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I've decided that I'm going to try to find out the sex because I cannot land on a girl's name I like. I have several candidates I love for boy names, but there is nothing that moves me on the girl front.

Anyone want to share their super awesome girl names?
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Same here. We cannot settle on a girl's name that we feel is "the one". We've had a boy name chosen for years! Looking forward to other's responses! Some of my favorites are...


First Name










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Ooh I like Ophelia and Emmeline! We've got quite a few girls names left over from DD2 who ended up being named something totally not on the list lol. But we're stuck on BOYS names. Girls are so easy in comparison!

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I love Ophelia Kay! I don't know if this is to your taste but Ophelia had me thinking about Shakespearean names, so what about Cordelia? DH and I are pretty lucky in that we agreed on a girl's name pretty quickly and just had to decide which form of it to use. It was really difficult to find a middle name, though! I'll go look up the list of girl's names I made to offer DH for middle names and post some for you.

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I'm stuck on Berklee for a girl then you can call her Bee or Bree or even Leigh I suppose. DH doesn't like it but my sister does so she's convinced if we have a girl that's her name! I bought a baby name book that is like bible sized from motherhood maternity and it has been fun to read! It goes all the way from really classic names to very new "American" names, as it states as its origin!

On another note- I can't think of boy names because with my morning sickness and my ever expanding hips/butt, everyone has me convinced its a girl!
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Jonesiesgirl, I like Cordelia, but DH hates it. We're both agreed that Aurelia is a good option, but neither of us loves it, and I keep hoping we'll find one we love.
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We had just about decided on Gwendolyn last time, then he was born!  :)  We went with Benjamin instead.  And now I don't think I like Gwendolyn anymore.

We have to have Catherine in there, if we have a girl, it's a family name.  But I'm not sure if I like it for a first name, and it's hard to pick names that fit with it as a middle name.  We keep coming back to the name Tesla, and call her Tess, but it might be too silly. 

If it's another boy, it's going to be hard, we already used up our favorite boy names.  :)

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My very top favorite name has been Emmeline! That's too funny that a PP has it too. I heard it from a friend of mine in Texas whose daughter has a friend with that name but I hadn't heard it prior. Where have you ladies heard it?

Oh the problem with it is that DH is not on board with it!

I also have loved the name Zoe Kate for a long time but DH doesn't like that one either.
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Jonesies - I love Imogen! It's been on my "list" as well. Hmm, not a fan of Cordelia. I'm super picky about how all 4 of our names will sound together. 


Ablemec - What about Aulaura? 


Hapersmion - LOVE Tesla! Mostly because it is a variation of my name ;) 


Ka2003 - The Blue Lagoon (80's Brooke Shields movie)! That is where I first heard it blush.gif There is actually a little girl in our neighborhood named Emmeline just a little younger than our DS and it has totally bummed me out about the name now because I had never ever heard of anyone in real life having it. Still love it though.

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SilaMarila--Do you happen to live in Austin? That's where my friend lives. That's very interesting about where you heard the name. I probably won't be able to use it now knowing the connection but I still love how it looks and sounds!!!! Thank you!!!!! :-)
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Originally Posted by ka2003 View Post

SilaMarila--Do you happen to live in Austin? That's where my friend lives. That's very interesting about where you heard the name. I probably won't be able to use it now knowing the connection but I still love how it looks and sounds!!!! Thank you!!!!! :-)

No, in Southern California actually! 

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Our girl name is Vera Louise. I'm pretty sure this one is a girl but in case I'm wrong, the boy name we have picked out is Frank William. My 4.5 yo DD is Lucy Josephine.

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Caitlin I love the name Lucy!! That is one of my favorite little girl names. But it doesn't work with our last name. NOTHING works with our last name! This is so hard!! We actually know several little girls named Emmeline. Three actually. Two in our neighborhood and 1 is the daughter of a friend in another state. The first time I heard it was as a child, Emmeline Harris from Anne of Green Gables smile.gif

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I am really fond of the name Aurora for a girl. Other potentials are Liriel, Ever, Alba, Eden, Mara, Blythe, Selene, Willow, Sage, Cadence, Chrisabel... I could go on, but then I would drive everyone crazy. :P
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I forgot to mention, DH's top girl name is Isolde Ann.  Ever since we watched the movie Tristan and Isolde, he's been stuck on the name. The middle name is my first name.


He said I could pick boy names, and my top is Logan Micah or Logan Elias. Logan was my maternal grandfather's middle name and Micah is a form a Michael, which is my Dad's first name.  As for Elias, I just love it. joy.gif

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Harper Tenley Reighann if its a girl :)

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Here is my list of girl names that I LOVE but DH says no way:


Maeryn (my very favorite)










We had a difficult time agreeing with DD as well. As then, we are agreed on our boy name. DH has been refusing to really discuss any girl names for the time being, until we know, which is rather frustrating. My mom has been pushing for Emmeline smile.gif She just adores it! Mizzboss I also love Harper but our last name begins with H and I am not fond of alliteration names. I've been thinking of the name Diana (because if Anne of Green Gables, Superbeans). I just love names!

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I think I am set on Dottie Daylily. But other options are Vera Nyla, and Beatrice
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For a girl, I love Maya Rose.  I haven't decided on a boy's name.  When I was pg with my son, we had his name all picked out, but could not decide on a girl's name.  Then it turned out I didn't need one, so maybe this time I am having a girl!  We will choose a couple of boy names anyway just in case. :)

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I am trying not to think too hard about names until I find out the sex or I will go crazy.  Although I have had the name Amelia pop into my head a lot lately so maybe it's a girl?