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Twins Magazine article on breastfeeding!

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I received the May/June Twins Magazine in the mail yesterday and my eyes immediately saw on the cover "Feeding twin babies". Being the jaded person I am, I *knew* that I didn't even have to read the article...it was going to be all about formula feeding with a drop of breastfeeding just for good measure. Was I ever surprised!! The ENTIRE article is about breastfeeding multiples!! I poured over it with amazement! The article is FULL of wonderful - and CORRECT - information about nursing multiples. I found myself saying "I hope she mentions....(blank)...." only to read about it in the next paragraph. The author didn't miss a single point. I am SO thrilled that they published this article! I was even more pleased that there was NOT ONE SINGLE MENTION of supplementing!!!!!!!!!! The article on the following page was about pumping for twins and then there is a MUCH shorter (just a box section really) on how to streamline formula feeding. I just flipped through the whole magazine and there isn't ONE SINGLE FORMULA AD in the entire issue! I know I may seem overly excited here but I am sick and tired of parenting magazines craming formula ads down our throats and the so-called breastfeeding articles that give the old "but if you don't succeed at bf'ing..." song-and-dance. If you don't subscribe to Twins Magazine this is one issue you'll want to go out and buy.

I'm also going to post this on the Advocacy Board...can you tell I'm excited about it?!

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Awesome! I'll have to let Periwinkle know if she doesn't already...she moved heaven and earth to nurse her preemie twins. I had big problems nursing just one, it's hard to imagine the pumping-trying to nurse routine with two tiny babes.

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This is wonderful! Now, all you twin mamas write in to tell the magazine how impressed you are! We need to let publishers know that we KNOW when an article gets it right!
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I've never heard of the magazine before but I'm impressed! I also am interested in reading it now too. It's been such a struggle to get the girls breastfeeding and they still have to be bottlefed for 2 to 3 feedings a day. I'm pumping and have been since they were in the NICU - so they've only ever had breastmilk. But it's been so hard. Plus mine have only ever nursed at the same time with the EZ 2 nurse pillow a couple of times. Usually it just doesn't work - so I have to nurse them one at a time and I feel like I spend all day and night nursing. So where would I find a copy of this magazine?
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Cheryl - A lot of the bigger chain book stores sell it. Borders, Books-A-Million, etc. You can also find it at www.twinsmagazine.com. Do you have the LLL book "Mothering Multiples"? It's a must have if you don't already. I promise you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel...you and your girls will get in sync soon and these tough first weeks (months...) will be far behind you.
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Good for Twins magazine! So many people automatically assume there's no way to BF twins.

To Cheryl - I also HIGHLY recommend the book Mothering Multiples. A must have for BF'ing multiples. It can be difficult in the beginning, especially with preemies and NICU (I dealt with this as well), but once they get the hang of it, it is wonderful and so much easier!

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I'm shocked. I get Twins magazine, and it has ticked me off so severely that I decided not to renew. It was crammed full of "of course you won't be able to nurse them BOTH!" and CIO advice, and their "Family Recipe" of the month or whatever was usually ground beef and taco chips plus .... something else. Hardly ever varied. Ugh.

I haven't even opened it (except to read about the conjoined twins) because I remember how I ranted for literally weeks about a Family Bed article.

Wow. I'm psyched. Really? Didn't miss a single point? I will have to go back and check it out.

I second Piglet, we tend to write more often when they get it wrong. Maybe they'll continue ... after all, we want to reward the behavior we want more of, right?

Thanks for the heads up!
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I don't have the book "Mothering Multiples". So thank you for that suggestion.
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It's good to see so many TS mommies. Yes, CherylE, Mothering Multiples is a great book. You are probably well on your way without it, though, so you might want to see if you can find it at the library before you buy it. Who am I kidding? Who has time to pack up 16 week olds and go to the library? Amazon, baby, Amazon.

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Just wrote a letter to the editors and included a pic, too

yay for mainstream publications! take that, formula marketers! :

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