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Had my baby!

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After a dose of castor oil, nipple stim and a day of birth ball bouncing and deep birthy thoughts, I went into labour on April 27th around 8 pm. Irregular but strong contractions all night until we arrived at birth centre at 10 am. They checked my dilation and given how irregular my contractions were showing up everyone was surprised I was at 9 CM! Took them some time to set up the birth room as we wanted with mattress on the floor and do the paperwork etc. Then a few more contractions about 30 mins of pushing and baby Julia was born at 12:01 on April 28th at 41+1 !!!


Things are a bit stressful around here as my mother is visiting and she is sick and now my 3-yo son is sick and DH gets brief paternity leave and is now sick too! I have the sniffles and a sore throat and just trying to keep it together and not get baby sick as well. 

But she is beautiful and we're happy!

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Congratulations! Now that baby is born you can take a few 1000 mg vitamin d to boost your immunity. Don't forget vitamin c and as much sleep as possible. I got a cold in the days after Rheiner's birth newborns and sick mamas = tough times! Feel better and again congrats!
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Congratulations! I hope you are all on the mend soon.
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congrats! I hope you all are feeling better soon!
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Congratulations! Julia and I share the same birthday :-)
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That is wonderful!  Congrats!  


We all came down with a mild flu-like virus right after baby came, too! 

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Congrats!! Hoping that you all start to feel better!! 

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So many congrats! Hope everybody feels better soon! champagne.gif

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