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Originally Posted by CraftyMcGluestick View Post

Oh no, it sounds like our old nausea thread needs a reunion party, except none of us wants to party. Ha! Hugs to my fellow sickies HeatherB, songbird, and harmie. HeatherB, I swear when you describe your pregnancy, you are articulating my own and better than me.

QOTD: Nails not painted right now, but I mean to get a pedicure sometime soon. I just hit third tri on Monday (27 weeks, right?) and in my third trimester, I like to give myself a relaxing treat such as a massage or pedicure at least every two weeks.

lol.gif It's nice to have a pregnancy twin! thumb.gif I dragged myself and all four kiddos through the grocery super late this evening. I actually had to stop and put my head down a couple of times because I felt so rotten. Ugh. Then I came home, drank some chocolate milk, let the kids put away the groceries and scavenge through them for food, and feel much better. But that's probably simply because I'm sitting!

I'm getting little tickling coughs here and there and it's triggering a gag/vomit reflex. Ugh. I am apparently also still sensitive to smells, so cleaning the toddler's potty (especially when it got left overnight sick.gif) is NOT good. dizzy.gif Thankfully, I only threw up in the kitchen this morning, and not at the grocery this evening... And, on the up side, she's not using diapers any more, so I don't have to deal with it quite so much!

I am working on an online auction for our local Improving Birth Rally (http://www.rallytoimprovebirth.com for info on your local events!). Last year, I worked with the group, too, but didn't organize the auction itself. This year, being pg means I want all the stuff!! lol.gif I've gotta get my tail in gear and prepare for a garage sale this weekend so maybe I can have some money for the auction items. So many things that would be awesome to have - photography sessions, massages, placenta encapsulation, jewelry, etc., etc.! drool.gif
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Originally Posted by CrunchyMama19 View Post

Cardigan and Leigh - I am a bad momma and still have a single beer once in a while.hide.gif It has to be good beer though.wink1.gif

I'm a snob, it's always got to be good beer, pregnant or not! XD
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Double post
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Triple post. Yikes!
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Originally Posted by Banana731 View Post

I'm a snob, it's always got to be good beer, pregnant or not! XD

Same here!


DH discovered Trader Joe's actually sells a tolerable N/A beer, but it's no replacement.  It does have the same effect that real beer does and keeps me more regular though, I have no idea why that is.


I've gotten to the point where I steal enough sips from DH's beer that I should probably just split one with him.  Sheepish.gif

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I'm not a beer fan but maaaan, I'd do unthinkable things for a whiskey sour! I settle for smelling (yes, smelling) DH's wine at holiday meals lol. I know that a tiny amount isn't dangerous but I'm one of those mamas that I have a very hard time having an occasional drink while nursing often so I'm probably staying dry for another couple of years. greensad.gif
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I have sips of DH's beer, have NA of my own, but on warmer days I crave Campari w soda. I've found an expensive Italian soda that looks the same, and tastes similar, so that is an ok trade.
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At my last midwife appointment, I mentioned that I had been craving beer. No big deal-- I mostly mentioned it because I'd had the same craving with my other boy pregnancy but not my girl. Well when I checked my chart online, I saw where in her notes she mentioned my craving and that she recommended O'Douls. I don't know why but it kind of made me feel weird that of all the things we talk about she put that in her notes-- like I have a problem or something. She also noted an off hand comment I made about not really wanting to breastfeed anymore because I'm tired of it ( I nursed both my kids over three years). Feels weird to see those things in my chart because its like she's giving these little comments more importance than I feel they deserve. Anyone else had this experience? Is this just what midwives do? Ok. I just read what I wrote and it probably doesn't make any sense. Sorry!
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Songbirdsparkle, I can kind of relate. My MW seemed really concerned when at one of my early appts I mentioned how I'm hoping to eat veggies again soon. We were talking about nausea and food aversions and I had a really hard time with veggies; just thinking of eating them made me feel ill. It was standard, first trimester wackiness as far as I was concerned and missed broccoli a lot. She started quizzing me about my eating habits and I was floored. Seriously, it was just morning sickness; I didn't plan on living on white bread and chocolate for the rest of my pregnancy eyesroll.gif
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That is kind of unsettling, Songbirdsparkle.  But you know, I don't know what she writes down in my records, there's no on-line system to look at them.  Who knows what she's putting in there...


I'm just as offended she recommended a really crappy N/A beer.  There are better ones out there.  orngtongue.gif

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When I was pregnant with DS I totally craved beer, and would still go to my local pub and order one (in the beginning).  I would hold it for awhile, take a sip or two, eat some food, take another sip and then give it to DP.  That was plenty!  But for some reason, every time we would go there, my eyes would get big and my mouth would remember their delicious hoppy IPA and I would order a full one again, even though I couldn't ever have more than a sip or two!  Last pregnancy beer sounded revolting, and the smell turned my stomach (especially the aforementioned IPA), and I was working across the street from the brewery.  This time around I have probably had about two total beers worth of stolen sips.  Our new city has five local breweries so I HAVE to taste, right?


Songbirdsparkle- That is kind of weird.  Sorry you felt uncomfortable.


Heather-  Thanks for the link, there's a rally in my area!

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Thanks, ladies. You all are funny. I guess I just see some things as sort if chit chat and then to see it in my chart as though it's a medical issue or something is weird. And she doesn't write that much to begin with. I mean, damn, this is a hyperemesis pregnancy. It's not like she doesn't have plenty else to write about!

Anyway, got a late start on dinner tonight, so I'm about to finish that up. Starting to feel slow in general. Hey-- something else I'm starting to feel that I don't remember from previous pregnancies is a strong desire now not to deal with anybody but my nuclear family. I think if I could get by without leaving the house til August, I would. I have friends who sort of dropped off during my rough first tri and I haven't heard from them. And I'm totally okay with that. I just don't feel like dealing with people. I'm doing this sort of retreating inward that feels right right now. Anyone else experience this?
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Ok, this is totally in the TMI category but is anyone else experiencing an uncomfortable vulva area??? It's not painful...more like heavy or slightly bruised feeling....I think I remember this feeling close to DD's birth but definitely not this soon!


My cankles are starting to show up too.


The fun part of pregnancy is starting lol thumb.gif

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I get the heavy feeling, too. I have gotten it plenty post-birth but more and earlier now. :/ I'm guessing it's a circulation issue? But I'm having other circulation issues so maybe that's why I think of it. It feels like swelling though. Not fun! I try to do Kegels in case it's pelvic floor stuff and that might help. Not sure if it does!
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I think I got that heavy feeling in previous pregnancy. And since my second birth, I get it the first couple days of every period. I've been wondering if its varicose veins.
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Originally Posted by songbirdsparkle View Post

I've been wondering if its varicose veins.

I've been wondering that too.  It's a weird feeling, but I've started to have that especially after sex into the next day.  Weird.  Good thing there's barely any of that going on lately... *sigh*...

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Thread Starter 

No time to comment on the conversation of the last couple of days, but I sure enjoyed reading it!  :)  

Question of the Day:  Are you settling into your "maternity wardrobe"? What is your favorite item in that wardrobe at this point?


QOTD: I have one maternity t-shirt that gets worn way too often already. It was one of the first things that helped me look pregnant instead of just fat.  It will probably be worn out by July, but I'm sure that won't stop me from wearing it. bag.gif

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Originally Posted by GISDiva View Post

I've been wondering that too.  It's a weird feeling, but I've started to have that especially after sex into the next day.  Weird.  Good thing there's barely any of that going on lately... *sigh*...
I get that feeling after DTD too- it feels just sort of achy. My midwife with my DD's pregnancy said it's because of the prostaglandins in DH's sperm. Nothing to be concerned with unless you develop contractions from it!
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QOTD : I have a cotton jacket I like to wear during this spring-coming-very-late time. I can't fit into anything not maternity and have even outgrown a lot of my maternity stuff since I'm bigger than I ever got with my singleton. Not happy with any of my pants right now.

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Songsparkle: I definitely am not in much mood to socialize, especially if I have to arrange it.   If someone invites me, then I have been forcing myself to go and feel better afterwards.  DS has scheduled activities that i take him too on the weekends and I'll chat a little with parents but I'm not so into it.  Overall I feel pretty irritable lately, it doesn't help that I work with people all day long. 


QOTD:  I have a wrap dress that I love.  I have been wearing non-maternity tights with it, but that's over now. HOpefully it will will warm up enough soon that i can go bare legs. 

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