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Anyone crafting?

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I haven't made any baby stuff yet. I have bought patterns. Perhaps soon.

I did make some cloth pantyliners this morning. Those dang pregnancy sneezes...

What are you making?
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I have a few rows completed on a hat for the baby. I've never actually knitted anything for a baby before they were born, so I'm pretty excited for this little project.
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I can't wait to see it. :-)
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i outsourced all of my knitting/crochet projects to my mom. i sent her patterns and yarn colors. she has been shipping me boxes of hand-knitted goods. i feel guilty about it but i really do not feel like knitting right now, and yet it feels important that the kiddos have some hand-knitted things. 

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Not yet. I'm still working on finishing my other projects. Ideally I'd like to get those done before starting anything for the baby because I feel like otherwise they won't ever be completed. I've got a triangular shawl for mom and socks for DH on the needles and then a pair of gloves that just needs some ends tucked in.

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Mrsandmrs, all i can knit is a scarf. I have no idea how to follow a knitting pattern. My grandma made my sisters and i a baby sweater set for our first babies before her arthritis got too bad. Babies look so cute in knit baby sets.
Dakipode, I applaud you for finishing what you have started.
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The knitting on baby's first sweater is complete (it just needs ends woven in), but I am making a blanket for him that is killing me because the rounds are taking forever! (Darn you, Elizabeth Zimmermann, and your delightful though time-consuming designs! wink1.gif)

Hopefully I can get the blanket done in the next month or so; I have a sweater design in mind for the little guy, and the yarn is already purchased: I just need to get through these last five or so rounds.
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Cmu, I bet it will be beautiful.
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I am working on booties after giving up daily knitting at 6 weeks of pregnancy because the nausea made focusing my eyes super difficult.  I am hopeful that once I finish the booties, I will start on a little knit peacoat.


Does anyone else have any cute knitting ideas for boys?  I see loads of stuff for girls (because I am primed to, I think, with two daughters) and my gramma is doing the Solstice stocking, but I'd like to work on some other things.  Not a hat, because even though I LOVE wearing hats, it's usually only cold enough in FL to wear hats around 7 non-consecutive days of the year.

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Brooke - we "special ordered" baby blankets, booties, hats and tiny baby sweaters. in the PNW, babies need a lot of layers. are you on ravelry? i am deeply infatuated with this little sweater right now for our fellas. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/puerperium-cardigan

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aidenn - I am most of the way through the Baby Sophisticate sweater which is a really really easy knit. All I have to do is one more arm and the collar bit and then I'm done. Such a cute sweater.




Some people even put little tiny "elbow patches" on it so it looks like a grandpa-sweater.

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Although come to think of it, if hats are too much, sweaters probably are too.

Maybe a stuffed animal? There's some really cute patterns out there that look pretty fun.

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I need to start knitting for this baby!! And two other new babies coming. But, I just haven't felt like it or been really inspired. I want to make some booties, a kicking bag and maybe a Zimmermann Baby Surprise Jacket before this kid comes, but summer is always a knitting lull for me and I just need to push through it.

aidenn I've made a couple sizes of this vest and its easy, quick and super cute. Can be cotton or wool. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/pebble-henrys-manly-cobblestone-inspired-baby-vest

I've made a couple bigger sweaters for DS (toddler and preschool sizes). I wasn't knitting when he was wee. I also made a cute stuffed octopus for a friend's kid's bday with this pattern (did the tentacles in I-cord rather than crochet, as the pattern calls for): http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/octopus-8

ETA: I'm the same username on Ravelry, if anyone wants to link up there. wink1.gif
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mrsandmrs - I am on Ravelry.  My name on there is MamaAuLait.  I've got this one in my queue, but after seeing some of the suggestions from haurelia and katalopolis, I'm adding more!


katalopolis - Thanks for the suggestions!  You're right in that it's likely too warm for the coat most days, but at least for the 7 days we can really bundle up, I feel that the time investment in a sweater is more "worth it"!  Since a baby hat only takes an evening to knit, I feel like I'd finish it and say "now what?" but a cardi or a sweater would take me a few evenings since there's less mindless knitting involved.  I'm also thinking of making myself a shawl...one of the things that I've noticed about my own needs in Florida is that when I am babywearing, the baby keeps my front warm, and I just need something for my shoulders.  I have a shrug I've knitted, but if you're warm and want the shrug off, then you've got to undo the whole shoulder straps on the sling/wrap for the baby.  I think a shawl draped over me and the sling might be the ticket for those balmy days where the nights get a little chilly.  I've got the Stella Luna in my queue, but I don't know if I can complete it in time!  Can you tell I overanalyze things?!  :)


haurelia - Thanks for the Octopus!  It's in my queue!  I agree with you about the calling for the I-cord.  My I-cords can look rough, but my crochet looks rougher!  :)  I've got this Nautilus shell in my favorites, but after doing a knit lobster for my Massachusetts-born-and-bred friend, I took a break from stuffies.  I think it might be time to try again!


Dang, it's fun to talk knitting.  Normally I just talk to DH about it but he's not that interested, other than you know, entertaining me!  I currently have these booties on the needles with the modifications suggested by TinkerTots.

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I'm on ravelry under the same name for anyone who wants to friend me there too. :)

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I made this shortly after I learned I was pregnant:                    I made this as per a friend's request for her daughter:              

My DD jumping on her bed.


I made this for DD last Hallowe'en and for use in the winter. I can always tell who has a sense of humour when walking around malls and grocery stores when DD is wearing it

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I have cast on for a pair of longies for the going home outfit but haven't made it beyond the waistband yet. I did sew up a lap tee and have two more cut out to be sewn.
I just got 6 yards of gauze fabric for swaddling blankets- need to dye and hem. And I also need to dye and hem some osnaburg fabric. For a wrap.
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devilish - I'm in admiration of the TARDIS blanket!  I have one in my favorites list (and some TARDIS socks in my queue) but I have yet to tackle them!!

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I can only knit on a loom, so I am planning some hats and attempting socks (I've previously failed). We'll definitely tie-dye some shirts. I'd like to sew somethings but can't think of anything unisex!
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rrs, a few months ago I scored a tie dye part pack on clearance at Michaels or somewhere for super cheap.  I have yet to use it, but I see some tie-dye baby things in the future.  Sheets, onesies, socks, etc. 

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