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dealing with pregnancy headaches

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Does anyone know of any good ways to prevent or treat headaches in pregnancy? I'm not willing to take paracetamol/acetaminophen or other drugs, but I don't want to suffer if I can avoid it! So far I have tried drinking more water but I am having a hard time with that due to nausea. I've also found that caffeine (green tea) helps, but I don't want to rely on that, either. Has anyone found anything that helps?

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I don't know if you believe in reflexology at all, but there are a number of pressure points on the feet (hands too, I believe) that could help! I've never extensively researched it but I have gotten some relief from headaches through the foot reflex. If you google it, there are lots of diagrams that will show you. I dont know if its because you switch focus or what, but my headache was truly diminished after a few minutes of practicing it! Good luck!
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I've gotten some relief through regular acupuncture appointments and regular chiropractic adjustments. Other than that I think just getting as much sleep as I can helps.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I am going to look into all of these options. Sila, I do suspect sleep might be part of the problem, but I've been having issues with insomnia as well. Then again my headaches don't seem to be related to quality of sleep so maybe not?
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I suffered from headaches with my DD for my 2nd and 3rd trimester - as soon as I wasn't feeling nauseous, I got headaches :( I drank boatloads of water but it only held them off somewhat. Every now and then I would have an espresso and that would help. If it got so bad that I couldn't function I would take acetaminophen but I probably only did that maybe 5 times total.

This pregnancy I've only had 2 headaches so far (I'm 13 weeks now...so who knows) and I've heard that if you rub the spot on your hand where the fattiest part from your thumb ends (closer to the middle of your hand) that can help. My grandmother swears that if you pinch the bridge of your nose relatively tightly that will help too. I'm trying all of these things out to avoid caffeine and drugs.

If you find something that works let me know - hopefully these headaches will go away for all of us sooner rather than later!

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With my first, my migraines got worse, and I used this app called binaural beats.  It uses sound waves to combat headaches.  It never got rid of the headaches, but it made them tolerable.  


With respect to green tea, you may already know this, so I apologize if I'm going all suzy-know-it-all, but I didn't know it during my first pregnancy, green tea can block the absorption of folic acid.

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That app sounds really interesting! Definitely worth a try.

I did know that about green tea, but thanks for the heads up. I'm well past 12 weeks now though so baby's nervous system is developed. smile.gif
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Raw almonds are also recommended for relieving headaches. I'm not sure what the science is behind this, but I tried it my last pregnancy and it works. Munch, munch, munch!
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I just thought I would update this as my headaches have been getting better, though I'm not sure why! I have making a point to stay hydrated and eat lots of healthy starches to keep blood sugar stable. I also started taking Floradix to help with some issues I was having with getting lightheaded. Anyway the headaches are a lot better but not gone, so maybe one of these things worked? No idea!
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I've had this problem. My doctor gave me the following. I hope this helps. Let me know I haven't tried it yet. :-/
Patient Instructions
The neurologists recommend the following for pregnancy: a combination of 3 things to prevent migraines.
100 mg of coenzyme Q10 three times a day. Coenzyme Q10 administration has been very well tolerated in doses up to 600mg per day. The most common side-effects pertain to the gastrointestinal system. The incidence of gastrointestinal side-effects is less than 1%. It is considered dafe for pregnancy.
400mg/day of riboflavin, again safe for pregnancy.
400 mg Magnesium per day. (from magnesium oxide or magnesium sulfate) again safe for pregnancy.
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Great info nae 1114! I knew magnesium can help with headaches as well as being great for preventing muscle cramps (think excessive uterine cramping or dreaded leg cramps), but I didn't know about the other two.

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Magnesium is also good for heart rhythm and bowel movements!

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  I'm going to try some of this.  I've been having a headache almost weekly and every two weeks they turn into migraines.  My mw was concerned I was having so many.  It's so frustrating.  I wonder if something in my spine is out of whack that is contributing.  I was in a car accident about a month before we got pregnant.  Hmm, going to see if chiro would help too.

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I love reading all these tips! My headaches have basically resolved at this point. I am still drinking two (weak) cups of flavoured green tea each morning, and I definitely notice a difference if I have them a bit late. It might well be a caffeine addiction only at this point, or it could be that it's actually treating the headaches. shrug.gif I am going to try to wean myself off it but I'm not overly concerned about it as it is a small amount of caffeine in any case. 

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Thanks for starting this thread, I had a really terrible headache yesterday, and felt at a loss because I avoid caffeine and other drugs as much as possible during pregnancy. I drank two tall glasses of 1/3 coconut water (for the electrolytes) and 2/3 plain water; which seemed to help, but really didn't feel myself again until the next morning. Might try the raw almonds next time, that sounds intriguing.

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