Hope all is well for you guys!
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It looks good to me mamacats! I've been having lemon juice in warm water too recently... I'll ask my guru when I see her, in case... But it won't be for a week or two
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mamacats I do cinnamon and lemon water daily, too. Can't exactly say it's resulted in any conception miracles for me but it definitely doesn't hurt and is also yum. One thing I would recommend adding if you're not already doing it is a high-quality prenatal. I do Vitamin Code Garden of Life but New Chapter Perfect Prenatal is also good. This is one thing I've done the research on and it really is worth the extra expense. Bonne chance smile.gif

I've also tried Royal Jelly in the past but really didn't keep up with it long enough to notice a change (you're supposed to take it for 3 months) bc I was anxious that it was delaying O for me even more.
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Thanks for your input ladies! I drink tons of water and use fresh lemon and lemon juice to make all kinds of salad dressings and such. I don't usually put lemon in my water (though I have on occasion smile.gif ) unless I'm making lemonade yummy.gif but that's mostly b/c I just really like plain water lol.gif. I have done oj/lemon/water detox before and that's awesome stuff, highly recommend that if you've got a day to stay at home. I also use Bragg's organic raw ACV in salad dressings and for other dishes but thinking I might add a shot of that a day.

oasis: I already take RL prenatals, a methyl folate supp, liquid iron w/ trace minerals, and a liquid cal/mag/d3 supp. I was looking at a blow-by-blow of RL, GOL, and NC prenatals and in the end RL came out nicely. I'll see if I can find where I was reading that at. Why do you like the other two over RL? And what was the controversy about GOL and/or NC? I can't remember but there was some thing that happened that had folks kinda backing off of one or both of those. Bought out by a company folks don't agree with? Dang, wish I could remember. I never looked further into it 'cause I've always just gone with RL to try and cover my bases. I'm sure they're owned by some nefarious entity too lol.gif .
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Mamacats it seems like you have a pretty good coverage!
I'm not taking prenatals, we checked and I seem to be getting everything from my daily routine... I take Percy's powders, vital greens, and three drops of colloidal iodine in my morning hot water. With two fish oil caps morning and night, some fibre caps - my body needs a lot as we had fruit trees as a kid and unlimited supply 😜. Also done pre/pro biotics (natural) and an enzyme sup that helps digestion of the good stuff and a beer flow cap, more digestive stuff... I had biomedex bloods done two years ago, and checks since. They work out what you need more of and why, through blood,saliva and urine (usa system) to start with my cells were in fright mode - closed- all the time... They're meant to be open during the day and closed at nigh to regen... They fixed it for me through sups and meal types. Although its moved on heaps it's a habit now lol.
How is everyone? Ladies who've been AWOL - we miss you 😄
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Wow chuord, I'm completely intrigued by these Percy's Powders! I need to get some more probiotics and I take a digestive enzyme every now and again.
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Hi All,

I haven't really been temping. I took it this morning, though, and it was 98.4, which is definitely a high post-O temp for me. I think I'm either 9 or 10 DPO. So against all wisdom, I took a test. There was a line within the time limit (or roughly)--I took a shower and then looked at it, so it was around 10 minutes. But I am not calling it a BFP. It was so faint I just couldn't tell if there was color or not, and last month I took a test and got something similar (though after the time limit) that was definitely an evap. They are cheap internet tests that some reviewers said had false positives, so I'm not getting my hopes up.


However, it's enough to make me freaked out/distracted today. Talk me down!

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Sorry Blanca, I'm no help. I'd be freaked out and distracted too! lol.gif I've tried testing early before and that doesn't seem to work for me so I generally have it fixed in my head to wait until about when AF would show before I test. Personally, I would pull out all my deep breathing tricks, wait a few days, then test again. But what are you going to do my dear? lurk.gif
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Originally Posted by mamacatsbaby View Post

Sorry Blanca, I'm no help. I'd be freaked out and distracted too! lol.gif I've tried testing early before and that doesn't seem to work for me so I generally have it fixed in my head to wait until about when AF would show before I test. Personally, I would pull out all my deep breathing tricks, wait a few days, then test again. But what are you going to do my dear? lurk.gif

Ha ha, I swore up and down I would test until at least this Friday, which STILL would be early. I tend to have a shortish luteal phase so I could very well see AF start tonight or tomorrow.

I am going to scrutinize the test again when I get home. If I see any pink I'm sure I'll take another, and get the same ambiguous result, and then do my best to forget about it for awhile. The problem is I got my BFP at 9DPO with her so I have that in my head as a benchmark, even though I know that's still very early. Blah.


I won't be surprised if I see AF in the next couple of days.

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Blanca - fx this works out for you! If you have several cheapies and poas doesn't get you too upset... You could try taking one at different times of the day, I've seen some ladies get stronger results in the pm. Sometimes you just have to go manic and poas heaps lol. (That's not very zen of me lol)

Mamacats - I chart stalked... I know you're probably 5 days before o? But I'm expecting that neat little three temp line again😜

Prescottchels, justjenny, oasis, lilykay, scjp - and anyone I've accidentally missed (on my phone) what's up with you? Let us know and keep us distracted 😜 lol hoping you are all doing well!

Afm - I'm assuming I'm 5 dpo, but I've been not temping this month so ???? Lol... We will see when we see, I have all but a slim chance this month so not really stressing.
Dh 'accidentally' bought us movie tickets for lunch yesterday... He was filling out a discount card online and then went through the process to see what seats etc, but there wasn't that double check before payment so.... However we were going to go anyway - the new Star Trek movie! It was totally awesome, loved it, we both wanted to watch it again later that day. Oh and if anyone is in the habit of checking... We sat through the credits and there's nothing else at the end.
Saw iron man 3 a few days ago - not bad, great action scenes but not as good as Star Trek.
Hugs and baby juice ladies!
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Chuord--thanks for your kind words! I'm pretty sure it was an evap. I took another test when I got home (I SWORE I wouldn't do this!) and nothing, at least not within the time limit. There is a veeeeery faint shadow but I think it's grey. The first one was slightly stronger but I can't tell if it's pink or not. 


My DH has been trying to suck me into Star Trek for years (he finally succeeded w/Dr. Who). I did really like the first movie...


ETA: Ahem--I know the Chris Pine/what'shisface one was not the *first* movie! I meant the first of the most recent set :)

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Blanca-I hope hope hope it's not a false positive love.gif


Chuord-I read about percy's powders too. Very interesting.... 


Hi all you lovelies blowkiss.gif


Me...I'm meh...It's day 19...it doesn't feel like anything is happening so I have nothing to obsess over besides that winky.gif not feeling terribly optimistic, but I'd be happily, gratefully surprised. I'm good w/those types of surprises praying.gif  Since I O'd so early I'm about 7 or 8 dpo so technically I could start testing in the next couple days... still pondering if I'm gonna do that or not....

I took some awesome pics today "at work" of the storm brewing. Here's a couple I really like..





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Love the pics Prescottchels! I hope that you and I are both still in the game 😄 I have a very slim shot this month... But somehow I'm not feeling despondent about my chances yet! 😜 Here's hoping!
Mamacats - when's o happening lady? Hugs!
It's so quiet on here!
Afm - I have to keep reminding myself that I've noticed I always feel a bit blah this part of the cycle (noticed since ttc) and that it's no a symptom lol!
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I'm reporting Lark7usa to the mods. This person is obviously not posting as part of our group. 

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