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Getting 3 or more to sleep...how am I going to do it?

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I'm an obsessive planner, so I'm already thinking about how I'm going to manage to get all three kids to sleep. Currently, my almost 4 year old requires snuggles to fall asleep (JUST weaned, still having a hard time with that occasionally) by either me in her bed or on the couch with her dad. I do not approve of her falling asleep to tv though so I've started insisting she fall asleep in her bed. She stays in her bed until 1-2am without waking (finally) at which point she comes to our bed. My 18 month old nurses to sleep usually while I read a story to the big one and snuggle her too and then gets laid in her crib and sleeps the whole freaking night (which, I didn't think was possible given #1's sleep issues).

They both share a room, which works pretty well right now, but it's on the small side so to be able to put the new baby in the crib eventually (it would be amazing if the new one sleeps like the middle one!) we're thinking of doing a low ikea bunk bed on a platform with drawers. I was thinking we should take the current big girl bed and put it at an L with the bunk so I would have somewhere to snuggle everyone to sleep, but my husband insists that there won't be room with everything else in the room. My husband works super late most nights so bedtime is pretty much all up to me. I'm hoping that going to preschool will magically make the 4 year old fall asleep on her own and sleep all night...but I won't count on that knowing her.

So...I guess my question is, how feasible is it to think I'll be able to get two kids to sleep by climbing in and out of bunk beds while very pregnant? How do YOU get your multiple kids to sleep every night?

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I probably wouldn't be able to do bunk beds while super pregnant. I am clumsy enough without my center of balance being off! When DS3 was born we made a giant bed. A queen size with cribs turned day bed pushed up on either side.

Now my three boys have a giant bed and our bedtime routine is to cuddle them down. I usually have the 2 year old nusring curled under my arm pit and an arm on each other boy. A bit uncomfortable but that's okay. For now.
Recently the 2 year old has decided he doesn't like sharing his space so he builds himself a nest in the floor, lol!

I think the big thing will just be patience at bed time. Make sure the kids are tired and ready to sleep, have a good routine...
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My toddler nurses to sleep and my DH puts the 3 year old and 6 yr old to bed (songs, prayer, tuck in bunk beds- they share a room). That's it. Ask me again when my toddler moves into their room- 3 to a TINY room!- in the fall.

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My husband and I take turns putting kids to bed.  If I'm nursing then I'll nurse the baby while he reads to the others, and if it's my turn I nurse while I read with them cuddled around me in our bed.  Now that I don't have a nursling, we just take turns reading to them and tucking them in.  My older three read their own books during this time- they do grow up ; )

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We have a routine we do as a family which included brushing teeth, getting jammies on (the kids, not grown ups), then we sit down in they boys' room where we read from a kids' devotional, say prayers and give hugs and kisses all around.  If I have a nursling nursing happens during reading and prayer.  Then all are put in bed or get in bed themselves.  Then I walk our girl to her room so she can get in bed (she is SO hoping for a sister to share a room with).  When there is a baby involved one of us will stay with them for rocking or whatever needs to happen to get them to the point of sleeping on their own in bed once they are old enough.  My current kids are 2, 5, 6, and 9.  It's been our routine for so long I can't even remember when we started it.


Perhaps finding a new routine now so the older two have a chance to settle into it before baby comes.  Of course, that's probably why you're asking.  LOL 


Do you know what you would like bedtime to look like?  Do you like cuddling with them all at bedtime or would you like them to go to bed on their own?  If you like the cuddle time maybe all cuddle in one bed for a while, then transition them to their own beds after cuddle time is done? 

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Have you ever considered letting your 4yo and 18mo sleep together in the same bed? You could snuggle/nurse for a few minutes before bed while reading their story, then put them in bed together and let them snuggle each other to sleep.
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I wish they would sleep together! The 4 year old is very possessive of me and  VERY crazy sleeper. I've gotten kicked in the face many times. I just wouldn't feel safe with them in the same bed.
I think I feel  little better about this. I mean, I imagine it will be like when the second was born. I'll probably put my husband in charge of snuggling the new baby while I get the other two to sleep (he works from home, so even if he's working he should be able to hold him/her). I do like snuggling them, but with the bunks I think I'm going to start transitioning to sitting in  chair in their room for stories and hold hands/pat backs until they're sleep. I feel like I don't even know what's the norm for sleep for kids. The 4 year old will be on the bottom bunk for  while I think until I feel like she can handle it and can get up and down herself in the dark.
I'm sure it will all work itself out. The baby will be in  co-sleeper in our room for the first few months anyway, so it probably doesn't even matter to spend all the time worrying about it.

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My 2, 4 and 6 year old share a room. we have no issues with the night. They wake up together and play in the morning. It is great! Sometimes my youngest will crawl into my 6 year old's bed, but he does not seem to mind. When the lights are out, they talk for a bit and then they fall asleep within 15 minutes. As one of the other ladies mentioned, it might be easier to have your 4 year old share a bed with an older sibling. Works great when they are frightened.

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I only thought about this in passing but I'm happy to hear that some of you have their kids share a bed! Hopefully this will work out for us when the LO is a year or so old.

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