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About Zofran, from a Guy

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Good morning ladies!


   It is a lovely day in the Bayou City, Houston, TX, USA. Also known as HOUTX.


   I joined because of a question about Zofran, generic "Ondansetron." I wanted to know if it was "habit-forming." I had been on a cruise and found myself "popping a pill" of it every so often --"just in case."


   My heroine is Marilyn Monroe. I might have an "addictive personality" in that both sides of my family are/were alcoholics and my parents, now divorces, attend Recovery/Twelve Steps meetings. My sister does, too. My poor sister, whom I love more dearly that you might expect, cannot drink in that she becomes severely emotional and "blacks out." As you can imagine, this is embarrassing to her and has led to unintended consequences with men despite being married.


   I feel I should admit that I am gay. My married sister has two sons, 13 year-old Eric and 8-year-old Jacob. Eric is in 8th grade close by HOUTX in a town called Friendswood, TX. and will turn 14 in July (Yikes! I can't remember the exact day!). He's grown up so fast! I remember the day he was born! Many friends, family, and church friends came to Texas Women's Hospital to show support and see my sister's first baby. She originally intended to give birth at home (as she and I were born at home), but that wasn't possible. She had to have a C-section. She also tried to nurse, but wasn't able to.

   Despite the weariness of childbirth (which, of course I cannot imagine), she had Jacob (whom I call "Jacoboo").


   My sister Christie and I have discussed "favorites." Although she isn't supposed to have one, she and I have the same one, whom I call "My Eric, my Eric."


   "The boys" as they are known when talking about them as a pair, seem to get along rather OK. They are about 5 and 1/2 years apart. They like to pick on each other to get attention. I consider them the closest to my own children as I will ever have.


   Coming from an alcoholic/dyfunctional family, I was afraid to have children and swore an oath not to. I didn't want to even acciddentally treat my child the way my father treated me.


   My best to you, ladies! Go with God. One Day At A Time.


   American President Abraham Lincoln once said, "I reckon people are as happy as they want to be."



Sincerely you,

   Matthew Tobin


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