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lilac these all boy names because we're having a boy smile.gif

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Is Sami pron. like Sammy or with a long a sound?  Is Rayan pron. like Ryan?  Basil doesn't sound Arabic to me at all- is it really?!  I like Rayan and Zane; I think they go best with Lily.

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I like Sami and Zane. Rayan is also nice, but I would worry everyone would see and just think/say Ryan. 


I really like the name Ronan, but hubby says no. :( I am trying to sway him in the direction of Jasper now. So clearly I have no problem with old sounding names.


Haha! My favorites keep changing. So I fear it will take all the time I have left to pick one. I have started calling my bump a different name every day to see how they feel when in use. Today he is Tristan. My husbands pick. I figure it's fair to give the ones he likes a chance too. 

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lilac these all boy names because we're having a boy smile.gif

LOL, oops. I guess I got confused with you talking about your DD not having a name that I thought you were having another girl, not a little boy.  Then I think Shadi, Zayn/Zane, and Basil would be great names!

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Ok, I'm really starting to explore naming options more deeply so I'll be ready when DP and I begin discussing them.


Names that are floating to the top of my lists:





Margaret (nn Gretta)







Roan Francis



Lionel (nn Leo)








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suprgrl-  Jude has always been a favorite of mine and I've thought of using it. Too bad we live in Germany and the word means jew.  That would be weird for a name eyesroll.gif

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Lily I like Basil a lot. It seems like it would go with German name, as well. Sami is adorable, so is Rayan. Zane sounds a little trendy to me, although "z" is a cool letter to use. 

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Dh and I haven't wanted to discuss names since we don't agree on any until we found out gender. We'll we found out yesterday that it's a girl.... And we still can't agree. I totally named dd geneveve... So I'm at a loss for this one. I want dh to have input, but he really wants an X name. Here's our list:


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What about Xenah/Zenah?  I know two people with that name, it's fun.

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oh names! we'll hopefully find out the sex on monday smile.gif i am guessing boy and have two names picked out that both dh and i like. If this babe is a girl, i will make a list and met dh pick!
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KimKim - How about Zhenya? The Z sound is more like the sound in the middle of the word measure and is a Russian variant of Gina.

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KimKim - If you like the name Zoey how about spelling it Xoe? I have a cousin who spells it that way and I always thought it was neat. I also like Xara (pronounced Zara) 


OwlHowl - Good luck! Finding out is so fun. :) And I am having more fun with boy names than I thought I would.

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My lists keep expanding/changing, but I really want to have a good grasp on what names I love before DP and I begin talking about them.




Arame Soliel (AIR-a-may... yep, like the seaweed known as sea oak. I really like the image of rooted flexibility that sea oak brings me)

Isla Pearl

Aurelia Jane (could have nn Isla)

Margaret (nn Gretta)






Boys: (I do know that DP really likes the name Gus... I'm not a fan of it, but I do really like the name Augustin and could be okay with DP calling the baby Gus)


Pierce Vasile

Augustin Bly

Augustin Pierce

Augustin Meric

Garrett Patrin








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Dhs top boy name was Xeno but I really can't do Xena. All I can think of is Xena warrior princess.... But I doubt this next generation will even connect it.
Xoe is fun with an X.
I'll run the other X names by him.
I'm more drawn to zoe and dh is now gunning for xiomara and call her mara, see oh, or cee-cee. I'm like 5percent with all the names though. What kind of middle name do you pair with xiomara? It feels so strong on its own. Dd is geneveve Louise.

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Suprgl, I really like arame! I'm a fan of botanical and plant names... But dh isn't. I think artemisia is really pretty too.

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Now that I know it is a boy, I am thinking Luca.  Any thoughts on a middle name?


In response to some of the posts, names I have seen you ladies considering that I really like are Amelia Rose, Sami, Isla and Sawyer.  :)  It is hard work picking out a name!

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mdtmom, I like Luca. wink1.gif

kimkim, I like flower names, too. Before DH, my top two girls' names were Rose and Daisy (both after people I knew as a child). So I'm really happy to get to use Roisin. As far as X names, do they have to start with X? Would your DH like Lexi?

suprgrl, my grandfather is named August, so I really like Augustin.
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But Xena the Warrior Princess was awesome!  And you are right, nobody but us old folks know what that is ; ) 

I also know a girl with the name Xena but she pronounces is "Jzenna"...like the X is pronounced like a French J, if that makes sense.  Sort of like Jenna but the J is softer.

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So husband wants to name him Robin Matthew Johnson, because our good friend and kids' Godfather Matthew is just such an incredible guy and has done so much to support our family.  Like right now he's working on our dry rot and termite problem, all weekend, for free.  He is awesome and smart and worthy of a namesake.  But my problem is that I don't think Robin Matthew sounds very good together.  I was set on Robin Taylor Johnson- Taylor is my grandmother's maiden name (and I don't think she'll be with us for much longer) and my cousin's name, and I also think it sounds really good.  (and there's James Taylor too- he's also a worthy namesake!)

For some reason when Robin is paired with Matthew I don't like it near as much.  I wonder if husband can think of a different name to honor him with?

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kimkim~ I love the name Xiomara! We briefly considered it but I have a close friend with that name so decided to pass. 


We're still stuck on a middle name. We can't seem to agree. He keeps picking names that just sound choppy with Amelia and he says my picks are old lady names. Guess we have plenty of time to decide-at least we've agreed on a first name!